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Georgia Southwestern State University Lesson Plan edTPA Guidelines

Created by GSW School of Education

Classroom/Lesson Context

__X__ Whole Group _____ Small Group _____ One-on-One

_____ Students with IEPs/504s _____ ELL Students

____ Other (Please specify:


Please specify the number of students:

__13___ Girls __12___Boys

Learning Central Focus

Lesson Plan Title: Multi-Digit Lesson

Grade Level: 5th

Central Focus:

· The central focus for this learning segment is that students will build upon multi-digit
multiplication using the standard algorithm.

Content Standard:

MGSE5.NBT.5 Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm (or
other strategies demonstrating understanding of multiplication) up to a 3-digit by 2-digit factor.

Student Learning Goal(s)/ Objective(s):

Students will learn how to multiply multi-digit problems by using the standard algorithm.


· The students will complete a mini-assessment worksheet by using different algorithms and

Concepts and reasoning/problem solving/thinking/strategies[1]:

· Students will use math and thinking strategies in order to complete this lesson.

Prior Academic Knowledge and Conceptions:

· Students must have multiplication

· Students must be able to solve math problems by using their critical thinking and past

Common Errors, Developmental Approximations, Misconceptions, Partial

Understandings, or Misunderstandings:

· Students may have misunderstandings about the material or how to solve the problem. In
order to help prevent this problem from happening, before students start the worksheet I will go
over basic multiplication skills and rules.

Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks

Launch: ____5______ Minutes

· To get the students attention, I will start the class by taking role. I will start the
lesson by asking students about the multiplication rules. Also, I will do a quick review of
the math we learned the class before.

Instruction: ____10______ Minutes

· I will have practice problems on the board and give the students time to complete them. The
students will then volunteer to share the answer they got and how they got it. Their prior
knowledge and review session should help them be able to complete the problems. I will assist
the students when I hand out their independent mini-lesson worksheets. The students will work
independently to complete the worksheet so I am able to see what the students know and what
needs to be readdressed.

Structured Practice and Application: ____30______ Minutes

· How will you give students the opportunity to practice so you can provide feedback?

The students will independently complete a multi-digit mini assessment worksheet. I

will go around the room to help students when they need help and also make sure they
are on task. Student will apply what they have learned by completing the worksheet.
Those who complete the worksheet correctly will have meet the intended learning

Closure: ____10______ Minutes

· I will end the lesson by going over the mini lesson assessment. I will also address
any questions the students might have as well as address any misunderstandings that I
saw while walking around. The students will receive a note card the last few minutes of
class. The note card will have a multi-digit math problem on it. The notecard will be the
student’s ticket out the door.

Differentiation/ Planned Support

· I will explain the assignment in different ways as well as give examples of different
ways to complete the problems.

Student Interactions

· Students will be working independently but have the opportunity to ask questions and share
answers as a whole group.

What Ifs

· If the students do not understand how to solve the problem then I will refer them to the
examples we did at the beginning of the class. I will also review the steps to completing the

Theoretical Principles and/or Research Based Best Practices

· This lesson will get students thinking about solving multi-digit problems. This will help them
with future lesson on solving more complex multi-digit multiplication problems such as word
problems. .


· What materials does the teacher need for this lesson? Calculator, pencils, notecards and
the worksheet.

· What materials do the students need for this lesson? Notebook paper and pencils


· I will support students by helping them and monitoring the while working independently and
will assist them when needed.



Type of Description of assessment Modifications to the

assessment assessment so that Evaluation Criteria
(Informal or all students could What evidence of student
Formal) demonstrate their learning (related to the
learning. learning objectives and
central focus) does the
assessment provide?

The students will complete Students who need If the students get the
Informal practice problems. The students modifications will be answer correct, I will
will be called upon or volunteer allowed to work in groups know that they have an
to answer the questions. to complete the understanding of the
assignment material.

Multi-digit Mini Assessment is Students who need If the students

Formal one form of the formal modifications will complete all
assessment. The assignment will allowed to use notes on assignments correctly,
be taken up for a activity grade. the end of the lesson I will know that they
tickets. have an understanding
End of lesson ticket out the door. of the material.
The students will answer one
math problem.


· Attach each assessment and associated evaluation criteria/rubric.