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construction project to establish and improve the quality of supervision and management system,

comprehensive, all processes in all construction projects to enhance the quality of supervision and
management, is fundamentally important to ensure construction quality measures, the construction
industry have caused attach great importance [1]. Based on the United States, Britain, France,
Germany, Japan and Singapore, construction engineering quality supervision and practice of
learning and analysis, security and insurance from the engineering, engineering consulting,
government service and industry education and training 4 summarizes the construction
engineering quality supervision and management of foreign experience and characteristics of
proposed construction engineering quality supervision in China Reform proposals to improve and
strengthen the quality of supervision and management of construction projects in China.
1, construction engineering quality supervision and developed the main features of
1.1 active and effective security and insurance system compulsory Engineering
(1) activities involving construction of all units, including owners, architect, general contractor,
design or construction professional contractors, building product manufacturers, quality inspection
companies, insurance companies are required to carry out mandatory security and insurance.
Guarantee and insurance cover new construction, renovation or maintenance of the projects fail,
and the construction site where the damage. Defects from the start the project in the guarantee
period only, according to the contract shall be borne by the responsibility for security and
insurance. Full, the whole process of project guarantee and insurance, in order to ensure the
quality of construction of the realization of Life provides a financial guarantee [1].
(2) a floating rate security and insurance system, the contractor guarantees and premium rate risk
under the building, the contractor's reputation for quality inspection of depth to be considered
comprehensive, in France generally have to pay the equivalent of total project cost of 1.5% to 4%
of the premium [2], due to security and the determination of premium rates to consider the
contractor's reputation and performance, and security in order to get favorable insurance rates, the
contractor must strengthen quality management to improve the reputation of accumulated good
performance, thereby contributing to the quality of supervision and management to ensure the
sound development.
(3) compulsory insurance system for enhanced security and the main parties involved in project
quality supervision and control of the initiative. Through the introduction of mandatory project
guarantee and insurance system, guarantee and insurance companies active in the construction
phase will be to assist in monitoring quality control of all contractors to ensure the quality of the
project no problem, guarantees and insurance companies can not bear to bear maintenance costs,
or less . Contractors to enhance corporate reputation, security and insurance rates for concessions,
need to strengthen quality control, ways to improve the level of quality construction, this is a good
social image of the winning contractor, in the fierce competition in the market to survive, seeking
to develop strategic choice.
(4) mature works well for the security and construction quality insurance market realization of the
goal to provide an effective social security. The United States has structured, detailed engineering
specialization guarantees and insurance organization systems: active in the security market,
security and insurance companies are the main market, their mutual commitment to the role of
different markets the organic; all kinds of advanced security and Insurance Association service
guarantees and insurance companies, to strengthen self-discipline, communication with insurance
companies and guarantee the link between government regulatory agencies; with guarantees and
insurance-related legislative, judicial, administrative agencies, as its external organizations, and
community supervision **** institutions. Project security and integrity of the insurance market
and the development of improved security and insurance for the works to provide good legal
support and social environment.
(5) fair and rigorous government regulation that works and guarantees, and insurance markets to
ensure training and development. Governments of developed countries generally have the
specialized agencies of the project guarantees and insurance companies and employees to conduct
rigorous review and approval for registration, and registered companies and individuals to conduct
an annual review, the whole society publicity assessment situation where dealers and individuals
continue to improve their own quality, and enhance underwriting capacity. Guarantee a high level
of engineering and the insurance industry, enhance the social supervision of construction quality
assurance capability.
1.2 developed the engineering consulting industry standardization and professional management
(1) strictly regulate the professional organizations and professional qualifications constitute
effective consulting services in project quality management premise. Government laws and
regulations to regulate the professional organizations and professionals engaged in engineering
construction administration, building and improving the qualification assessment and examination
system in engineering consulting industry practitioners to encourage organizations and personnel,
to efficient work, quality management effect for self-development [3]. professional intervention,
increase the overall level of project management, and promote the engineering quality supervision
and socialization, and ensure the project quality supervision and management effectiveness.
