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Undergraduate Program

A realistic 3-Year Mechatronics (96 Cr)

Mechatronics, also known as Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, has been defined as
the combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and software engineering.
As an interdisciplinary field, Mechatronics focuses on the control of advanced hybrid
systems through the study of automata from an engineering perspective. As a matter of fact,
Mechatronic applications have become inherent in people’s everyday life. Examples include
automotive anti-lock braking systems (ABS), single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, and
aerospace “fly-by-wire” systems.

Credit Distribution
General University Requirements 24 Credits
Math Requirements 15 Credits

Technology Common Requirements 13 Credits

Major Requirements 27 Credits

Specialization Course Requirements 10 Credits

Other Requirements 04 Credits

Free Elective 03 Credits

Total 96 Credits

Academic Plan

The following is the three-year Mechatronics academic plan (Curriculum):


Bachelor of Technology Degree Requirements (Mechatronics Track)

(Total 96 Credits)
General Requirements
Code Name Credits Prerequisite

BUS200 Business Skills 3

CSC201 Computer Skills 3
WLS202 Work and Life Skills 3
ARB220 Arabic Communication Skills 3
CVS250 Cultural Studies I 3
ENG210 English Communication Skills 3 B1
ENG220 Rhetoric English 3 B1
ENG300 English for Business 3 B1
Total Credits: 24 Required Credits: 24

Math Requirements
Code Name Credits Prerequisite

MAT205 Linear Algebra 3

MAT225 Differential Equations 3
MAT202 or
MAT350 Calculus III 3 GS or LS
MAT360 Probability and Statistics 3
MAT370 Discrete Structures 3
Total Credits: 15 Required Credits: 15

Technology Common Requirements

Code Name Credits Prerequisite

CSC200 Intro to Programming 3

CSC203 Intro to Information Technology 3
CCN201 Circuit Analysis I 3
CCN201L Circuits I Laboratory 1
CCN220 Digital Systems and Lab 3
Total Credits: 13 Required Credits: 13
Major Requirements
Code Name Credits Prerequisite

CCN200 Engineering Physics 3

CCN322 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 3
CCN405 Control Systems 3
CCN405L Control Systems Laboratory 1
EET301 Electronics 3
EET301L Electronics Laboratory 1
MTE210 Statics and Dynamics 3 CCN200
MTE310 Mechanics of Materials 3 MTE210
MTE317 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 3 MTE210
MTE407 Mechatronics 3
MTE407L Mechatronics Laboratory 1
MTE410L Robotics Laboratory 1
Total Credits: 28 Required Credits: 27
Specialization Course Requirements
Code Name Credits Prerequisite
MTE361 Computer Aided Design 3
MTE410 Robotics 3 CCN320
MTE410L Robotics Laboratory 1 CCN320
MTE412 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines 3 B1/MTE210
MTE425 Optoelectronics Sensors and Instrumentation 3 EET301
MTE425L Optoelectronics Sensors and Instrumentation Lab 1
MTE490 Engineering Ethics 1
CCN202 Circuit Analysis II 3 CCN201
CCN203 Engineering Workshop 1
CCN202L Circuits II Laboratory 1
CCN204 Engineering Tools 1
CCN330 Signals and Systems 3 CCN201
CCN342 Electromagnetism or Em Theory 3
CCN448 Virtual Instrumentation 3
CHE201 General Chemistry 3
Total Credits: 33 Required Credits: 10

Other Requirements
Code Name Credits Prerequisite
TECH229 Internship 1
MTE499 Senior Project 3
Total Credits: 4 Required Credits: 4

Free Elective
Code Name Credits Prerequisite
HLT240 Physical Education 3
HTL240 Cooking 3
ARTS240 Multimedia 3

Total Credits: 9 Required Credits: 3