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Edibles Magazine Issue 42
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Mention Edibles Magazine

Issue No. 42
Washington New York

The Legalization Issue

Edibles Magazine Team

Patrick Ian Moore

Chief Marketing Officer

Karin Clarke

Contributing Writers
Dr. Mike Heller
Dr. Sally Burgundy 10 Letter From the Editor
Patrick Ian Moore

Jack Paradise 12 The Birth Place of Cannabis: Kazakhstan’s Chuy Valley

Tommy Knowledge
Rachel Zemser
Rakafet Abergel
14 COVER STORY: Charlo Greene
Lessons Learned and a New Season
Siouxsie Q
April Flores
21 Fat Flower Media: Minorities in Cannabis

Jakki Hernandez

Graphic Design
22 Dennis Peron, Patient Advocate, Cannabis Activist,
Father of Prop 215, Passed Away Following Legalization
Savanaha Lamp 24 Making Edibles Sugar-Free

Creative Services Mgmt

34 Cannabis Infused Recipes (Pages 35-39)
Breon Bliss
40 The Top 10 Innovations & Inventions
Photography & Video Throughout History Using Hemp

Paul Tracy Photo

B. Le Grand 42 Editor’s Pick: Product Reviews (Pages 42-45)
That's My DeeJay
Michael Vegas
46 Everything That Is Wrong with California’s
Interested In Advertising? Current Legal Cannabis System
Call Or Email Us
51 Sex, Candy & Cannabis at the AVN Awards

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52 Q&A with Dr. Mike: Topicals


Edibles Magazine Issue 32

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

54 The List: Cannabis Infused / Hemp Infused
Meetup: Cannabis Infused Products Product Guide & Dispensary Listings
Meetup: Asian Cannabis Association


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Greetings my friends, advocacy will never be forgotten.
We also cover The Top 10
Innovations and Inventions Using
Hemp and the History of Cannabis
in Kazakhstan. Our own Siouxsie
Q was in Las Vegas for The AVN
Awards and let us know just what
was going on there when it came to
cannabis and edibles.
It’ll be interesting to see what the
future brings. Four twenty is only
a couple of months away and we
aren’t sure what will be allowed yet
so it’s hard to say exactly what we’ll
be doing in mid-April. Keep reading
this magazine to know for sure.
We’ve also got product reviews of
some truly new innovative ways of
medicating and it is fascinating to
see what science keeps coming up
with. The same great recipe section
is here as always and this time we’ve
We’re now well over a month included how to make cannabis
into the first year of Legalized butter at home to help you infuse
Adult Recreational Cannabis Use your foods perfectly.
in California, and what can i say?
It’s weird and we aren’t sure how We just got back from San Francisco
we feel about it. There aren’t a lot and this month we’ll be back in
of shops left and the edibles are Hawaii for The Hawaii Cannabis
getting weaker. There’s an extra Expo. Cheech and Chong will be
45% in new taxes and many of there too so we’re extra excited. It
everyone’s favorite brands are gone, has been interesting to see the vast
on hold or underground. This is the differences between San Francisco
Legalization Issue and we’re joined and Oakland in The Bay, and what’s
in covering what’s happening with happening in Los Angeles. In The
the always enigmatic Charlo Greene. Bay there are lots of legally licensed
We joined Ms Greene in DTLA on adult shops with lines going out the
the night of the extremely rare Super door and it’s a totally different vibe.
Blue Blood Moon, (the meet-up of
As always, smile at your budtender,
a Blue Moon, super-moon and total
tip your delivery driver, and know
lunar eclipse). She’s got a 2nd Season
your dose.
of The Weed on the air and she’s got
a great new line up of guests joining “Truth is not obliged to stick to
her every day. possibilities.”
Edibles Magazine Issue 32

Dennis Peron lost his battle with

cancer at age 72 on January 29th,
2018 and the cannabis world had to
mourn one of our most important
pioneers. It’s sad to see a legend pass Patrick Ian Moore,
and the work he did for patients Editor-In-Chief