(2) strict self-discipline, improve their quality, ability, and social prestige, the quality of services
to improve project management. Self-restraint mechanisms consulting industry quality
management and control of the project contributed. Professional organizations and professional
management, macro constraints on state laws and regulations, trade associations and micro-
dependent work regulations, professional ethics and standards of supervision and control. Industry
associations and self-discipline system will help improve the quality of industry professionals and
practitioners organizational competitiveness in the market for improving the quality of the project
played a positive role. Normative acts of professional work, improve work efficiency and quality
of construction projects for the effective realization of providing professional social services.
(3) fair, just, competitive and orderly market mechanism to promote the consulting industry for
the construction engineering quality supervision and provide quality service to the community.
Unified, open and competitive construction market, consulting high economic treatment and a
respected social status, increasing the consulting industry competition, first through their own
efforts to obtain qualified engineering consulting practice. Second, efficient work and dedication
to win social prestige, acceptance of the government and the owners of the commission.
Competition inspired the consulting industry to improve staff quality and management level of
awareness and initiative, to promote the consulting industry's self-development, improved
management of construction projects for the construction engineering quality supervision and
management of social services to provide better quality.
(4) consulting the deepening development of multi-polarization, for the continuous improvement
of quality of construction projects has created conditions for social security. Consultation in the
market, is adapted to the level of investment construction project quality supervision and
management requirements. Presented the following four features [3]: The first organization of
consulting engineering units with privatization, specialization, and small-scale features. Is the key
to support, protect and medium-sized engineering consulting firm. Third, professional associations
tend to scientific management, economic entities, and organize international direction. Fourth,
professional, social division of labor is getting smaller, and essentially anchored to the
construction of each professional in the field.
1.3 and efficient government service functions
(1) the quality of government services as construction project supervision and management of
core functions, for the construction engineering quality supervision and create a favorable market
environment. First, the development of services for the construction industry is the guiding
ideology of the government's work to promote the overall development of the construction
industry is the primary task of government departments. Government is not standing on the
opposite side business, not the lead agency, but the service, whether the formulation and
implementation of building codes, the management of the domestic construction market, or
foreign construction market development, all reflect the Government's service functions. Second,
the role of government to establish an effective and fair construction market, improve service
quality and to promote construction safety and health of production activities. Participants in the
management of the construction industry through policy guidance, laws and regulations, market
regulation, industry self-discipline, professional organizations assist management to realize, the
use of economic means and legal means of binding Qi Ye and the behavior of the main parties for
the construction engineering quality supervision create a favorable market environment.
(2) The Government shall implement engineering quality supervision is the key to effective
service functions. Developed countries attach importance to building legislation, the legislation of
the construction industry and improve the work of government departments in charge of
construction of the core functions of institutions, all aspects of all levels have a corresponding
laws and regulations to follow, covering the acts of government, including supervision and
management of all builders involved, accountable, specific provisions for stricter law enforcement
to provide a reliable basis for efficient implementation of government construction quality
supervision and management of the foundation.
(3) to develop the international market is an important government functions construction
management services to the construction industry to improve their competitiveness, develop the
international market as an important task for the government, the main approach in international
first unified and standardized. Standardized and unified market, unified foundation for the
construction, countries actively participate in building a unified standard, efforts to promote the
ISO organization, try to eliminate access to international markets.
second is to establish a regional common market, to promote the integration of the education
system and the mutual recognition of professional qualifications, to provide legal support to
develop the international market. Enjoy national treatment within the Community, carry out public
bidding, optimizing regional resources, to establish a common market, as domestic enterprises
cleared the political and financial barriers.
third is advocacy and learning the laws and regulations of other countries and regions.
Governmental organizations, professional organizations and professionals of foreign laws and
regulations, various forms of organizational learning and training for local companies to provide
consulting for domestic enterprises to international markets.
