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Student Success Initiative

Date & Location: Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:30pm – 4:15 pm HSC Foods Lab
Topic: Eating Healthy on Campus
Audience: College Students
Lesson Goal: Students will increase consumption of nutritious foods and decrease consumption of
energy-dense, low-nutrient foods.
1. Overview of Content (45 minutes)
A. Introduction: gain attention & overview (5 min)
B. Power point presentation on benefits of healthy eating, overview of healthy eating, and how to
eat healthy on campus (15 min)
C. Demonstration: make 2 foods: (20 min)
a. 5 minute vegetarian burrito bowl
b. Microwavable breakfast “cookie”
D. Summary & Goal Setting (5 min)

2. Materials
A. 3-4 snacks & sugar equivalents: soda, cookies, fruit snacks & granola bar
B. Pens for goal setting
C. Goal setting worksheet
D. Handout – tip sheet or brochure
E. Computer for power point presentation
F. Power Point Presentation
G. Food for Demonstration:
a. Vegetarian burrito bowl: microwavable rice, black beans, salsa, yogurt, shredded
cheese, avocado
b. Microwavable breakfast “cookie”: oats, peanut butter, honey, bananas, milk, walnuts
c. Egg in a cup

Resources on Campus:
 healthy options at Lawrence Dining Hall, Einstein’s, Larry’s Market, POD, & Ram’s Head Food
 include pictures, price points, special features, such as vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, good source
of ..., non-perishable, great for eating on the go
 substitutions for less healthy options
Resources off campus – West Chester Farmer’s Market, Amish Market
Tips for stocking mini-fridge,
non-perishable snacks/foods – request in care packages
Tips for healthy eating
Overview of healthy eating
Lesson Plan:

Mediator of Specific Educational Objectives Learning Practical Educational Activities, Learning Experiences, Events of
Behavior Domain/level Messages or Content Instruction
At the end of the lesson, learner
Change will be able to:
Introduction Demonstration: Show a few common snacks/beverages Gain
found on campus and have students guess how much Attention –
sugar is in each one. Then measure out the amount of 5 min
sugar in the food
Perceived State 3 reasons why it is important Cognitive – PowerPoint presentation explaining importance of a Stimulus –
Benefits to eat nutritious foods knowledge healthy diet 3 min

Perceived 1. Create a healthy meal Cognitive – PowerPoint presentation & open discussion: Stimulus &
Barriers 2. Describe ways in which they Knowledge  MyPlate Guidance –
can eat healthier foods despite  Campus Resources 12 min
living on campus  Lawrence Dining Hall
 Larry’s Market
 Ram’s Head Food Court
 Dormitory Eating
 Storage & Preservation
 Community Resources
 Farmer’s Markets
 Grocery Stores
Self-efficacy Demonstrate an understanding of Psychomotor – Demonstration: Guidance &
how to prepare a nutritious Observation & 1. 5 minute vegetarian burrito bowl Practice –
snack/meal imitation 2. Microwave breakfast “cookie” 20 min
Goal Setting & State a goal intention or method to Cognitive - Have participant write down at least 1 goal intention or Closing– 5
Summary: substitute a nutritious food for less Evaluation method to substitute nutritious snacks for less nutritious min
nutritious one ones. Handout tip sheet or brochure