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TIS & WCSD RTI at Work Pyramid

Tier 1 Academic Support

Tier 1 Behavior Support  Continued data analysis of benchmarks and previous year data.
 Teaming Structure Use to adjust curriculum map to students’ needs.
Team rules consistency  Differentiate to meet all students’ skill level and allowing guarantee
Common classroom management success at all learning levels.
Teambuilding activities  Formative assessments data (GVC quizzes)
 Parent Communication weekly Continuously modify and adjust to student skill level as data
 School Culture promotes owner- indicates need.
ship of all students by all teachers  Small group remediation (remediation video lessons)
 Positive notes home (Required by  Kagan Learning structures (High/Low partnerships)
all EYE teachers)  Teachers individually interact with every student daily in small group
 Cooperative learning structures or one-on-one.
 Peer role models for students with  Inclusion Model for students with disabilities.
disabilities using inclusion model.  Follow CSIP plan adjust as needed.

Tier 2 Academic Support

 Weekly team meeting data (identifying students who repeatedly
Tier 2 Behavior Support need Tier 2 remediation). Access to Intervention professionals and
 Weekly Team meetings their services within the school (Counselor, SPED department, ad-
 Access to professionals and their services within the ministration, and school psychologist).
school (Counselor, SPED department, administration, and  Accommodate students learning needs utilizing their peak time of
school psychologist). the day for learning and arrange their schedule to accommodate.
 Attendance Tracker to encourage and positively reinforce  Peer tutor support (Including students with disabilities)
attendance.  CFA data to identify gaps and continued remediation.
 Student conference with team (behavior improvement  Intervention support
 Continued motoring of selected group of students to ensure stu-
dents are learning..
 Parent student meeting with team
Tier 3 Behavior and Academic Support
 Focus on helping students build social skills and self  Parent communication of heightened level of intervention
monitoring skills.  Expert (SPED and Psychologist) classroom observation.
 Schedule changes  Continued tier 1 and tier 2 interventions.
 Track Interventions and effectiveness of each inter-  Recommendations for classroom accommodations
 If eligible students may be placed on a 504 or IEP and a case
vention (Qualitative Data Tracking) Producing weekly
manager will assist the team in accommodating student and Immediate intervention based on weekly
 Electronic Behavior Tracker CCA monthly meetings
strategies to continue to improve student behavior. student data re-
addressing issues to data, and support from specialists. Re-
 Inclusion Model  Although student may be classified differently, the teacher’s ports. Identify
role is still to find ways for the student to be successful in the support teachers in assessment to identify if intervention was
those who need
regular education classroom, however students and teachers improving and tracking effective, adjust when necessary.
will have additional support. Tier 2 support.
student learning .
 Inclusion model with push-in, pull-out services, and self- Provide accommo-
contained as needed. dations.