(4) information management into improving government efficiency and transparency, to better
serve the construction industry provides an important tool. The formation of global transport,
global market development and global information, communication, accelerated
internationalization of the construction market, the developed countries actively promote the
process of construction industry information, the maximum extent possible for the domestic
construction industry to provide all levels of international and national need information network
services, to manage information through the Government to improve management efficiency and
transparency in government, in order to stimulate and promote the information technology
industry-wide process of knowledge and information resources to enhance the international
competitive advantage.
1.4 system, strengthening education and training sectors
(1) education and research to improve industry standards, and promote sustainable development
in key sectors. The competent construction department has developed specialized institutions to
manage the construction of education and research, its main task is to engage in education and
training programs, policy development, validation of professional qualifications, building human
resources development. Europe and the United States focus on basic research in institutions of
higher learning in the construction industry an important role in Japan's own R & D
capability of enterprises as the main force of technological progress. Meanwhile, the Government
is committed to scientific research results into practical productive forces, to spare no effort to
convert research results to service. Scientific and technological progress has become the major
developed countries, economic growth in the construction industry.
(2) focus on professional training, professional skills, adhere to high standards and strict
requirements. Not only understand technology, management, economics, law, compound talents,
but also rich practical experience and independence for handling engineering and technology
management issues. Sound higher professional education, vocational education, continuing
education combining education system.
(3) emphasis on basic education and training and job training, and continuously improve the
quality of the employees. Specialized agency responsible for the construction industry with
training and technical testing, training courses, including the construction of the various types of
work, training and employment, combined with certificates to guarantee the quality of the quality
of the project.
(4) learning-based enterprises create, intensify education and training efforts continue to update
their knowledge to promote scientific and technological progress, promoting the development of
the industry. Developed countries to the retraining of personnel as an important strategic
development in the construction industry, to develop a variety of serving staff retraining and
continuing education master plan, through job retraining, and constantly update and improve the
knowledge structure of employees, technology level of ability and overall quality, the advantages
of enterprise human resources to improve market competitiveness.
(5) Higher Education for the development of construction industry practice is to respond to sexual
education and an important manifestation of reality. Higher education in a timely manner with the
development of construction industry reform, adjustment of curriculum settings, changing the
learning program to the needs of society to be trained Mubiao, active Theoretical Study of He
Shen Yu construction research work, pay attention to professional learning theory and practice of
Xiang Gong Cheng combination, Tigao the quality of students, for students to engage in high-level
technical management to ensure the provision of effective professional education, the formation of
Construction Project Quality Supervision inexhaustible source of management talent needs.
2, to strengthen and improve the quality of our construction project supervision and management
of the proposed
(1) to change its role, to restore law enforcement position, according to the law on mandatory
supervision and construction quality. [4] is to achieve the Government to change its role
construction engineering quality supervision on the work to change the way: from the law
enforcement authority to commissioned law enforcement changes; by the entity checks the quality
of the ring ring changes to the random sampling; by the "look and asked" type of site inspections
to the use of scientific equipment to provide accurate and reliable the authority of supervision of
the data changes; by direct testing quality of the project final acceptance level of the system to
change; to the construction site by the contractor's supervision based on the comprehensive
supervision of the whole process of change. Construction quality control to change the
government administrative functions, promote the construction engineering quality supervision
and management of professional and social, economic and legal integration as the main means of
all participants in the implementation of project quality supervision of law enforcement. The
changing role of supervision by the government law enforcement agencies, to restore the status,
responsibility for oversight, according to law, all participate in the construction of the main results
of the quality of acts and activities of the implementation of justice, deterrence of law enforcement
supervision, so that each building principal shall assume the responsibilities and obligations of the
law, promote the quality of life for our construction of the effective implementation of the system,
to promote construction quality supervision and management level.
