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Strategic Planning Consultant

The Prouty Project

Ballinger | Leafblad is proud to present the following information on behalf of our client,
The Prouty Project, in its search for a Strategic Planning Consultant.

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presenting our client
The Prouty Project
Strategic Planning • Leadership Development

The Prouty Project is a strategic planning and leadership development consulting firm
working with companies around the world that range from small start-ups to FORTUNE
500 firms.

Jeff Prouty launched The Prouty Project in 1987.

He had a vision that there was a different way
to deliver professional services. Since the
beginning, he has surrounded himself with a
team that believes in the principles of his vision:
• Show up with positive energy
• Be willing to stretch yourself
• Lead with possibilities
• Take initiative and be curious
• Give back
• Have fun!

Purpose/Cause Passion: Ignite, Elevate, and create the Extraordinary

Our Niche: Strategic Planning and Leadership Development

Curiosity We lead with questions and possibilities to co-create the best solution
Adventure We stretch our clients and ourselves to chart a course beyond comfort
Generosity We make the world a better place by contributing our time, talent, and

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presenting our client
The Prouty Project
Prouty’s Strategic Planning and Leadership Development teams work with clients to create
a custom experience designed for an organization and its particular circumstances. When
clients work with both sides, an ideal synergy occurs.

Strategic Planning Stretch

Strategic Planning – A deep dive into the current reality, desired future and strategic
Board Development – A custom approach that aligns board members, defines roles and
develops the board to work as a unified team with their organization’s leadership.
Program Execution – A proven set of concepts and tools that work to get everyone aligned
toward the same goals with focus, discipline and accountability.

Leadership Development Stretch

Leadership Development Cohorts – A cohort-based leadership development program
delivered in three phases: knowing yourself; leading others; and growing your business.
Team Development Programs – Thoughtfully linking behavior to team performance in the
Innovation – Team Creativity Studios – A way to ignite team performance with proven
human-centered design techniques that drive innovation and creativity into a strategic
planning process.

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presenting our client
The Prouty Project

The Prouty Project clients are the center of everything. The Prouty team guides CEOs,
executives and next-gen leaders to achieve extraordinary results every day. How we do that
is what makes The Prouty Project unique.
CO-CREATION: Prouty customizes every engagement and co-create the
process with each client. This collaboration places the client at the center of the
process, ensuring the process and its results are relevant, valuable and lead to
high performance for an organization.

EQUAL VOICES: The Creative Think Tank is where team members are
comfortably seated at a very large artisan table where each person has an equal
position and voice.

DEEP INQUIRY: Unlike other consultants who seem to burnish their brand by
telling a client the answers, The Prouty Project honors the power of thoughtful
questions that stretch thinking beyond its typical limitations and that open up
possibilities outside what’s been considered before.
SELF-AWARENESS: Clients are encouraged to begin the consulting journey by
taking a 20-minute leadership profile to increase self-awareness, advance
relationships and transform their organization.

INSPIRED EXPERIENCE: Prouty strives to deliver experiences that keep clients

moving, challenged to use all of their senses, and to have a sense of humor and
perhaps recall what it feels like to play again. Life is short…have some fun!

GIVING BACK: We try to make the world a better place. We contribute our time,
talent and treasure with every project. We have a Stretch Fund of the
Minneapolis Foundation with a $2M goal. We intend to achieve it.

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presenting our client
The Prouty Project
STRETCH into Fun
The Prouty Project creatively stretches leaders to achieve
bigger goals, bolder strategies and better collaboration.

Jammin Sessions
The Prouty Project hosts 10 “jams” a year on topics addressing virtually every aspect of
business and life. Topics that are meaningful for 10 year old kids to 92 year old
grandparents and all ages in between to participate in energizing and thought-provoking

Stretch Expeditions
Since 1999, The Prouty Project has conducted an annual Stretch Expedition. These
adventures are meant to push the limits of our mind, heart and body. That’s when people
get energized to think more strategically. You develop a keener mindset to learn; gain a
longer view of business and life; and stimulate a capacity for inner reflection, along with a
greater sense of awareness. The 2018 Stretch Expedition will be Cambodia – Seeking
Humanity Across Worlds. Planning is currently underway for 2019 – North Pole Voyage on
Russian Ice Breaker

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presenting the position of
Strategic Planning Consultant
The position of Strategic Planning Consultant has been created to meet an on-going demand
for services by the firm, specifically our Strategic Planning Practice.

The Consultant will report to the leader of the consulting practice and work closely with all
members of the Prouty Project team. He or she will have significant interaction with clients,
potential clients and the broader business community.

• Business Development:
o Conduct business development activities bringing in new clients to the Prouty
Project. Join other team members in bringing in new clients to the Prouty Project.
o Interact with C-level and other senior executives; discuss organizational needs and
present creative and meaningful solutions.

• Facilitation:
o Participate in the Prouty Project’s current and future client work in designing and
facilitating strategic planning sessions utilizing the Prouty Way.
o Guide groups of individuals through complex planning and decision-making
processes, using a broad array of methods, including experiential learning.
o Analyze client business needs to design, develop and implement a broad range of
coaching, consulting and performance improvement strategies.
o Contribute broadly within the Prouty Project as a generalist who is able and willing to
assist team members with client initiatives.

• Advisory:
o Discuss, consult and advise organizational leaders and their teams in critical areas of
strategic planning.
o Provide valued consultation to senior executives and teams.

• Research and Product Development:

o Build new models, processes and approaches to solve client issues as needed.
o Bring knowledge about trends and best practices in strategic planning.

