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1. 452.3 table What is the qualified 2-7/8 in to 11. During the weld metal solidification Cracking, porosity,
diameter range for a welder unlimited. QW- process, which is the following localized
performance groove weld coupon that 452.3 note B 2 7/8 problems can occur? embrittlement,
has a diameter of NPS 4 and is welded in O.D is the abnormal weld
using SMAW? equivalent to NPS appearance.

12. Example of a high strength low-alloy 0.10% Cr and MSYS
2. After hot rolling a slab to make a plate finished product steel is steel with a minimum of 40 Ksi
it becomes a: with dimensional requirement of:
13. An example of a low alloy steel is? Steel with a
3. As part of a welding procedure 0.998in ? (QW-152, requirement of
qualification, a tensile test is performed QW-462.1) 0.10% Cr.
on SA-333 grade 6 plate normalized
14. Example of an alloy steel is a steel with 0.30% Cr.
and tempered with an allowable stress
a minimum requirement of:
of 17,100 psi. the test specimen was
0.550 in. 70,100 psi . what was the width 15. Ferrite at room temperature is Alpha Iron
of the tensile test specimen? commonly assigned to which of the
following iron designations containing
4. As part of a welding procedure SA-335 grade P1
alloying elements in solid solution?
qualification, a tensile test performed 55ksi 0.95x55 ksi =
on SA-335 grade P1 pipe. The test 52.25 Ksi (QW- 16. For a SMAW WPS, what type of WPS Essential (QW-253,
specimen was 0.75" wide and 0.75 in 152) variable is a change in P-No. qualified? QW-403.1.1)
thick. The specimen broke in the base 17. For a SMAW WPS, what type of WPS Nonessential (
metal outside of the weld and weld variable is a change in the electrode QW-253,QW-
interface what is the minimum classification with in an SFA 403.33)
acceptable tensile strength for the WPS specification (ie. , no notch toughness
qualifications. testing)?
5. An ASTM E112 grain size No7 has? Has 64 grains/in2 18. For new ASME B31.1 pipe welding, what in all directions
at 100x is the size of the preheat zone? from the point of
magnification welding for a
6. At what temperature is post weld Below the lower distance of 3 in.
treatment of carbon and alloy steels critical (131.1)
most commonly performed? temperature. 19. A guided bend specimen that has an Fails test open
7. Austenite is a fcc solution of ? Carbon or other open discontinuity in the heat affected discontinuity in the
elements in zone on the convex surface of the weld or heat
gamma iron specimen after bending that measures effected zone
5/32 in length. What should the greater than 1/8"
8. Can a double beveled plat, 1 inch thick No, since the
inspector do? the test fails. QW-
with each beveled grove being of ½, be welder is only
welded by a welder qualified to weld a qualified to weld
weld metal deposit of 0.864 in? up to 0.864 inch 20. A guided bend specimen that has an Inspect further for
and the deposited open discontinuity on the corner of the evidence of lack
weld metal for convex surface of the specimen after of fusion, slag
this joint would be bending that measures 5/32" in length. inclusions, or other
1 inch. QW- What should the inspector do? internal
452.1(b) Inter IX- discontinuities.
83-90 QW-163

9. Components made up of single Usually involve 21. How is thermal conductivity effected Decreases thermal
crystals? highly directional by the additions of alloying elements conductivity.
cooling. to a steel?

10. The detrimental effects of cooling Approximately

arrest in carbon steel typically occurs at above 500 deg F
what temperature?
22. How many renewal tests must 1 QW-322.2(a) 30. Table (QW-451) For a 3/16in to 0.688 in. (QW-451, QW-
a welder or welding SAW PQR groove weld 407.4) QW-407 for ferrous base
operator's perform when plate test coupon 5/8 materials other than P-7, P-No. 8
renewing previous ASME Sec. in . thickness, P-No.3 and p-No.45 when a procedure
IX qualifications for a to P-No. 3 base metal qualification test coupon receives a
welding process for each with a 250 deg and a postweld heat treatment exceeding
material, thickness, diameter, normalizing PWHT, the upper transformation
position, and other variables what is the WPS temperature, the maximum qualified
for which they were thickness range of base metal thickness T shall not
previously qualified? base metal that can be exceed 1.1 times the thickness of the