10 Issue No. 42 I Page 10 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

The Birthplace of Cannabis: Kazakhstan’s Chuy Valley
Jack Paradise
The heartland interesting methods of extracting and manufacturing
of cannabis in concentrate, this story has been hard to verify and
Kazakhstan is the there wasn’t much more information to support
Chuy Valley, lying in it. Of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but it
between Kazakhstan doesn’t seem to be depicted much at all in artwork
and its neighbor or folklore that can be found.
Kyrgyzstan. The
Chuy Valley is a The primary birthplace of cannabis, Kazakhstan
large valley located in north Tian-Shan. It extends enjoys a vibrant culture of cultivation and use, as
from Boom Gorge in the east to Muyun Kum Desert well as abundant wild growth of cannabis. As the
in the west. The valley has an area of around 32,000 homeland of cannabis, the large and diverse Central
square kilometers, and borders Kyrgyz Ala-Too in Asian gene pool could be of huge importance in
the south, and the Chu-Ili mountains in the north. research as it may provide clues as to the plant’s
It is estimated that up to one million acres of wild early evolution and development. Furthermore, the
cannabis grows there, accounting for around one sturdy, two meter tall Kazakhstani type is an ideal
third of the available fertile soil and over 10% of backbone for breeding high quality indoor genetics,
the total area of the valley making it the largest and throughout the world, we are losing these land
cannabis field in the world. Chu River is the major races at an alarming rate to habitat fragmentation,
stream of the valley which helps make it all possible. eradication, and the introduction of foreign genetics.

Cannabis in the Chuy Valley can be dried and Cannabis is illegal in

smoked in the regular fashion, or may be processed Kazakhstan under the
into hashish known as ruchnik, which translates to Law of the Republic
made by hand, made by rubbing the leaves between of Kazakhstan
the hands in order to collect the resin. The resin is then No. 279-I, About
scraped off the fingers, pressed and molded to form drugs, psychotropic
sticky, dense hashish, and packed into matchboxes substances, their
to be sold. The hashish is renowned for its potency, analogsandprecursorsandmeasuresofcounteraction
and has occasionally been known to make it as far as to their illicit trafficking and abuse of them. This Law
Europe where it is often mislabeled as being made regulates the legal basis of state policy in the sphere
in Pakistan, although the majority is destined for of drug trafficking, psychotropic substances, their
sale in Russia as well as the Central Asian region. It analogs and precursors and establishes measures of
has yet to gain popularity or to make its way into counteraction to their illicit trafficking for the purpose
the US. Merkhet Sharipzyanov, writing for Radio of rendering the narcological help and protection of
Free Europe/Radio Liberty, published the following public health and state security. Prison in Kazakhstan
unusual story about the traditional production should be avoided at all costs. Dozens of prisoners
method for this particular locally made product: across Kazakhstan have injured themselves to
protest against prison conditions and their treatment.
“The most concentrated
and popular form of Kazakhstan may have a long and rich history of
marijuana is so-called cannabis cultivation but the lingering effects of the
"plastilin" (plasticine), Soviet Union make it difficult for anyone in the area
and the way it is harvested to benefit much in any way without serious risks
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

and produced has not and consequences. Riding horses naked through
changed for centuries. fields of wild cannabis to make hash is probably
It begins with a freshly showered person riding the most innovative production process i’ve heard
naked for hours on a clean, washed horse inside a of, we just aren’t sure it’s true. If Kazakhstan ever
two-meter-high "forest" of marijuana. Afterwards, finds a way to use their natural cannabis resources
the human body and that of the horse are covered to their advantage they could have one of the most
with a thick layer of resin mixed with sweat.” profitable and abundant natural cannabis markets
on the planet.
Although a fascinating tale, and one of the more

12 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

Charlo Greene:
Lessons Learned from The Past
& a New Season of The Weed
B. Le Grand

