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Home, family, work / study, free time, sports, food

I’m planning to take a degree in Engineering. I’m due to start the course in September next year.

I shop on the Internet quite regularly, usually for casual clothes or work wear. The stuff that’s
available on the Internet is usually more up-to-date and often less expensive than in the shops.

Well, it’s an Arabic name meaning fragrance…

My hometown is Lahore, which is regional head quarter of Punjab province and second biggest city
of Pakistan, not really far from the capital of the country.

There’s certainly a lot to do there as it's a fairly big city. If you like going out in the evening there are
a lot of good restaurants and food streets. If you prefer cultural activities there are museums and art
galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of other things outside of the city which are easy to

Most people are quite friendly, but as with most big cities everyone is often busy so it may seem as if
they are not interested in speaking or having a chat. But if you live there you know that most people
are quite happy to have a chat if they have time and will help you if needed.

I'm studying Education at university. It's a one year course, and I started it six months ago, so I have
just six months left. I'm enjoying it a lot so it will be sad to finish.

We learn about many things from the Education such as psychology and curriculum, but I like
learning about how environment affects learning. It's amazing to see how teaching has changed
from the past up until now. In some ways it has changed into science, but in other ways the results
cannot be seen in our education system. Learning about all that is fascinating.

Time Management
Actually I'd say I'm not too good!
I don't really have a system in place to organize things.
My name is ----

I am from ----

Yes sure

I am a student

English literature

I like literature very much…

Well, I am planning to …

Well, usually I use to visit … I just keep to stay at home

Well … I’ve to go to

Well, I’ve heard

Well, not really…

Well, it is very important …

Well, I like music very much, I am singer myself…

Well, it has changed … I used to listen slow music.. I don’t like this kind of…

Well, recorded … I don’t like

Yes, I always listen music…

Special gift you gave to someone…

Hmmmm, special gift it was,,,, actually, I was to different shops, it wasn’t that much expensive,,,, she
was really happy very much… I was really happy,

Yes, I enjoy taking gifts but also I like giving, it shows you care about them…

Well, usually they give gifts on special education….

Ah, sometimes,

This is really interesting…. Because children tend to see others with their eyes…

Well, it depends… when they start to recognize,,, they tend not to recognize relationship…

I need to …
It is important, you are really caring,,, it makes the relationship stronger…

We are at the end all the human beings…


My full name is


At the moment, I am working …

Ah, at the moment I am manager of….

I have to confess this job is my passion… I am in the right pathway…

That’s a good question, my dream is finally,,, without any problems,,, In my past, I’ve lots of

In my country people mostly play soccer,

OKAY, it really depends,,,, sometimes you want to play, sometime watching professional

It is sometimes dangerous,,, if you are not playing sports it is dangerous…

Women couldn’t do the same sports as men, even they could not go to watch sports…

Vacation enjoyed…

Alright, I went to --- with my wife and kids, to visit my wife’s family…

I like because, The road, the nature, remembered me the nature and roads in my country…

I liked smoke, fog, friendship, food moon, I loved morning

The morning was similar to my country,,, nature is similar everywhere

Mysterious feeling to me, animals, horse, it really attract me… that was amazing…

I love nature, I liked to be there…

I spent time with my wife,,, I will show this to my country

Sure, if I get any chance I will go there

I have to say… not really

To me… In my point of view…

I think in that time,,,, to go to any city,,, meet their relatives….

People like to go very close, easy thing, because it is cheap, it help them to stay away of routine

Life is very tough…

Sure, I think definitely

I’m sure it is very effective…

I love their dollar, you have to prepare yourself, because…

Technology and life
… is a case with many issues, and has both negative and positive aspects,

technology has made a marked difference (in the quality of our lives), in terms of (making it more
suitable), only (deteriorated it further),

There are several aspect to demonstrate that, significantly reduces, by influencing every aspect of life,
widespread use of internet is an illustrious demonstration of, global knowledge bank at our disposal,

Latest developments in the field of Cutting edge technology has adversely affected
telecommunication have made remote connectivity a people’s relationships.
Accessibility to modern equipment like computers Proliferation in technology has left many a lives
has saved huge amount of time in data processing unemployed.
Modern technology leads to a more knowledgeable Prolonged usage of tools is showing up on people’s
generation health condition.

