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Pipe Bridge Design

Average weight of insulated pipes= 0.292 kN/m
Average weight of uninsulated pipes= 0.125 kN/m
Average Weight of Bridge= 0.896 kN/m

Number of insulated pipes= 1 pcs

Number of uninsulated pipes= pcs
Bridge Post Spacing, L= 13.00 m

Total Weight, W= 1.19 kN/m
Factored Weight, Wu, (1.5 x W)= 1.78 kN/m

Ultimate Moment, Mu, (WuL^2/8)= 37.62 kN-m

Main Bars
Angle Bar H= 75 mm
Angle Bar W= 75 mm
Angle Bar t= 10 mm
Number of Angle Bars= 4 pcs
Total Cross Sectional Area= 5600 mm^2
Moment of Inertia= 18,386,666.67 mm^4

Steel Yield Strength, Fy= 248 MPa

Allowable Bending Stress, Fb, (0.6 Fy)= 149 MPa
Allowable Deflection, L/360= 36 mm

Actual Bending Stress, fb, (MC/I)= 153.460 Mpa

Actual Deflection= 6.916 mm
Assessment on Bending Stress= redesign
Assessment on Deflection= ok

Angle/Flat Bar H= 50 mm
Angle Bar W= 0 mm
Angle Bar t= 5 mm
Cross-Sectional Area= 225 mm^2
Span of Diagonal Members= 1.344 m
Maximum Tension/Compression= 1.197 kN

Steel Yield Strength, Fy= 248.000 MPa

Allowable Axial Stress, Fa, (0.6 Fy)= 149 MPa

Actual Axial Stress= 5 MPa

Assessment on Axial Stress= ok

For Main Bar, Use:
4 pcs
75 x
75 x
10 mm THK Angle Bar

For Diagonal Bar, Use:

50.000 x
5.000 mm THK