qualified? test coupon. NOT 2 times as in the
23. In carbon steels, as the Grain growth occurs.
austenitizing temperature
increases? 31. Table (QW-451) For a 3/16 in to 0.688 in QW-451, QW-
SMAW PQR groove 403.9 for single pass or multipass
24. In performance qualification, QW-100.2 defines the basic
weld pipe test coupon welding in which any pass is greater
what is the basic criterion criterion established for
5/8" thickness, P-No. 1 than ½ in (13mm) thick, an increase
established for welder welder qualification is to
base metal, in the 6g in base metal thickness beyond 1.1
qualification? determine the welders
position, with a single times that of the qualification test
ability to deposit sound weld
pass weld and a 250 coupon. Since a single pass weld is
metal. The basic criterion to
degree preheat and made that is greater than ½" then
establish for welding
1100 degree PWHT, QW-403.9 in Note 1 must be
qualification is to determine
what is the maximum applied. With T= 5/8 in or 0.625 in
the welding operators
WPS thickness of the and applying QW-403.10 with a
mechanical ability to
base metal that can be maximum qualified thickness of 1.1 T,
operate the welding
qualified ? (Round to then the maximum qualified WPS
the nearest 0.001 in) thickness become 1.1 x 0.625in. =
25. Nonmetallic inclusions can Exogenous and indigenous 0.688"
be classified as?
32. Welders and welding 2 pipes for a total of 12in (300mm)
26. The purpose for qualification to determine that the operators whose (QW-321.3(a)
of a WPS ? weldment proposed for qualifications coupons
construction is capable of has failed the
providing the required volumetric NDE may
properties for its intended take a re-test
application. QW-100.1 consisting of what
27. QW-452.1(a) table what test Either 2 side bends or from number and length of
must be performed to qualify Note (3) one face and 1 root pipe?
a welder performance bend. QW-452.1(a) 33. The weld joint fit up 1/16" (127.3E)
coupon that has a diameter gap between the end
of NPS 4 and is ½" thick? of a pipe and the
28. (QW-452.1) A welder welds an No, the nominal coupon bottom of the socket
NPS 6 Schedule 80 test thickness must be at least ½ used in ASME B31.1
coupon that is 0.432 in. thick. inch thick in order for a power piping shall be
He uses one welding process, welder to be qualified for " approximately ?
one set of essential maximum to be welded" 34. What are the ASME metal temperature range is 1,300-
variables, and deposits three QW-452.1(b) Inter IX-01-27 B31.1 PWHT 1,400°F; the minimum holding time is
layers of weld metal in that requirements for 10 in. 36 minutes
test coupon. Is that welder O.D., Schedule 80
qualified to weld the (0.594 in.), ASTM A
qualified WPS " maximum to 335/A 335M Grade P22
be welded? seamless piping
29. Stainless steel has? A minimum requirement of material?
10.5% Cr.
35. What are the ASME B31.1 quality Shall be of wieldable 47. What is the A-No. when (A-No. 8) - SA-240 grade
requirements for ferrous metal quality with a sulfur welding SA-240 grade 304L 304L has a nominal
backing rings used with process content not exceeding using SFA 5.4 classification composition of (18Cr-8Ni) on
piping? 0.05% (127.2.2a) E309L (austenitic stainless QW/QB 422 cross reference
steel 18CR-8Ni) filler metal? QW-442 A- numbers with
36. What are the ASME B31.1 Shall be within the
analysis % to get A#
tolerance limits for the root tolerance limits in the
opening of the joint for process WPS (127.3D) 48. What is the ASME B31.1 3/16"
piping? maximum weld reinforcement
for a girth weld pipe joint
37. What are the qualified position(s) All positions (QW-261.9)
with nominal thickness of
from a pipe groove weld
0.750 inch design
performance test in 2G and 5 G
temperature of 350 deg f
position, using SMAW for fillet
weld plate and pipe intended for 49. What is the B31.1 preheat 175 deg f (131.4.3)
low temperature service? requirement for NPS 10,
Schedule 80 (0.594 in.), ASTM
38. What are the requirements for Seal welding shall be
A 335/A 335M
seal welding ASME B31.1 power done by a qualified
Grade P1 seamless piping
piping? welder and shall cover
material when welding at an
all exposed threads.
ambient temperature of 0°F?