(2) improve the quality of construction projects of supporting laws, regulations, and enhance
construction quality of social support capability, to achieve construction quality supervision and
management of the government and the international legal system. Learn from developed
countries, improve the experiences of the social security system, strengthening the quality of
construction projects in China's social security system consulting services, including construction
supervision act to further regulate the implementation of construction project quality risk
management, quality of construction projects to effectively carry out mandatory security and
insurance system, fostering an effective construction guarantee and insurance markets and
strengthen market supervision and management of the main factors to promote the project
guarantees and insurance markets and market supervision consulting standardized and effective
operation, to realize the project guarantees, insurance and construction supervision of quality in
construction projects ensure that the role of the social security system, full excavation of all
professional organizations and professionals engaged in construction project quality management
intellectual potential, to promote construction quality of professional and social. Meanwhile, the
speed laws, regulations and international practice the pace of construction engineering quality
supervision to promote the internationalization process and the rule of law.
(3) establish and improve construction quality supervision and management of three major
systems to ensure the healthy operation of the construction market and improve the overall quality
of construction projects. Quality construction is the formation of a multi-party subject
participation, affected by many factors influence, Hangai construction engineering decisions,
survey and design, construction 准备, construction and maintenance of the entire process of using
complex systems, and tackling the root problem of poor construction quality, we must establish
the systems engineering point of view, its comprehensive, all processes in all systems
management, establish and improve construction quality supervision and management of the three
systems, namely the construction of the main quality assurance system, including construction and
engineering insurance supervision assurance system within the social supervision, construction
engineering quality supervision and management system of government. To regulate the
construction of the main focus of quality assurance system, improve the quality of capacity
building projects; to social supervision system to ensure a breakthrough in construction
engineering quality supervision for professional services; to government supervision and
management system as the driving force to promote the construction engineering quality
supervision management system and construction of efficient functioning of the market. Elements
to improve the construction market, and enhance construction quality conversion capacity, to
ensure the overall quality of construction projects [5].
(4) improve the Government of the Construction Project Quality Supervision means and methods
to improve construction quality supervision and management of the government's performance. As
technology advances and the continuous development of the construction industry to improve the
quality of construction projects is an important part of construction projects must increase the
quality of scientific and technological content, which are calling for its implementation of the
supervision and management of the means and methods must be adapted be improved.
Government construction quality supervision and management of government must be the
emerging information technology support and the realization of supervision and management of
information technology and networks, realize the scientific monitoring methods, constant
innovation and improvement of testing equipment and instruments, to effectively meet the
construction techniques development, to ensure government supervision and management of
construction quality and effectiveness of science, technology and equipment to improve
supervision and management capabilities and regulatory efficiency, and promote industry-wide
information technology and building science and technology.
(5) increase the education and training to continuously improve the quality of supervision and
management of construction skills and qualities, improve supervision and management level.
Construction engineering quality supervision is a policy, legal, technical and economic
management have a strong knowledge-based work to improve construction quality supervision
and management effectiveness, must implement people-oriented human resources strategy, overall
supervision and management personnel to improve comprehensive quality. Regulatory staff must
have solid technical expertise, extensive project experience, master the methods and means of
supervision, familiar with the construction of the relevant laws, regulations and mandatory
standards, understand the construction of economic knowledge, has found quality problems,
identify quality issues and the ability to solve problems dealing with the quality and the desire to
have progressive school, participate in periodic training to update their knowledge structure to
meet the requirements of architectural technology. Construction engineering quality supervision to
achieve sustainable development, there must be targeted to strengthen basic education and job-
related professional services personnel training, to improve the quality and ability of employees
first, and establish an effective incentive mechanism and policy, knowledgeable, high level of
ability to attract professionals to come up supervision and management jobs, professionals
engaged in supervision and management to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative, pioneering
work to improve management capacity and level of supervision to ensure the supervision quality,
comprehensively promote the construction engineering quality supervision and management of
sustainable development.
3, Conclusion China is facing the construction industry of international economic integration and
WTO accession to the construction industry opportunities and challenges of internationalization,
quickly set up and improved the operating rules of the market supervision system and improve the
quality of supervision and management of construction projects, and promote the overall
development of the construction industry, is deepening the reform and seek leapfrog development
in the primary task, experience of developed countries, pioneered the practice of the revitalization
of China's construction industry to contribute.