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Source of Light Ministries International

Source of Light Ministries International is an independent, faith mission

that exists to bring people of every nation, language, and ethnicity into a mature
relationship with Jesus Christ and into fellowship with a local church.
SLM is a world-wide, disciple making, church planting mobilization that uses
the medium of Bible lessons for all ages in both printed and electronic format
to achieve its goals. The International Headquarters in Madison, Georgia, and its
Discipleship Training Branches (DTBs), and Associate Discipleship Schools (ADSs),
distribute lessons throughout the world.
Representatives, Missionaries, and Appointees of SLM are available to
present the ministry to churches, missionary conferences, and other groups.
Contact the SLM PR office for scheduling.
For information on any of the ministries of SLM, see
www.sourcelight.org or call 800. 776.1207.

the Reaper
Fall 2010
The Reaper is published by Source of Light Ministries International, Inc. and is sent free of charge to
anyone requesting it. Write or call to be placed on the mailing list.

SLM International
1011 Mission Road Administrative Council
Madison, Georgia 30650 Dr. B. Shade, General Director
• Phone: 706.342.0397 R.R. Walker, Chief Financial Officer
• Fax: 706.342.9072 P. Winder, Director of Operations
• E-mail: slm@sourcelight.org
G. Miller, Director of Field Ministries
• Web Site: www.sourcelight.org
R.R. Walker, Director of Printing Operations
Board of Directors B. Hearing, Director of MDS
D. Lowry, Chairman
E.B. Shoff, Vice Chairman
The Reaper
Dr. A. Cooper, Secretary
Editor: Billie Will
Barry Blenis, Treasurer
J.C. Carter • C. Mayfield Graphic Design: Marianne Rosenberger
Dr. G.S. Palmer • Dr. R.J. Sans Director of Publications: Ray Walker
Dr. B.H. Struthers • Dr. Earl Parvin Prepress: SLM Publications
Daniel De Jong • D. Head Production: SLM Printing
M. Stringer

The church bell

FALL 2010
tower of Cagsawa,
4 News & Views
Luzon (Philippines),
is the only remaining 5 Observations
remnant from the 12 Resource Materials
Mayon volcanic 19 Paper Rolls
eruption in 1874. 20 Prayer & Praise
6 22 In Loving Memory

DISASTERS – 22 Destinations

Haiti, Chile, 23 SLM Branch Needs

Patriot Day

9 Orientation
. . . SLM’s newest Appointees Report

Milestones 18
that Make a
Signs can say a lot about the company they
represent. Who can but remember those famous
McDonalds signs which read “Over 99 Billion
Served”? They testified to the wide-reaching
influence of one of America’s best know retailers,
as they carried their products to people around the
Here is another sign, to be sure
not as recognizable as the first. But,
like the first, one that can be seen
around the world and one that has
served the spiritual needs of millions
of people. SLM prints and distributes Bible lessons for all ages in over
100 countries. Would it surprise you if I told you that under our sign could
be truthfully printed, “Over 200,000,000 Distributed”?
While the two signs do indicate some similarities, there are even
greater contrasts to be noted. The world’s most famous Burger Company
has made billions of dollars in its global markets. SLM has spent hundreds
of thousands of precious dollars provided by God’s people to accomplish
it’s task.
The Burger Company has met some human “felt needs” and alleviated
physical hunger for those who could afford to purchase their product.
SLM has met the eternal needs of millions of souls by giving its lessons
freely to all who would receive them.
When the Wall Street report comes out next time, the Burger giant will
be prominently listed. SLM will be absent. But that is not the final report.
When Heaven’s balances are totaled up before the Bema Seat of Christ,
SLM, and those who were its partners will be prominently conspicuous. I
suspect the other sign will be absent.