Charlo Greene is notorious in the cannabis no laws in place for medical

industry for quitting her job in a way so marijuana, Greene was fully
many of us want to, using language no one aware just by saying she was
will ever forget. “Fuck it, I Quit! She’s beenan owner she would have been
persecuted and appreciated ever since. fired, so she decided to take
action and go down in a flame
In 2014, Greene was a news anchor on a of glory.
KTVA station in Anchorage Alaska. As a
journalist she was held to a higher standard
of professionalism, that is why she was fully
aware by lighting up a joint live on air on
an interview with Huffington Post, it was
going to be the beginning of a new, “green”
chapter in her life. Greene said she felt a
“responsibility to the community” to offer
a dissenting voice from Alaska’s “Vote No After her interview, those
On 2” campaign, which sought to defeat a four words spread like
ballot measure to legalize marijuana, and wildfire, attracting attention
ensure “their fear-mongering wasn’t going around the world. But that
to be broadcast as fact.” decision did not come without
consequences. Immediately
Tired of the false representation, Greene following her walking off air,
decided to go against the grain and she was arrested by The Alaska
point out the poor vetting process being State Police Department for
conducted with cannabis related stories. “misconduct involving a
Noticing they never would say anything controlled substance.” The
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

With California cannabis legalization taking place, Charlo Greene shares her positive on air about the cannabis plant. police came into her club and

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

This fueled her to spark up and say, "Fuck confiscated everything. Charlo
message, not to be made an example of. She suggests not making yourself
it, I Quit!" recalled that on the first day
a target when it comes to the gray parts of the regulations. She thinks we police raided the club, an actual
should take Jeff Sessions threats seriously, and knows from watching other As Owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, a murder had occurred only two
social club where you could come to share blocks away that same morning,
states that legalization can make it not worth the cost of doing business.
medicine, because at the time there were just 3 hours before the police

14 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 15

reviews, sketches, interviews,
giveaways, original audio, video,
and articles.

The Edibles List team caught

up with Charlo Greene at the
end of January in downtown
Los Angeles on the evening of
the very rare Super Blue Blood
Moon, the meet-up of a Blue
Moon, supermoon and total
lunar eclipse referred to as a
“I have a biased opinion about Jeff
"blood moon" because the moon
Sessions repealing The Obama era Cole
turns a reddish color when it
Memo because of everything I’ve been
passes through Earth's shadow,
through and that I’m still going through,
making it an incredibly special
but I would take the guy seriously and
celestial event - so it seemed
do everything possible to minimize the
like the perfect time for us to
photograph and interview such a
The Cole Memorandum was adopted in one-of-a-kind individual. Charlo
2013 and is a policy of non-interference rolled some nice sized joints
with marijuana-friendly state laws
that offered protection from federal
prosecution for cultivation, distribution
and possession, and created a safe harbor
arrived at her home, making the Sessions repeal of the Cole Memo, she
for the cannabis industry to operate in
priorities of the authorities seem said, “I would take him seriously.”
those states.
highly questionable.
The ongoing lawsuit and becoming
"More than a dozen officers spent a target of a police investigation has Over the last four years since her
the whole day going through my tamed her rebellious spirit when it infamous, joint sparking send off.
belongings. Two years later, that comes to speaking out about the Feds Greene has been a prominent figure in
murder is still unsolved." and their stance on cannabis. the Cannabis Community for speaking using Empire $100 Dollar Bill
her mind, standing her ground and not Premium Rolling Papers with
Her case is still ongoing, so she Would she do it again? being swayed by mainstream media. organic top shelf flower donated
flies back for court appearances After her departure from KTVA, Greene by Janice Hardoon at the always
only, and otherwise she wants Charlo says, “Hell, no.” opened an Indiegogo campaign to raise reliable Koreatown Collective on
nothing to do with Alaska after funds for marijuana reform, which Melrose, and enjoyed some all
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

what happened. What seems to For the police to want to drag you raised over $10,000. She also worked natural gummies from Supreme

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

be the most hypocritical move through the mud, it’s not worth with the Minority Cannabis Industry Organics. She’s also shown on the
of all, is eight months after her anything that you’re doing. Charlo’s Association. In December 2016, Greene cover of this issue and in some of
arrest Alaska voted to legalize recommendation to those going through moved to Los Angeles, where she hosts the photos smoking a nice blunt
cannabis, and has legal shops the cannabis legalization change period The Weed, formerly The Weed Show. packed with Pharm Aide Farms
open now today. When asked in California is, “Don’t be made an The Weed is a variety show for the Blueberry Hash Plant greenhouse
what she thinks about Jeff example of.” cannabis community. It features news, grown light-deprivation buds.