It may indeed be true to say that…., this subject, however, requires further analysis,

Increasingly important role, It has brought us a lot of benefits, It has created some serious problems as

Coins and paper money will be replaced

It may indeed be true to say that …, eventually we will be, this subject, however, requires further


Abuse of drugs
Drug abuse has threatened many societies for years; effects can be combated successfully,

Causes Solution
Addicts cannot function as normal members of Threat of drugs can be fought. Education is the first
society. They neglect or abuse their families and battle. Children need to be told at home and in school
eventually require expensive treatment or about drugs. People need to be aware of the effects so
hospitalization. that they can make avoid this problem.
Drug usage leads to crimes. Criminal gangs and mafia An increase in police manpower is inevitable alongwith
underworlds are developed with the money from powers to stop dealers and to enforce the law.
drugs and massive police resources are needed to Antidrug police should be introduced to combat drug
fight against smuggling and drug dealing. trafficking and related crimes.
Drug abuse is not recognized when something can Main target should be the user. Families and
easily be done about it. The problem tends to mount counselors need to talk to children and people at risk.
up and become more difficult to face by the user or Parents need to look at their children and help them to
the parents. jobs that are need to give people a role in society.

Banning smoking / Smoking to be illegal (7+)

…is one of the most controversial issues of our times, this essay will look at some of the arguments for
and against…,

there are a large number of arguments to be considered, every year, thousands of people fall seriously
sick or are killed, as a result of tobacco-related fatal illnesses, such as lung cancer, cardiac arrest, feel it
as a threat to their freedom of choice, making tobacco smoking illicit,

such as take it as a restrain, causes a range of different diseases, massive waste of money, spends a
huge amount of money, can save up to a large amount, experts believe, enormous effect on the health
of other people, even though they are non-smokers, can harm them to a large extent, can leave huge
social implications, leads to people committing crimes, a contrary school of thought believes, as they
think, restrain to their freedom of choice, liberty to choose, as he / she pleases, soothes their brain,
creates and sustains millions of jobs, will leave millions of those workers unemployed, generates and
contributes revenue, in terms of taxes, extensive medical research.

Health reasons Freedom of choice
Waste of money Relaxes tension
Passive smoking Creates employment
Social Problems Taxes
1- Criminals – Punishment or Rehabilitation
… has been in debates for many years now, A large number of people are in favor of…, others
believe…, This essay will analyze arguments for and against…

We should apply prolonged sentences or reforms, people who act against the law, being reintroduced to
the community, non-custodial sentences, rehabilitation through community service programs, before
they could be reintegrated to the community, transformation of criminals.

Firstly, there are financial benefits worth mentioning, rehabilitation of criminals bring about, when the
expenses for detaining a person, can supposedly exceed, therefore, rather irrational, substantial amount
of monies, tax payers’ pockets, each year, prisoners serving long prolonged sentences, Alternatively, I
would have my tax money to be better spent on health, furthermore, heavy sentences, failed to
encompass an effect on crime rate, long term inmates, more likely to reoffend, In addition to, we have
to try reintegrate criminals into society, with appropriate rehabilitation program,

However, further analysis reveals drawbacks to this way of thinking, A contrary school of thought
believes that, criminals deserve no mercy and should not be offered, remedial plans, They justify this
notion, considering the commission of crime, Similarly, criminals are inherently bad, despite community
service programs,

Finally to recapitulate, it is my own personal view, Advantages of reforming criminals slightly outweigh
the disadvantages
Financial benefits of rehabilitation Criminals are naturally bad, they will always re-offend
Heavy sentences had no effect on crime control Long punishments serve as a deterrent
Criminals are social problems deal with them socially Criminals deserve no mercy
Long term prisoners possible to re-offend
2- Use of Animals for drug testing (8)
…. Is a case with many issues, which has both negative and positive aspects, While a large number of
people are in favour of, others take it as… , In this essay, I will discuss some arguments for and

Whether to use animals for medical experiments, useless suffering for our fellow species,

There are several aspects to demonstrate that drug testing on animals is necessary , Animals such as
monkeys and rabbits have similar physical processes to humans, this obviously allows scientists to test,
Furthermore, Moreover, Likewise, some advocates,

On the contrary, many people believe that, animal testing is cruel, every new drug does not need to be
tested, enormous amount of knowledge and information, In addition, In addition, animal right
campaigners claim, does not apply, They argue, They point to,

In conclusion I am convinced that, it will continue to benefit humans in innovative and astonishing ways
we need to make sure, animals are treated with the minimum of suffering, Treating our fellow creatures
as mercifully as possible will exhibit our humanity,

Many medical measures and cures have been Testing of drugs on animals is cruel and should not be
developed through testing of drugs on animals. performed.
Without this cure for polio would not exist and
diabetics may suffer or die.
Animals are easily bred and maintained safely in Every new drug does not need to be tested on animals,
controlled labs and there is no danger of extinction of particularly with the enormous amount of knowledge
these species and information we now have.
Medical research relating to animals has significantly Information from animals does not apply to humans.
improved the health of the humans. Certain commercial drugs have been withdrawn
because of side-effects in humans.
Banning cars in cities
… is a case with many issues, which has both negative and positive aspects, Some people
believe…,while others take it as…, In this essay, I will analyse some of the arguments for and against,

Prohibit cars in all city centres, it will address our pollution and parking concerns, a restrain to freedom,
prohibition of cars in city centres,
Should be restricted from town centres but only during
peak hours. Public transport could serve as cheaper
and environment friendly alternative to private cars.