Through the years of my Christian life, it
has been a great privilege to read promises in
God’s Word, pray for God to do what He promised and then to rejoice and
offer to the Lord the sacrifice of praise when He again revealed His power.
Jabez prayed for God’s hand to be with him in 1 Chronicles 4:10, And Jabez
called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed,
and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou
wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him
that which he requested. I have claimed the promise of God’s presence since
I was a teenager with polio, paralyzed from the shoulders down through my
arms, torso, and legs. Grandma (Elizabeth) Shipman hobbled on two canes
everyday for weeks to visit and encourage me with Scripture to memorize.
One was Hebrews 13:5, . . . I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee, which
put courage in my soul and it is still true to me at 82 years of age.
Early in my missionary service, Cam Thompson challenged me to find
and to claim 7,487 definite promises in the Word of God. I have claimed
James 1:5 on many occasions, If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.
. . . When I was going into India with expensive electronic equipment, I was
cautioned in Singapore to be up front with customs to declare everything
electronic. As predicted, I was asked about electronic equipment, so I quickly
named five or six items. Then he asked me if there was anything more. My
mind raced as I answered, “I have a battery-operated projector.” He asked
me for the value of that, so I said, “$39.50,” and he said, “Pass!” So I went
through without customs cost. “Praise God.”
I was scheduled to go to Nairobi for a week of open-air campaigns.
Following a cancer operation, I still felt weak after a couple of months. The
morning that I was to leave for the airport, I read Romans 8:11, But if the Spirit
of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ
from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies . . . . I wrote “Africa”
in the margin. Ten minutes before I got in the car to go to the airport, my
daughter, Jeanne, called me to say, “Daddy, I want you to take Romans 8:11
for the Africa trip.” It is wonderful to have confirmation on God’s promises.
Let me encourage you to find and claim God’s promises. God is no
respecter of persons. He longs to bless all His children.

Earthquakes, floods, typhoons, three couples have married and
landslides, and other disasters are more are in the offing.
special opportunities for Source
“In the aftermath of the
of Light to respond and meet
earthquake, we did a week of
human needs with the love and
evangelism in seven different
compassion of Christ. Three of our
villages and saw nearly 100
SLM Branches have been involved
conversions! The closest thing
in this kind of care in 2010.
to a national revival occurred in
“WHEN THE EARTH WAS Haiti with three days of prayer
REMOVED” — HAITI and fasting in churches across the
“Life in Haiti changed at nation. Christians confessed and
4:45 pm January 12, 2010, when a repented; we saw people saved
massive earthquake struck,” wrote daily. Source of Light was active
SLM Director, Rev. Art Spalding. in the hospital as Emmanuelie gave
“Imagine being responsible for patients and family members SLM
a church assembly and not being lessons during their stay. Many were
able to help anyone. Countless spiritually edified during this trying
pastors and churches came asking time and completed our courses.
for assistance. While we couldn’t We have seen an incredible growth
help everyone, the hundreds of churches using SLM as a part of
of sacks of rice, beans, and oil their ministry since the earthquake.
distributed through the churches Pastor Ceralus has 30 certificates to
gave the pastors the ability to distribute in a new area.
help some truly desolate people.
We have distributed tents, tarps,
and food for orphanages as well
as housing needs. One unusual
thing we purchased was wedding
bands for couples who were living
together and never married. They
realized that life is uncertain, and
if they are going to get married,
they should not put it off. So far, Mirlène – Haiti