16 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 17


The Weed is now in its second

season and features some
changes. The livestream is 1-2PM
on Facebook and Youtube and
has a new look as well. Charlo
mentioned one of the biggest
changes is, “I’m smoking a
LOT less now during the show,
keeping the product as polished
as possible and staying focused
on delivering the information
we’re tasked on sharing.” She
mentioned that keeping up to
date on the information can be
a challenge, “Because it changes
on a daily basis, so you never

dispensaries are at a high risk in the

current climate and there seems to be a
new era of rule enforcement happening
within the industry. A certain amount
of patience will be needed to see where
we’re really headed here in the Golden
Greene has been relatively State. Cannabis is now available legally
vocal on The Weed with her to anyone over 21 years of age but the
criticisms of Prop 64. For those taxes make it much more expensive than
not fully aware, The Adult Use of before and high dose edibles are being
Marijuana Act is the 2016 voter phased out. Charlo Greene is definitely
initiative to legalize cannabis in here to stay, but it’ll take time to see what
California. The full name of the the landscape she’ll be inhabiting is really
measure is the "Control, Regulate going to look like once the dust settles.
and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana
Act". It’s only been happening To stay caught up with everything Charlo
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

since January 1st, but so far there is up to and to see what she’s doing next, go
seems to be a fair amount of to TheWeedShow.co for new and archived
problems with how legalization is episodes of The Weed with Charlo Greene.
being implemented in California.
Greene is more guarded now and While she might be smoking less weed on
with good reason. Unlicensed air, we thought we should mention, her
and non-compliant shops and joint and blunt rolling skills are superb!

18 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

Fat Flower Media

Siouxsie Q

Milcah Halili and April Flores are on a mission to

make the mindful use of cannabis more accessible
to minority communities, which is why they
founded Fat Flower Media last year, a blog aimed
to help minorities grow beyond the glass ceiling
with the use of medical cannabis.

“We are a queer couple of color,” says Hilali. “April

is from the Mexican community, I’m Filipino.”
The couple spoke to me on speaker phone while
driving down the freeway. Flores is a Los Angeles
native and Hilali is from the Bay Area.

We talked about the necessity of the cannabis

industry to have a reparationaist agenda and
prioritize entrepreneurs from communities who
have been disproportionately affected by the war
on drugs. Fat Flower Media amplifies products
and services that share the values that the couple
believe in, which include cultivating a minimal
carbon footprint, investing in an inclusive and
diverse community, and limiting the use of harsh

Fat Flower Media also aims to educate their

readers about the healing properties of cannabis,
especially surrounding trauma associated with
the aggressions and micro-aggressions that queer
people of color face regularly.

The real life couple, who met while working

in the adult industry, say they fostered their
relationship while using cannabis medicinally
and recreationally together. Much of their blog is
devoted to how cannabis can enhance connection
and intimacy with a partner--from practical advice
such as, “Cannabis can help with lack of appetite
and can prevent fights,” to recommendations for
a sweet stoney date night with joints on the beach,
a shared edible, and some infused lubricant.

Fat Flower was founded on the belief that you can

be your best self “while being high as fuck” on
high quality cannabis, and the picturesque power
couple behind the blog are living proof of just that.

