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Aggregates Quarries in Egypt:

Lafarge Aggregates Quarries currently has 3 sites ( Attaka, Adabya and
Alex) strategically located to support all of Egypt.
Lafarge Aggregate quarries is recognized in the production of very high
quality aggregates. The dolomite aggregate sources are recognized as the
best in Egypt. The production process includes many screening steps that
produce excellent gradation, which allows Lafarge to consistently exceed
very strict standard required in road building, asphalt and ready mix
Lafarge owns a large fleet of Aggregates delivery trucks giving us the ability
to supply the highest standard of aggregates rapidly and on time in large
quantities as required for all size construction projects, road building,
asphalt and concrete production.

Quarries distribution and Production capacity

Attaka :1000 Ktons / year
Addabya : 1200 Ktons/ year
Alexandria: 800 Ktons/ year

Special Production
• Small Aggregates: with chemical content suitable for glass production
• Blasted Aggregates: which extracted from sub-surface deep layers
with better mechanical and physical properties.
• Washed Aggregates: with less fine and chloride ion content.
• Crushed Sand: which improve all in aggregates grading curve and
save binder materials.

Types of Aggregates
Aggregates size# 1
Aggregates size# 2
Aggregates size# 3
Aggregates size# 6
Products used in Ready mix and Precast industry:
- Aggregate 1 (Dry & Washed)
- Aggregate 2 (Dry & Washed)
- Crushed Sand (Dry & Washed)
Assured Compliance with:
- ASTM C33 – 13
- Egyptian Code : ECP 203 – 2007

Products used in Asphalt and Road construction Products used in Glass industry:
industry: - Small Aggregate (1 mm : 2 mm)
- Aggregate 1 (Collecting & Blasted)
- Small Aggregate (1 mm : 3 mm)
- Aggregate 2 (Collecting & Blasted)
Assured Compliance with:
- Aggregate 3 (Collecting & Blasted)
- Aggregate 6 (Collecting & Blasted)
- Armour rocks (from 4 tons to 100kg according to specifica-
Assured Compliance with:
- ASTM D448 – 12
- ASTM D692 / D692M – 09
- D2940 / D2940M - 09
- Egyptian Code : ECP 104 - 2008