39. What are three mechanisms by Conduction, convection,
50. What is the critical cooling The slowest rate at which a
which heat can be transferred radiation.
rate of a weldment? given austenitized steel can
from the weld metal?
be cooled and not form
40. What changes may be made to a Nonessential variable undesirable microstructures.
qualified WPS without the need may be changed for
51. What is the F-No of SFA-5.1 F-No. 1
to re-qualify it? each process provided
classification E6020?
the WPS is amended or
by use of a new WPS 52. What is the F-No. of SFA-5.5 F-No. 4
QW-200.1c classification E8018-B3L, Low
alloy steel electrodes for
41. What elements in steel is the Carbon
shield metal arc welding.
most important factor in
determining hardness and 53. What is the intent of the To determine the ability of
hardenability ? performance qualification the welders and welding
test? operators to make sound
42. What examination technique The same method that
welds. (QW-301.1)
shall be used for repairs to welds revealed the defect in
during ASME B31.1 piping the original weld. 54. What is the maximum carbon Less than 2%
fabrication? (C) content of carbon steel?
43. What is a ferrous material? Metals and alloys that 55. What is the maximum 1.65% Mn
contain iron as the manganese (Mn) content of
principle component carbon steel?
44. What is a microstructure of steel? The structure of a 56. What is the minimum 70 Ksi
suitably prepared specified tensile strength of
specimen as reveled by ASME SA-516 grade 70
a microscope.
57. What is the nominal C-Mn-Si steel
45. What is anisotropic behavior in Mechanical properties composition of ASME SA-333
metals? heterogeneity grade 6?
46. What is a welding procedure a written document that 58. What is the part of a weld Unmixed zone.
specification? provides direction to the that did not mix the melted
welder for making base metal with the added
production welds in filler weld metal?
accordance with the
59. What is the purpose of To dissolve all carbon into a
code requirements.
austenitization when solid solution.
annealing or normalizing a
carbon steel?
60. What is the purpose of To ensure that the manufacturer 69. What term describes the Epitaxial solidification
the welder performance has determined that his welders process by which the liquid
qualification? using his procedures are capable metal initially solidifies at the
of developing the minimum crystalline base metal into
requirements specified for and the same unit cell
acceptable weldment. (QW- arrangement?
70. What type of variable is a Not listed as a variable in
61. What is the thickness 40 mm and under change from downward to Sec. IX (QW350,Tbl QW-416)
requirements for ASTM upward in the progression
A 516 plates when they specified for a vertical weld
are supplied in the as pass for welder performance
rolled condition? qualifications when using
62. What is the typical 2% to 4%
carbon content of cast 71. What type of variable is a Essential variable
iron? change in F-No. for welder (QW350,Tbl QW-416)
performance qualification
63. What magnification is At a specified low magnification?
when using SAW and GTAW?
used when performing QW/QB-492
a filet weld test macro 72. What type of WPQ variable is Essential variable (QW-354)
examination during a change in pipe diameter
procedures or beyond the range qualified
performance for saw?
qualifications ?
73. What would be the A-No. (A-No.1) SA-105 flange has a
64. What may be Radiographic examinations and when welding an ASME SA- nominal composition of C
substituted for ultrasonic examination may be 105 flange grade B pip, using and 106 has a composition
mechanical testing for substituted. (QW-143) and AWS A 5.1 E7018 of C-Si. ) on QW/QB 422
groove weld electrode? cross reference QW-442 A-
performance numbers with analysis % to
qualifications prove the get A#
ability of welding
74. What would be the A-No. (A-No. 8) SA-312 as a
operators to make
When welding ASME SA-312 nominal composition of 16
sound welds.
type TP 316 pipe using an Cr-21Ni-2Mo. on QW/QB
65. What minimum When test coupons are over one AWS A 5.4 E316 electrode? 422 cross reference QW-442
thickness may require inch 25mm thick multiple tension A- numbers with analysis %
multiple reduced test specimens me be taken at to get A#
section plate tension each location according to the
75. When a localized area in Semi hardened
test specimens for WPS rules of QW-151.1 for plate QW-
steel HAZ is a mixture of
Qualification's? 151.2 for pipe and qw-151.3 for
hardened and unhardened
turned Specimens. QW-151.1(b)
microstructure the steel is
66. What shall the PQR All essential variables QW-200.2b said to be?
include when notch
76. When a welding operator is 6 inches (QW-302.2)
toughness requirements
qualified by volumetric NDE,
are not mandatory ?
what is the minimum length
67. What shall the record of All essential variables. (QW-301.4) of the coupon to be
WPQ test include? examined?
68. What shall the WPS All essential and nonessential 77. When does a steel become After cold working .
include when notch variables. QW-200.1b anisotropic?
toughness requirements
78. When does a welder's ASME When the welder has not
are not mandatory?