“A week after the earthquake,
a 15-year-old girl, Mirlène,
approached me [Art] in the airport
parking lot saying she had been
living on the street for the past
eight days. She had been forced to
leave her home at the age of ten
because she refused to participate
in the voodoo ceremonies of her
mother. The mother, with whom Landslide in Uganda
she was living, was crushed in her Rose. Her two other children,
home, and her 13-year-old brother husband, and two relatives were
was seriously injured and taken to killed. “It happened so fast. We
a hospital two hours away. She was were all buried instantly. I called
not allowed to accompany him and out for my people, but there was
had no place to go. Relief funds silence everywhere. My daughter
have helped settle her into school was hit on the head. I put her on a
and housing. She lives with us on bed and lay on top of her to shield
the weekends.” her from the debris.” The nurse at
“BURIED ALIVE” the hospital says of Eleanor, “She
— UGANDA cries and talks to herself most of
Inside the casualty wing the time. She needs counseling.”
of Bududa Hospital in eastern Aware of this desperate need
Uganda, 18-year-old Eleanor for spiritual and physical support,
Namasa lies still as though dead. SLM-Uganda Director, Rev. Aloni
Although severely injured, Eleanor Mwisaka, has established a Trauma
is alive. She is one of 18 Counseling Center for the
people who survived Bududa victims. Local
the deadly landslide people have been trained
that killed hundreds to enable the survivors
of people in Bududa to deal with the shock,
district. The landslide fear, and loss they have
erased three entire experienced. An integral
villages. Eleanor was part of this recovery is
buried by the landslide providing God’s Word
but fought desperately through the distribution
to escape and free her of SLM Bible courses.
three-year-old daughter, Please pray for Aloni

as he coordinates these efforts The family of Lydia Rodriguez
and provides hope and comfort to is one that was helped. Lydia
hundreds of people in Bududa. writes:
Before our eyes we saw our
“WHEN THE EARTH WAS house fall. It was all of our work
REMOVED” — CHILE of many years. It was in this house
At 3:34 am on February 24, that my parents came to live after
an earthquake more intense than they were married. It was there that
the one that ravaged Haiti a month we all grew up and now . . . in one
before (registering 8.8 on the second it all fell down.  Our house
Richter scale) shook the entire was destroyed and we still have our
country of Chile. Fortunately, SLM lives, our faith, and our Lord still
stands with us too. A week ago they
Chile Directors, Rev. Guillermo
came and demolished our house.
and Vicky Salazar and daughter, All that is left is our property. We
Marcela, were vacationing about are now living in poverty in one of
600 miles from their own city, our wooden rooms. My youngest
Temuco, one of the hardest hit boy went up to the north of our
areas. Upon returning to Temuco, country to live with my oldest
the Salazars found their house in daughter in her house. I miss my
good condition but the storage little son. God is supporting me.
area and office for the SLM work Please pray for us.
were severely damaged.
Since the earthquake, however,
the Salazars have focused on
others, not themselves. In her
position as president of the regional
Department of Social Action in
Temuco, Vicky has coordinated
relief efforts in the region. Many
Christians have collected food and Lydia’s House
clothing, personal hygiene and
cleaning supplies, and distributed THANK YOU to those who
them to people who have lost gave so generously so SLM could
everything. The Salazars have provide funds to assist with the
made many missionary trips to staggering needs in Haiti, Uganda,
deliver aid, always taking SLM and Chile.
Bible courses with them to help
people know Christ, give them
counsel, and pray with them.
Orientation for new staff was held June 7-11 at Madison Headquarters. Those present were:
(Front Row) John Hemphill, Teresa Hubble, Suzaan Nair, Deborah Whatley, Mary Whatley, Bernice
Whatley, Judy Lewis, Ann Kindness, David Kindness, Tsedale Tefera, Sally Henlsey, Debbie Ingalsbe,
(Back Row) Bryan Wilson, Timothy Whatley, Paul Lewis, Haile Tefera, David Ingalsbe

