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Recognizing the ME in Me!

Made a wrong 1_______ Pretty, pretty please

once or twice If you ever, ever feel
dug my way out like you're 20_________
blood and fire you are perfect to me
Bad 2_________
that’s alright The whole world 21_______
welcome to my 3_______ life while I swallow the 22______
the only thing I should
4___________, Misplaced be drinking is an
5______________ ice cold beer
Miss "No way it’s all good" so cool in lying
it didn't slow me down and we try, try, try

6_____________ But we try too 23______ and it's

Always second guessing a waste of my time
7______________ Done looking for the 24_______
look I’m still 8___________ cause there everywhere
They don't like my 25______
Pretty, pretty please they don't get my 26______
don't you ever, ever feel String ourselves and we do it all the time
like you're less than Why do 27_____ do that
less than 9_________ why do I do that
(why do I do that)
Pretty, pretty please
don't you ever, ever feel Yeeaahhh (ohhh ohhhhhh)
like you're 10__________
you are perfect to me Oh pretty, pretty please

You're so 11_______ Pretty, pretty please

when you talk don't you ever, ever feel
about 12_________ like you're 28_____ than
you were wrong Less than 29__________

Change those 13_________ Pretty, pretty please

in your head If you ever, ever feel
Make them like 14______ instead Like you're 30__________
you are perfect, to me
So 15________ You're Perfect
look how big you'll make it You're Perfect to me
filled with so much 16_________
Such a tired game Pretty, pretty please
don't you ever, ever feel
It's enough I’ve like you're less than
done all I can think off Less than perfect
chased down all my 17_________
see you do the same Pretty, pretty please
if you ever, ever feel
Pretty, pretty 18_______ like you're nothing
don't you ever, ever feel you are perfect to me
like you're 19______ than
less than perfect

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