Sec. IX qualification expire? welded with a process
during a period of 6 months
or more. QW-322.1(a)
79. When does a welder's On the date stated on the 89. Which areas of an ASME B31.1 Surfaces for welding.
performance qualification card, but must be no later weld shall be clean and free (127.39B)
expire according to the than 24 months following the from paint and, oil, rust, scale
Alberta Pressure Welders date it is issued. PWR 8(5)(6) and other materials that would
Regulation? be detrimental to either the weld
or the base metal when heat is
80. When is incomplete fusion When the length is more
defined as a radiographic than 3 times the width.
linear indications? QW. 90. Which code must welding ASME Sec II Part C
electrodes, filler metal and (127.2.1)
81. When is postweld heat Immediately after welding
consumables inserts be
treatment performed?
conformed to, for ASME B31.1
82. When is tempering heat After normalizing , after piping systems?
treatment for alloy steel austenitizing, followed by
91. Which document or documents PQR QW-200.2b
commonly performed? quenching.
shall be certified as part of a
83. When is The ASME B31.1 Shall be made with filler qualifying a welding procedure
requirements for tack welds metal equivalent to that and welder / welding operator
at the root of the joint? used in the first pass and performance?
made by a qualified welder.
92. Which heat treatment involves Normalizing
(127.4.1 c )
austenitizing followed slow
84. When is welding prohibited If there is impingement on cooling air to a temperature
on new ASME B31.1 power the weld area of high wind, if substantially below the transfer
piping welds? the weld area is frosted, if range?
the weld area is wet.(127.4b)
93. Which microstructure consists of Pearlite
85. When should final inspection 24 to 72 hours welding, with alternating lamellae of
be performed of critical NDE, to look for hydrogen cementite and ferrite?
welds on high strength related cracking.
94. Which of the following are lattice Dislocations, stacking
imperfections? faults, point defects,
86. When the term annealing is Fully annealing lattice vacancies.
used without qualification,
95. Which of the following defines a A specified or
which of the following does it
residual element in steel ? unspecified element, not
intentionally added,
87. When two materials with the higher temperature for originating in the raw
different P-Nos. are welded the material to be welded materials, refractories, or
according to ASME B31.1, (131.2) surrounding
what shall be the atmospheres used in
minimum required preheat steel making.
96. Which of the following is a Steel with no deoxidant
88. Where is the largest From the weld centerline to rimmed steel? added
temperature gradient in a the BMZ
97. Which of the following is killed Fully deoxidized steel.
weldment located?
98. Which of the following is not a Ni
ferrite stabilizer?
99. Which of the following is not Weldability
increased with increasing carbon
content in steels?
100. Which of the following is not Base material range,
required to be included on an WPS registration
Alberta welder's performance number, WPS/PQR
qualification card? numbers. PWR 6(a-1)
101. Which of the following is Columnar dendritic
solidification structure found in
weld metal?
102. Which of the following is the When stresses from 116. Wrought iron A mixture of low carbon steel with steel
primary cause of a weld metal welding exceed the is? making slag.
crack? tensile strength of
the metal
103. Which of the following is used as a Si
deoxidizer in carbon steels?
104. Which of the following is used for AL
deoxidation and for control of grain
105. Which of the following lowers Adding alloying
thermal conductivity and melting elements
temperatures of pure metal?
106. Which of the following phases is Austenite
located directly above the eutectoid
temperature in the Fe-Fe3FC phase
107. Which of the following statement is FCC (face centered
correct? cubic) structure has a
higher density than
Bcc (body centered
cubic) structure.
108. Which of the following terms is not Martensite
used in the Fe-Fe3C phase
109. Which of the following test is Tension test (QW-
performed to determine the 141.1)
ultimate strength of groove weld
110. Which of the following test positions 4F
designates overhead welding
without rotation?
111. Which of the following test positions 1F
requires the coupon to be held at a
45% angle
112. Which of the following will Mo
maximize the hardenability of
carbon steel based on mass
113. Which of the following would not Made to a coarse
meet the requirement for ASTM austenitic grain size
A516 grade 70? practice.
114. Which testing standard shall Charpy ASME SA-370 QW-
V-Notch impact test conform to for 171.1
WPS qualifications?
115. Who is responsible for ASME B31.1 Each employer.
piping welding done by personnel
and shall conduct the test
requirements to qualify or re-
qualify welders and operators.