Paul and Judy Lewis are excited

about their roles at Source of Light. As
they work through the Bible Institutes
under Advanced Biblical Studies, they will
be helping people become more familiar
with the Bible and be able to use it to turn
hearts toward God. Paul will be traveling
globally to set up new World Wide Bible
Institutes and facilitating the academic side of Extreme Assignment
Apprenticeship. They will work together sending, receiving, and grading
World Wide LIT lessons. Check out these programs on the Web at
www.soucelight.org. Paul and Judy have three children. They need an
additional 80 percent in support.
Teresa Hubble surrendered her life to become
a missionary in October 2009 during a Missions
conference where she heard Margaret Stringer
speak. A friend sent Miss Stringer a letter on
Teresa’s behalf asking her to recommend a place
where she thought Teresa would fit in. Miss Stringer
sent some information about SLM International.
Teresa filled out an application and prayed for the Lord to have His way.
A few weeks later Teresa received a phone call from SLM asking her to
come for an interview. “When I walked through the door at the mission,
I knew the Lord was there with me. The interview went well and I had
a wonderful day. I know without a doubt that is where the Lord wants
me to be.” Teresa is just beginning to raise support. She needs your
David and Debbie Ingalsbe were
officially accepted as Associate
Missionaries with Source of Light on
November 3, 2009. David began working in
the Print Shop in August 2009, primarily to
help them get “caught up” in the collating
department. After being approached
about possibly joining Source of Light as
missionaries, David and Debbie prayed and asked for God’s leading and
direction in their decision. God gave them confirmation on September
13, 2009 with the Scripture in Isaiah 43:19. David is currently being
trained on the Heidelberg four-color printing press, and is also working
in other areas of the Print Shop. David and Debbie are excited about
serving God at Source of Light and making an eternal difference in His
Kingdom. The Ingalsbe’s are a vital part of the ministry. They still need
86 percent of their support.
Haile and Tsedale Tefera are grateful to
be a part of Source of Light Ministries. God
led them to this ministry in an unusual way.
Haile and Tsedale knew the Lord as their
Savior when they decided to immigrate
to the United States, where they felt they
could better reach their dreams. They have
three daughters: Dee Dee, Abigale (Abby),
and Amen. The family moved to Georgia and set about building their
lives. They owned two gas stations and God was blessing them. Then
God brought Glenn Dix, the former director of Source of Light, into one
of their gas stations. Conversation led to talk about their home country
and the great spiritual needs in Ethiopia. Later, Haile was confronted
with the challenge to return to Ethiopia to reach that country for Christ.
The family has moved back to Ethiopia where they are ministering in
many ways. Haile and Tsedale need an additional
57 percent support per month.
Sally Hensley lost her job in May, 2009.
In June, she heard of the need for help in the
Accounting Department at SLM. She started
volunteering three days a week which gave her
two days a week to go job hunting. A couple of

months later she felt that God was calling her to fill the opening in
Accounting on a full-time basis. As she was filling out the application,
Sally had many doubts and misgivings about it. One morning during
her devotional time, God gave her the peace she needed as she was
reading about moving ahead with God in Philippians 3:13b-14. God said
to her, “I want you to move forward to the work that is before you in
Accounting at SLM. The work that you have done in the past is just that
--- in your past.” The last week of March, Sally and her husband, John,
attended a Missionary training school in Ohio. John thought he was just
going along with Sally to support her in the training. Before the week
was over he was quite involved in the training and felt God calling him to
join her in working at SLM. Please pray that John and Sally will be able
to quickly raise their support and both begin working full-time. The field
is truly white unto harvest and the time is NOW.
Timothy Whatley came to know of SLM
when he started an Associate Discipleship
school. He started with 12 students and in
four years it grew to 462 students. Last year,
after receiving The Reaper, Tim E-mailed Ray
Walker to ask how the expansion project
was progressing. During the conversation,
Ray told him that Dr. Shade was praying
that God would send 20 new missionaries to SLM. Ray then asked,
“How about you folk? Are you ready to join?” The Whatleys traveled
to Madison and during the tour of the new space, Tim asked God who
was going to fill the positions needed. On the way home, Tim prayed
for a sign. God spoke Deuteronomy 30:11-20. When Tim told Deborah,
her response was, “That settles it, God is telling you what to do.”
Tim and Deborah completed their applications and in March, traveled
to Missionary Training School in Spencer, Ohio, with their 15-year-old
daughter, Mary Elizabeth, and Tim’s mom, Bernice. All four completed
the course and received certificates. Tim will be working with Ray Walker
as administrative assistant. Deborah will be learning the procedures in
the Order Department. Tim’s mom plans to work as a full-time volunteer.
Their plans are to move to Madison at the end of July to begin serving.
The Whatley’s still need 80 percent of their support.