Child’s immunization against childhood diseases

Is a case with many issues, has both negative and positive aspects,
High sales of popular consumer goods (8)
…is a case with many issues, and has both negative and positive aspects, Many people believe that…,
however, a lot of individuals disagree, This essay will examine both points of view.

elevated sales of popular consumer goods, rigorous advertisement campaign, not the real requirement,
the influence of advertisement results in higher sales of goods,

Nowadays, millions of companies produce billions of products, with a palpable role of advertising, A
number of market forecasters claim, high sales of popular commodities, are the result of promotional
technologies, besides, developing artificial needs, may lead to purchase buyers products they do not
need, This is because of, persuading strategies and repetitive information, Moreover, redundant
products, for money they do not have, regrettably, maneuver our minds more assertively, Commercials
now not only promote products but also lifestyles, They enlighten us buying things, just because they
are fashionable and up to date with the image of a successful person, in order to match this icon,

Some people on the other hand argue that, can be beneficial for a number of reasons, Initially,
advertising is advantageous in introducing new products, briefly describing information about them,
back pains, he could never imagine, ease their pains, Moreover, it brings competition, Consequently, to
occupy the biggest market share,

In balance, advertising provokes, an enormous amount of different products, We should try to consider
the need carefully, that is on offer,
Self-employed (7+)
… is a case with many issues, and has both negative and positive aspects, Many consider, By way of
contrast, others prefer the opposite way, In this essay, I will analyse both views.

Self-employment superior to working for a company,

Should rich countries help poorer ones (8)

… is a case with many issues, and has both negative and positive aspects, In this essay, I will discuss
some arguments for and against…

Developed countries, give aid to underdeveloped countries, For the last half century, poor countries
have been receiving huge sums of money from rich donor countries, Some of this money has enhanced
the lives of people, while much of it has wasted or made no difference to public lives, foreign aid,

Damage of environment caused by modern lifestyle (9)

… is a case with many issues, some people believe it is true, while others are of the opinion, In this
essay, I will analyse both schools of thought,

Rising standard of human living is the cause of environmental damage, change is an elixir of life,
improper regulation and inadequate laws are the factors to blame,

Computers replacing teachers

It may indeed be true to say that, this subject, however, requires further analysis, A large number of
people maintain the view of, This essay will analyse arguments for and against for and against,

Over the past few years, internet has influenced the education sector, teachers will soon be replaced by
computers, computers taking the role of teachers, teachers will always have a place in class rooms, the
significance of teachers

Space exploration(8)
has been in debate for many years now, Many people are…, However, others feel, This essay will look
at some of the arguments for and against…

authorities should allocate resources, people are excited about, it is a massive waste of money,
unearthing the outer space
Education single most important factor in development
It is true that…, however, many people believe that, In this essay, I will analyse…

For the past few decades, illiteracy has been a focal issue, among all nations of the world, in recent
times, every nation is in consensus over imparting education to each of its citizens, education alone
cannot be the sole factor, the importance of literacy in isolation from the other elements on a country’s

Teaching children at home (9)

… is a case with many issues, which has both negative and positive aspects, Some people believe…
while others…, This essay will discuss some arguments for and against…

Children need to be taught at home, addresses a child’s emotional and special needs, consider it as a
deterrent, overall development, home based education,

Equal number of male and female students

Creative artists should be given freedom of speech (7)

…. Is a case with many issues, which has both negative and positive aspects,

Should be allowed, there must be some control on the expression of thoughts,


In most countries disabled people are not catered for adequately. For example, buildings are often
improperly designed. Governments rely too heavily on charities and voluntary organizations to
provide assistance to disabled people. What other measures could be taken to assist disabled people?

Disabled = people with special needs, special people, handicapped

Catered = looked after, taken care of
Adequately = Appropriately, enough measures are taken

It may indeed be true to say that people with special needs are not appropriately taken care of by their
governments. This is especially true for developing countries where special people are often neglected
either due to the fact that this is not their government’s priority or it fails to allocate required funds for
the purpose. In this essay, I will discuss what measures governments can take to help their special