Issue 42 I Page 21 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Dennis Peron, Patient Advocate, Cannabis Activist, even offered space in one of his business, “Island”
a restaurant on the corner of 16th and Sanchez that
with the pronouncement that Peron is the
“Father of medical marijuana.” A title and
Father of Prop 215, Passed Away Following Legalization always smelled like pot. In his years involved in the
cannabis industry Peron was arrested 26 times but he
honor that Peron accepted with humble
gratitude and ironically, if it was about
Jakki Hernandez never saw significant trouble. Except for once during legalization he may have rejected.
journalist Bruce Barcott, while sitting in front a raid, where he was shot in the leg by an officer who
of Castro District Peron declared, “I came to was later quoted saying,” I wish I would have killed Although Peron was a proponent and
San Francisco to find love and to change the the faggot.” Words that only fueled Peron’s fight advocate for the medical use of cannabis
world.” “I found love, in my husband Jonathan against the bigotry and ignorance around him. In he was a staunch opponent to all the recent
West, only to lose him through AIDS, together 1978 Peron was sentenced to 6 months in prison after efforts to legalize it. Even taking his hatred
we changed the world through legalization being charged with possession of 200lb of cannabis. against taxing the plant to a personal
of marijuana.” It was his love for both the gay Sadly, it was during this time that Harvey Milk level when he left his job at Amsterdam
community and cannabis that he continued was assassinated. Proving the unfortunate reality, University. As the leaders expressed the
to spread his wisdom even upon his battle equality and acceptance had still not reached the gay intention of endorsing and funding the
with cancer. Cannabis helped his then dying community. support campaign for an initiative to
On Saturday the Medical Cannabis industry lost husband with the side effects from Aids and tax and regulate marijuana. His bio in
another relentless advocate. Dennis Peron, 72 lost now it was helping him with his appetite and This relationship was very special to Peron, Harvey Ballotpedia also mentions that in August
his battle with cancer on January 29th, 2018 sending pain levels due to cancer and in the beginning, was known as the, “Mayor” of Castro Street where in 2009, Peron expressed opposition to the
social media into a spin as every person that he believed it helped him with his depression. 1995 Peron ended up creating the, Cannabis Buyers taxation of medical marijuana, arguing
either knew him or admired him shared touching There was always a medical connection to the Club. This was the nation’s 1st public marijuana that other medicine wasn't taxed and that
messages of how Dennis positively impacted their plant. His story with cannabis starts as his dispensary. giving in to the idea of taxing marijuana
lives. In the cannabis industry Peron is an icon. deployment ends. was a compromise that would ultimately
With his love for activism and protecting others right harm the medical marijuana movement.
Dennis was one of the pioneers in recognizing the to choose both their medicine and their partner. Like
health benefits of cannabis directing the public to Peron once revealed he returned to the U.S
after his service with 2 lbs of cannabis strapped many activists their accomplishments are recorded In recent years, Peron even drove to
begin seeing the plant as the medicine it was. He and Peron is no different. According to Ballotpedia, Humboldt County where growers were
was the first to highlight its medicinal benefits in in his military gear, little did he know that
was the start of him entering the California he was a major contributor to 3 important cannabis already prepping their greenhouses for the
the early 80s during the Aids epidemic. His story propositions. commercial cannabis market and told the
is one of heroism from being a vet to advocacy cannabis culture. Shortly after arriving in San
Francisco he visited, Napa State Hospital for growers that tyranny and taxing marijuana
pushing for medical cannabis freedom in San Ballot measures meant giving up control and calling it
Francisco. Dennis Peron not only co-wrote Prop his Psych studies, where he met patients that 1978: Peron organized San Francisco Stop Prosecuting “recreational” was the worst of all, as he
215 he was the also the 1st in the nation to open up were admitted there solely because they were Marijuana Offenses, Proposition W (1978). Proposition put it. “It trivialized the plant.”
a public marijuana dispensary. Without the efforts gay. Peron is quoted saying, “during this time W directed the district attorney to stop arresting people
of Dennis Peron, we would not have had medical in our history, being ‘gay’ was practically for possessing, transferring, or growing marijuana. It Dennis Peron was one of our greatest
cannabis in California, which later paved the way against the law”. Many of the patients at Napa was approved by 56% of the electorate but was not advocates in this industry. His relentless
for Prop 64 adult use in California. In order to get were admitted by the court or family members implemented. efforts to have the government recognize
to know the legend, its important we recognize to a hospital with insane asylum standards to 1991: Peron organized San Francisco Marijuana cannabis as a medicine was finally observed
his path. change them into heterosexual Americans. Enforcement as the City's Lowest Law Enforcement when he was able to get Proposition 215
Peron learned here upon speaking with many Priority, Measure P (1991). Measure P was approved passed. It is from the compassionate care act
Prior to starting his infamous cannabis crusade in of the patients who were suffering that their by 79%. that we find ourselves where we are today
San Francisco and teaming up with Harvey Milk symptoms were eased by the use of cannabis. in the current, post Prop 64 culture. Peron
to protect gay rights, Peron was drafted in 1966 Peron felt a kinship with these patients, feeling 1996: Peron California Proposition 215 (1996) and definitely read between the lines and I am
to serve during Vietnam. Once Peron arrived he the stigma himself; being an Italian, church organized the signature drive to put the measure on sure he would be saying, “I told you so”
spoke of his military supervisors handing him going Veteran. He believed there should be the ballot.[3]Peron's leadership on Proposition 215 to everyone in the industry complaining
a gun, “I can’t take a gun, I close my eyes when I a place for people to obtain this medicine for was in memory of his partner, Adam West, who used about over taxation.
shoot” he stated with no hesitation. That probably whatever ailed them. Peron believed every marijuana to cope with AIDS symptoms.[4]
had something to do with him continuing the rest of cannabis user was a medical patient whether Dennis Peron believed cannabis was a
his time in Vietnam serving with the United States or not they knew it. In addition to the many ballot measures Peron took medicine. One everyone should have access
Air Force. His deployment ended up playing a part in, he also ran for Mayor of San Francisco multiple to and that, medicine should not be taxed or