is the new course designed and produced to reach military person-
nel and their families. Written by Dr. “Hap” Struthers, a former
military chaplain, the stories and illustrations are all taken from
Hap’s long military career and experience. This timely course has
been printed to coincide with SLM’s new thrust known as Campaign
Stars and Stripes, which began on July fourth. Military personnel
and families will receive the Winning the Battle of Life Bible lessons
free upon request.
The goal of Campaign Stars and Stripes
is to reach as many military personnel
(and their families) as possible, with the
message of salvation. Cards especially
designed for this campaign are avail-
able to send to English-speaking military
anywhere in the world. We need YOU to
help us get these cards to the men and
women serving our country. You can
order cards from SLM (see order form on
the next page), to help in this thrust to share the Gospel with those
who are “nearest to eternity.”

Beyond the Bible Lessons for
all ages for which SLM is most
known, there is a whole special
Department of Bible Studies called
Advanced Studies. In the world of
Advanced Studies, you can take up
to thirty-three college level courses
through the WW LIT Department,
or get a complete three-year Bible
Institute Education through the
World-Wide Bible Institute. Let
me challenge you to look into this
tremendous opportunity for Biblical
and Theological education. Contact:
wwbi@sourcelight.org or call: 706-342-
0397 ext. 165. You may also look us
up on the web at www.sourcelight.
org. The link for Advanced Studies
is: http://www.sourcelight.org/wp-

Order/Information Request Form

q Winning the Battle of Life $ 15.00 per 5 sets of course
q Campaign Stars and Stripes Cards $ 6.00 per 100 cards
q Please send the Literature Information Packet
q Please send information about WWBI Advanced Studies
q WW LIT and The Ezra Institute
Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.
Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________
Address ______________________________________________________
City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________

Gil and Fran Busenitz, staff members of
Source of Light Ministries, International,
were awarded the “Lifetime Commitment”
Award by the Association of North American
Missions at its annual meeting in Carlinville,
Illinois, on April 16.
Gil and Fran have faithfully served the Lord
in ministry since their graduation from Grace
College of the Bible, Omaha, Nebraska. They
served with Rural Home Missionary Association for 15 years where they
were involved in planting churches.
In 1978, Gil, Fran, and
their four children, arrived at
Source of Light. Gil began
service in the Print Shop and
Accounting Department. He
served for many years as
Director of Operations and
continues as Office Manager
and Purchasing Agent. Fran
Warren Cheek, ANAM Board Chairman, was involved full-time for
Gil & Fran Busenitz, and Doug Clark, many years in the Madison
Executive Director of ANAM Discipleship School and for
the past 17 years has been in charge of the Mailroom and assisting in the
Accounting Department. Everyone loves to hear Fran’s cheerful voice give
the mail call each morning, “Good Morning, your mail is ready!”
Source of Light is reaching the people of the world through Christ-
centered and time-tested Bible lessons (printed and electronic), which
result in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. The Association
of North American Missions exists to assist member organizations in
operating with excellence and serves as an accountability and accreditation
organization for ministries with a focus in North America.

A Day of Celebration and Rejoicing for SLM
You are invited to the Dedication of the first phase
of the SLM Expansion Project

Doors open at 1:00 pm

• See where SLM is serving around the world
• See the new stone fountain and flat-screen feature
• See the new glassed-in staff lunch room and kitchen
• See how Bible lessons are sent from computer-to-plate
• See how books are produced in the Braille language
• See how 22,000 correspondence students are discipled
• Learn about our Stars & Stripes Campaign for the

Tours will be conducted every 30 minutes from 1:00 pm –

5:00 pm. There will be gifts for everyone and door prizes
presented every hour. Light refreshments will be available in
the new lunch room. Here is your chance to see Source of
Light and learn what God is doing around the world from
our Madison Headquarters.