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presenting the position of
Strategic Planning Consultant
This position requires at least ten years of overall experience and at least seven to ten years
of related experience in strategic planning. Strong business and financial acumen is a must.
The successful candidate will be the person who can work successfully with clients at all
levels and functions in the organization. He or she will assist and bring in new client
opportunities, excel at facilitating and advising executive and professional clients and
provide exceptional client service.

The Strategic Planning Consultant will possess an undergraduate degree. A master’s degree
is desirable. The successful candidate will have a background/potential to grow in the
company – thinking strategically, keeping a keen eye on execution and results and
maintaining outstanding team member and customer relations.

The individual will have a broad network of business and community contacts and be able to
build strong mutually beneficial relationships. The Consultant will be able to articulate all
the services of the Prouty Project and bring new clients to the firm. This individual will be an
exceptional communicator who can share information easily with C-suite and beyond, and
have a passion for strategy and leadership. He or she will be a good listener and a capable
public speaker. The Consultant will have a global perspective; he or she will be committed
to diversity and will respect the dignity of all people.

Most importantly, the Consultant will naturally live the Prouty Project values and connect
well with the culture. The individual will be energized and adaptable; they will enjoy their
work and promote a spirit of fun.

The compensation for this position is competitive and attractive and consists of a base
salary, performance bonus, and opportunity to participate in the company’s benefits

proutyproject.com ballingerleafblad.com
To Apply

For additional information and to apply for the position, please contact:

Lars Leafblad, MBA Marcia Ballinger, PhD

Co-Founder/Principal Co-Founder/Principal
612-598-7547 651-341-4840
lars@ballingerleafblad.com marcia@ballingerleafblad.com


The Prouty Project is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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Twin Cities ~ Minneapolis and Saint Paul
Incorporated as a city in 1867, Minneapolis is named for the Dakota word “Minne” (meaning
“of the waters”) and the Greek word “polis” (meaning “city”); fitting for a town that
contains 22 lakes. Today, Minneapolis and its twin city, St. Paul, have over 3 million residents.
Together they make up the 14th largest metropolitan area in the country.

The Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis are a unique blend
of small town and major cosmopolitan hub. Both urban cores
boast a thriving business atmosphere. Saint Paul, as the state
capital, is home to state government and has a more historical
vibe. Minneapolis is the larger and more commercial of the two
cities. Outside of the central downtowns, however, both cities
have many distinct neighborhoods, and residents identify more
with their individual neighborhood than with the larger city as a

Both cities share a common root of being river towns - and

the great outdoors are still a major attraction for residents
and visitors alike. In addition to the mighty Mississippi River,
there are more than 100 lakes (more than 900 when including
the suburbs), more than 250 parks, and miles of biking and
walking trails.

Nearly every weekend in the summer there are several outdoor active events for
participants and spectators—triathlons, biking races, running races, boat races, water skiing
competitions, golf tournaments, and more. Neighborhood events and family events round
out a full schedule of opportunities.

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Twin Cities ~ Minneapolis and Saint Paul

The active lifestyle of Twin Cities’ residents doesn't lie dormant during the winter either.
There are miles of cross-country skiing trails, several downhill ski areas within an hour’s
drive, ice skating, snowmobile riding, sledding, and—of course—ice fishing.

For those who prefer activity of the spectator variety, the Twin Cities is home to several
major sports teams: Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota
Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx, Minnesota United FC (soccer), and Minnesota Swarm

There is also a minor league baseball team, the Saint Paul Saints. The areas have hosted the
World Series, Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball Finals, the USGA U. S. Open, PGA Championships
and the Special Olympics. In 2014, Target Field was the setting for baseball's All- star Game.
In 2018, the Super Bowl will be played in a newly built state-of-the-art stadium.

But the Twin Cities have more to offer than participatory and spectator sporting events.
There are countless arts and culture offerings here. The Grammy Award-winning Minnesota
Orchestra has a reputation as one of the top orchestras in the world. The Saint Paul
Chamber Orchestra is regarded as one of the finest chamber orchestras in the world.

Since the early 1960s, the Guthrie Theatre has staged A-plus shows from the classical to the
contemporary. Popular national shows and performers also tour through the Twin Cities
year round at stages in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and at the University. There are
over 30 theatre venues, 10 dance companies, and 30 classical music groups in the cities of
Saint Paul and Minneapolis alone.

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Twin Cities ~ Minneapolis and Saint Paul
For the museum-goer, there are more than 60 museums in the Twin Cities. The Science
Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota Children's Museum (both in Saint Paul) are highly
interactive learning and fun experiences for the entire family. The Minnesota History Center
is an interactive museum for all ages with permanent and changing exhibits, lectures and

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has a collection of more than 100,000 pieces. The Walker
Art Center has been called “possibly the best contemporary art museum in the U. S.” by
Newsweek, and has over 11,000 pieces. The University of Minnesota's Weisman Art Museum
is also a contemporary art destination.

Beyond the outdoor, sports, entertainment, and culture, perhaps the biggest attraction for
the Twin Cities is the lifestyle. Forbes hailed Saint Paul and Minneapolis as the nation's
healthiest cities. USA Today named Saint Paul as North America's “Most Romantic City.” The
Twin Cities offer award-winning restaurants (several chefs have been regional James Beard
Award winners). In addition to the popular Mall of America, there are plenty of unique
shopping districts in both cities and in the suburbs.

www.minneapolis.org www.stpaul.gov

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