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Environmentally Rugged Efficient

For high temperature AQYLON’s ORC modules are AQYLON’s ORC modules apply
applications, AQYLON’s organic designed for durability and fit into cutting edge technology
working fluids have a very low standard containers, allowing for to maximize efficiency according
Global Warming Potential modular deployment. to the heat source. AQYLON
(GWP 3-20). holds four patents related to
turbines and ORC technology,
and eight more are pending.

Heat recovery from industrial installations

AQYLON’s ORC modules convert waste heat contained in ex-
haust fumes and other industrial processes such as water loops
and thermal oil loops into electricity. When the heat to drive the
ORC cycle comes from waste process heat or exhaust fumes,
the industrial process as a whole is unaffected.

Electrical network
or factory grid

Industrial building Dry coolers


ORC heat recovery:

Flue gas from industry

When recovering exhaust fumes, a heat exchanger must be

placed on the chimney to collect the heat and transfer it to a
thermal oil loop that will feed the ORC module.
Our product range for high temperature :

ORC module
Parameters Unit
ATM-1000H ATM-3000H ATM-5000H
Gross electrical production (with nominal heat values), up to kWe 1230 3655 6081
Electrical Power

Net electrical production (with nominal heat values), up to 1160 3475 5791
Self comsumption % 5,7% 4,9% 4,7%
H range - High temperature range - 260°C to 330°C

V - Hz 400V 690V 3300V

Voltage - frequency
50Hz & 60Hz 50Hz - 60Hz 50Hz - 60Hz
Electrical connections - 3 phases + neutral 3 phases + neutral 3 phases + neutral
Electrical efficiency % 22,80% 22,80% 22,80%
Cogeneration efficiency % 94% 94% 94%
Thermal power requested for the hot circuit (max absorbed) kWth 5080 15240 25400
Phycical InformationFluid Cold Circuit Hot Circuit

Inlet temperature of thermal oil (to get nominal power production) °C 305 305 305
Outlet temperature of thermal oil (back to exchanger) °C 205 205 205
Thermal oil flow rate kg/s 21 61 101
Thermal power available on the cold circuit (maximum supplied) kWth 3850 11585 19319
Inlet temperature of cooling water (to get nominal power production) °C 35 35 35
Outlet temperature on the cold circuit (to get nominal power production) °C 45 45 45
Cooling water flow rate kg/s 91.6 276 460
Organic fluid - (MM) Hexamethyldisiloxane (MM) Hexamethyldisiloxane (MM) Hexamethyldisiloxane
Quantity of organic fluid in the module t <2 <6 < 10
ORC hot circuit flanges - DN150 PN16 DN150 PN16 DN150 PN16
ORC cold circuit flanges - DN250 PN16 DN250 PN16 DN250 PN16
ORC dimensions (HxWxD) m3 6,5 x 12,2 x 2,5 6,5 x 12,2 x 10 6,5 x 12,2 x 15
ORC weight t 54 188 322
Coolers dimensions (HxWxD) m3 6 x 11 x 6 6 x 11 x 18 6 x 11 x 30
Coolers weight t 10 30 50

Reliable and decentralized energy

The organic fluid is vaporized in the evaporator(1) and then supplied to the ORC turbine(2) that drives a generator(2), producing clean and reliable power. The vaporized
fluid enters the regenerator(2) to give its remaining energy to the liquid organic fluid. The vapor is then condensed in a condenser(2) which is supplied with cooling
water. The condensed fluid is then pumped(3) into the regenerator(2) and finally into the evaporator(1) to close the circuit.
AQYLON ORC modules are preassembled in our facility workshop in two 40ft containers for the 1MW unit.
Create value from your exhaust streams
Most industrial plants • Cement factories These industries can all improve their global energetic
have exhaust streams • Steel mills efficiency by installing our ORC modules to simultaneously
that can be valorized. • Foundries decrease both pollution and energy bills.
AQYLON proposes to • Glass furnaces
produce electricity
• Aluminum smelters
through heat recovery on
the exhaust streams in: •P lants treating sewage through
• Incinerators
… all heat generating plants

In the figure above we can see a heat exchanger with its bypass,
placed on the fumes of glass factory. The heat is sent to the ORC
through a thermal oil loop. Dry coolers are used for the cold loop
of the ORC.

ORCs can also be used to cool water or replace coolers. For

example, in some incinerators, the fumes are cooled down with
a boiler + water loop + coolers system before being processed.
In this case, the coolers can be replaced by an ORC, making
it possible to generate power instead of consuming power to
cool the fumes. This process not only generates power but also
eliminates the electrical consumption of the coolers.
Depending on the territory and the Our Project Financing Model: There are three possibilities at the
applications, if there is no will or •C
 reation of a Special Purpose end of a 7-10 year PPA contract:
capacity to invest in an ORC solution, Vehicle (SPV) that owns the solution 1) T
 here is no contract renewal: The
AQYLON offers a fully financed solution SPV that owns the project has 6
 ale of electricity or heat at an offtake
where all costs and risks associated months to take back its equipment.
price guaranteed for the long term
with our ORC modules are assumed
 ny performance risks 2) 
The PPA is renewed: Conditions
by external investors. In exchange,
are carried by the SPV will be determined for the
the client provides AQYLON with a
renewal period. The minimum
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). •
 o impact on the balance sheet
contract renewal period is 5 years.
The client agrees to purchase electricity of the client (“Zero Capex/Opex”)
produced by AQYLON’s ORC modules 3) Buyback option: The customer
 artitioning of the added value
at a price that is 5 to 30% below the plant can purchase the ORC equipment
between the client and the investors
electricity price or plant generation at a greatly reduced price.
• T
 his arrangement allows projects with
cost. At the end of the PPA period,
longer payback times to be financed
the client can renew the PPA
or purchase AQYLON’s ORC modules
at a greatly reduced price.
AQYLON designs, manufactures and installs complete ORC solutions (Organic Rankine Cycle) for the production of electricity from
high temperature heat sources, at a competitive price. AQYLON proposes standard and tailor made solutions up to 15 MWe. Targeted
applications include recovery of waste heat from engines, recovery of industrial waste heat, biomass power plants, geothermal and
solar thermal sources.

AQYLON offers two business models. Customers may invest through the usual product purchasing process. For customers not
willing to invest, we have a “ZERO CAPEX/ OPEX” option with turnkey solutions fully financed with the sale of the produced electricity,
at a lower price than the grid (PPA).