At 5:00 pm we are planning a Pig Bar-B-Q open

to the public. Food and drinks will be available.
If you plan to attend, call SLM for tickets at

At 7:00 pm there will be a concert of southern gospel music

by THE DISCIPLES, as well as a blue grass gospel group.
Come prepared to rejoice with us.
by Bill Shade

The Philippines is exactly half way and insisted that since on Mondays
around the earth from Madison, all the pastors were free with their
Georgia. Our purpose for going families, we must spend the day
was two-fold: first, to speak at seeing the sights of Coron. We took
the 30th Anniversary celebration an Island tour boat where I met the
of our PhilSOL Branch which has tribal chief who helped with the
distributed over 23 million lessons translation of the Scriptures into the
in its thirty-year history; second, local language.
to conduct four WWBI Training The next day 25 pastors gathered
Seminars to equip pastors and and we started going over the
leaders to begin WWBI Institutes WWBI material. Wednesday we
in their local churches. returned to Manila and spent the
We arrived after midnight and got day preparing for the seminars
to our room at 2 am. That evening scheduled for Thursday and
we drove all night to Baguio City in Friday where over 50 were in
the mountains of north central Luzon. attendance.
We arrived on top of the mountain On Friday evening we celebrated
at 7 am. Twenty-six leaders and the 30th Anniversary of PhilSOL with a
pastors were gathered at Doane lovely banquet, and many testimonies.
Rest (ABWE), where we conducted We presented Dr. Luz and Board
an abbreviated WWBI seminar. We President Vallega with a plaque on
returned to Manila the same night.
Monday we took a 4 am flight
for Palawan. PhilSOL Missionary
Pastor Paul Dignadice received us

behalf of SLM International along

with numerous other recognitions.
Early the next morning we went
Tribal Chief who helped with to the Maximum Security Prison
Scripture translation in Muntinlupa. It is impossible to
describe what God is doing in this
place. The work is led from within
the prison by Pastor Enrico Dizon
who is serving three consecutive
life sentences for multiple murders,
abductions, and other violent
crimes. Years ago “Red” Dizon
came to Christ through the study of
SLM Bible lessons and is now the
recognized spiritual leader in the the names of 32,000 missing are
prison. inscribed on its walls. It reminded
me of why SLM launched the
Pastor Dizon has worked with
Campaign Stars & Stripes this year
PhilSOL staff to make theological
to reach out to 250,000 military
materials available to his fellow
men and women.
prisoners and together they have
constructed a Bible College program The highlight of my time was the
from which 25 men graduated. last evening in Legaspi City when
I was invited to speak at the police
academy. All of them are college
graduates. God gave great liberty
and when the invitation was given,
over 150 prayed audibly to receive
Christ as personal Savior and Lord.

There were many tears including

my own as we honored these men
whose only former achievements
were violent crimes. Now they have
the smile of eternity on their faces,
even though some will soon pay for Our team will follow up these new
their crimes with their lives. Pastor converts with Bible classes every
Dizon will be using the WWBI Saturday evening.
Curriculum in future classes. Over 100 men and women
On our way back from one were trained during the seminars.
meeting we stopped at the Thirty of them were able to pass all
American Military Cemetery requirements to begin Institutes, and
where over 17,000 of our military 22 churches are now equipped to
dead are interred. It is the largest train their own leadership using the
military cemetery in the world and WWBI Curriculum.
by Phil Winder

