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Fluid Mechanics

Topics covered in 2017: Flow through pipes, Boundary Layer Theory, fluid
kinematics, pump, Divergence, Stability of floating Body, Fluid kinetics,
Topics covered in 2016: Continuity; Pipe flow Impact of Jet; Fluid
Kinematics; Boundary layer; turbulent flow, Stability of Floating bodies;
Topics covered in 2015: Fluid Dynamic, Hydraulic Machine, Flow Through
Pipes, Fluid Kinematics, Boundary Layer.
Strength of Materials
Topics covered in 2017: Maximum shear stress, Thermal stresses, Bending
moment, Thin Cylindrical Shells, Principle, Stresses and Strains in Plane
torsion, Axial load.
Topics covered in 2016: Deflection of beam; Stress & Strain; Moment of
inertia; Statically indeterminate beams; Mohr’s Circle, Torsions; Plain
Stress & Strain;
Bending stress, Helical spring
Topics covered in 2015: Simple Stress & Strain, Shear Force & Bending
Moment, Slope & Deflection of beams, Torsion, Mohr’s Circle, Area
moment of inertia
Heat Transfer
Topics covered in 2017: Heat Exchangers, Conduction, Radiation, Fins,
Unsteady state heat conduction
Topics covered in 2016: Convection; Heat Exchanger; Radiation Lumped
Topics covered in 2015: Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Heat
Machine Design
Topics covered in 2017: Theory of failure, Shafts, Gears, Bearings, Fatigue
Topics covered in 2016: Bearing, Bolted joint; failure theory.
Topics covered in 2015: Design for static Loading, Design for Dynamic
Loading, Design of joints, Theories of failure, Design of Bearings
Theory of Machines & Vibration
Topics covered in 2017: Slider-crank, Gear Trains Balancing, Vibration
Topics covered in 2016: Degree of freedom; Velocity Analysis; Vibrations;
Balancing, Gear train; Gyroscope; Rotating masses
Topics covered in 2015: Mechanism, Gear Trains, Vibration, Flywheel
Industrial Engineering
Topics covered in 2017: LPP, Scheduling, Queuing Theory,
Transportation, PERT-CPM
Topics covered in 2016: CPM –PERT; Linear Programming;
Forecasting, Inventory.
Topics covered in 2015: Forecast,PERT & CPM,Inventory
Control,Operational Research,Production Planning & Control
Manufacturing Engineering
Topics covered in 2017: Machining, welding, lathe, meteorology,
casting, Forming, USM, Crystal structures, Metal cutting, Tool life
Topics covered in 2016: Unconventional Machining; Gear
Manufacturing; Casting (Cooling) Tool Life; Resistance welding;
Shear Angle
Topics covered in 2015: Engineering Materials, Casting, Forming
Process, Joining Process, Machining and Machine operation,
Manufacturing, Metrology and inspection, Metal cutting,
Advanced Machining.
Topics covered in 2016: Power Engg; Properties of pure
substances; Study Flow energy; Psychometry; Compressor;
Topics covered in 2015: Basic thermodynamics, Power
Engineering, Thermodynamic Cycle and property Relations,
Psychrometrics, Refrigeration, IC Engine.
Engineering Mechanics
Topics covered in 2017: Kinematics of Rigid Bodies in Plane
Topics covered in 2016: Free body diagram; Dynamics; Kinematics.
Topics covered in 2015: Dynamics, Statics.