On a hill in the midst of beautiful equipment, installed new flooring,

farm country in Northeastern prepared inventory reports,
Pennsylvania, sits Cornerstone installed a new HVAC system,
Bible Church. This is a church that and a host of other essential
is making a difference for eternity. tasks. Cornerstone’s volunteer
They are immersed in the Biblical groups are greatly appreciated for
concept of sowing and reaping, their dependability and flexibility,
taking the Great Commission and are a blessing to us at SLM
seriously. headquarters.
Since its inception in 1990, Not only does Cornerstone
Cornerstone has been serious help us to “provide the tools
about missions, locally and around to finish the task,” they are
the globe. Pastor Jim Winder and also using those tools in their
the people of Cornerstone not only own Associate Discipleship
support local and foreign missions School. Their ADS reaches their
with their wallets they also support church, local nursing homes,
missions with their hands. jails, NASCAR racing outreach,
Cornerstone brings two volunteer truckers’ outreach, food pantry,
work groups to SLM headquarters neighborhood block parties, and
each year. Volunteers have graded helping hands projects.
Bible lessons, done office and Cornerstone has been a big
clerical work, data entry, carpentry, contributor to the paper partner
electrical work, painting, packaged project. To find out how you or
materials for shipping, prepared your church can serve the Lord
Braille materials, built walls, by purchasing paper to print Bible
hung Sheetrock, installed new lessons, read the next page.

Source of Light’s ministry of printing purchased rolls of paper for the past
Bible lessons is world-wide. To print four years. Over 15% of the adults from
these lessons we must have paper, so the church have been to SLM on mission
large orders of paper are frequently trips so they understand the vital need
delivered to our loading dock. for paper to print the Bible lessons.
There is a can, designed to look like a
roll of paper, in their welcome center for
contributions. The church tracks their
weekly progress with a thermometer.
When the thermometer is full another
roll of paper has been purchased!
It is easy to get excited about the
Paper Partner ministry when you realize
that each roll of paper will print 18,000
Bible lessons. Not everybody can go to
Rolls of paper come in different
the mission field, operate a printing
sizes, depending on what type of Bible
press, or deliver Bibles to the mission
lesson is being printed. Some rolls of
field, but everyone can contribute
paper weigh as much as 1,200 pounds.
something financially. Maybe you or
Over recent months, the cost of paper
your church, Sunday school, Vacation
has risen and an average roll of paper
Bible School, or another group would
costs $800.
contribute to a roll of paper for SLM’s
Cornerstone Bible Church (featured Web Press. Imagine the eternal rewards
on the previous page), has taken their that will result because of the printed
adult Sunday School offering and Word.

YOU can
and be
a paper
purchasing a
part of a roll
of paper!

e The Discipleship Training e God has been faithful to provide
Branches in Haiti, Chile, and Uganda funds and volunteer work teams to
are continuing their efforts to help complete the first floor expansion
those who suffered devastating project. Dedication of this phase is

e Don
losses in the earthquakes and scheduled for September 11.
landslides in these countries. God and Elaine Schiffer have

e Several of our missionaries have

has given much spiritual fruit. moved into their home in Jamaica
and have begun their new ministry,
ongoing physical needs. Pray that despite experiencing a number of
God will give them the health and break-ins and loss of material things

e Funds e The Madison Discipleship School

strength needed. as a result.
for the India Printing
Project have been exhausted. Pray has an open door to the juvenile justice
that God will supply the $100,000 system of Georgia (3,000 juveniles in
needed to reprint the Bible lessons six facilities). As this door is entered,
in nine languages for that needy we trust the Lord for funds and

e Several e
country. personnel to accomplish the task.
Missionary Appointee Exciting reports continue to come
families are in need of sufficient in from our Discipleship Training
financial support to meet their Branches from around the world that
needs. We are continuing to look to many people are accepting Christ as
the Lord for 20 new workers in this Savior and churches are being planted

e As funds are available, progress

year of 2010. For specific information through the use of the Bible lessons.
on individual missionaries, contact
the SLM Human Resources is being made in the translation and

e Continue
Department. printing of Bible lessons for some
to pray for our of our newer Discipleship Training
Discipleship Training Branches Branches, such as China, Indonesia,

e God
that have financial, equipment, and Myanmar, and Ethiopia.

e Pray for our military men and

transportation needs. is mightily using the
Alternative Media Department to
women to come to know Christ as reach students doing the Braille
Savior through the Campaign Stars Bible lessons. Progress is being
and Stripes that began in July. We made in getting courses online.
are in the process of distributing Audio players are being recorded
250,000 cards offering them with the Bible lessons to use for
the course, Winning the Battle of those unable to read or obtain the
Life. printed lessons, etc.

by Bill Shade

T herefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always

abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that
your labor is not in vain in the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58).

E ffective leaders accomplish seemingly impossible tasks because they

never give up. They never buckle under. Despite mounting criticism,
intense opposition, and overwhelming obstacles, they persevere with
determined resolve. They refuse to throw in the towel.

O ften, the easiest thing would be to quit. Just give up. Forget about
one’s dream and the task God has given and return to the comfort
and convenience of mediocrity – Give in to the words of the critics, give
up to the opposition, and give way to the obstacles. Simply tuck tail and

G reat power is embodied in persistence. The race is not always won

by the fastest, nor the game by the strongest, but rather by the one
who keeps on keeping on, who refuses to give up. Solomon said, . . .
the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong . . . (Ecclesiastes
9:11). Consider the postage stamp. Its usefulness consists in the ability
to stick to one thing till it gets there. Race car driver Rick Mears said it
like this, “To finish first you must first finish.”

I t is always too soon to quit. One of the most powerful and destructive
tools that Satan has in his arsenal is discouragement, the subtle but
dangerous compulsion to give up, to quit — to say, “What’s the use?”

W hen you are tempted to quit — resist! Claim the power of God
against the evil suggestions of the devil. We must endure in the
battle until the evil day is over. We must press on in the face of the
temptation to quit. Until the war is over, we must fight to the end. Until
the race is finished, we must keep running. Until the wall is built, we
must keep stacking bricks. Never give up – Never! The promises of
God are always at the end of the task God has given. The greater the
struggle, the greater the reward.

Gifts received in memory of:
Sara Ashley by Harvesters Sunday School Class
Mr. & Mrs. Marolyn Mixon
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert D. Pollard
Mrs. Carolyn Sellers
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny E. Selters
Vernon Babb by Mrs. Melissa Babb
Rev. Clifford Chapman by Connor, Hubbard & Company, LLC
Laura Eager by Miss Florence Houck
Rev. & Mrs. Don Lowry
Esther Elliott by Mr. & Mrs. Virgle Ford
Rev. Norman Hirschy by Mrs. Berdine B. Hirschy
A & F Ingalsbe by Mrs. Melissa Babb
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Messmore
by Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Musselman
Mary Esther Messmore by Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Ingalsbe
Marcelle Roark by Miss Byrdie Skipper
Carolyn Scott by Mr. & Mrs. Randy Redlinger
Jack Stewart by Miss Nancy K. Nydam

Bill Shade
September 11 – SLM Headquarters Dedication, Madison, GA
September 13-14 – SLM Board of Directors Meeting,
Madison, GA
October 17-20 – Chambersburg Bible Church Missions
Conference, Chamberburg, PA
October 22-24 – Cornerstone Bible Church Bible
Conference, Nescopeck, PA
November 11-13 – ANAM General Council, Spring City, TN

Here are some needs of our Foreign Branches
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BRAZIL Vehicle $ 2,500

INDIA Christudas Earla: Office Building Project Complete $ 3,784
IVORY COAST Laptop & CD Duplicator $ 1,863
MYANMAR Laptop & Ink Cartridges for printing $ 2,000
PHILIPPINES Headquarters Building Project Phase 1 $ 36,300
ROMANIA Pavel: Computer & Copy Machine $ 1,950
TOGO Vehicle $ 13,333

Please send a separate note with your gift indicating how you want
your gift to be used. Thank you for your prayers and participation.


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