Peron became a marijuana dealer after times, even once running for Governor, which he used as a tool to discriminate. Peron hated

Issue 42
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

vital role in Peron learning and connecting with his

Magazine Issue
deepest secret. Peron recognized he was gay while returning from Vietnam to San Francisco later admitted was just an attempt to get under his when officers would tell him, he couldn’t
serving in the USAF. As he served he would fondly in 1969. In the 1970s, he ran the Big Top opponent’s skin, on a grand stage. His opponent was smoke pot and that it was harmful and not

Edibles Magazine
look back at the month before he was deployed marijuana supermarket out of his home where the Attorney General who was responsible for one of a medicine. Peron once said, “You may be
where he visited San Francisco for the first time, met and developed a close relationship with the raids on his shop. able to control my body but you will never
a town that actually accepted him for who he Harvey Milk, who would later become the be able to control my mind.” Dennis Peron
was. Dennis promised himself he would return. 1st openly gay man elected into public office This past Valentine's Day, the San Francisco Board of thank you for your mind, your advocacy

In a 2014 interview conducted by acclaimed in San Francisco, CA. In the 1970s, Peron Supervisors gave Peron a certificate of honor along will never be forgotten.

22 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com

EdiblesList.com II EdiblesMagazine.com
EdiblesMagazine.com 23

Rachel Zemser

ost edible products on the market are high remove the sugar, replacing it with a fraction by
in sugar, like brownies, gummy candies, weight of stevia, you need to somehow make up
cookies, cakes and caramel popcorn. the difference. This scenario would call for using
They are popular with both the developers and a maltodextrin, a bulking agent that is made of
dispensaries because the high sugar content allows easily digestible carbohydrates that have very little
them to be sold and stored at room temperature. sweetness. They act as the carrying agent. Some
However, as the variety and type of edible options companies sell their stevia already combined with
increase, buyers are searching for lower sugar a maltodextrin already.
options so they can have their cannabis cake and

eat it too- and not throw off their blood sugar levels! altodextrins are great bulking agents and
Unfortunately, healthier lower sugar foods like while they are not exactly a sugar, they
vegetable smoothies, beef jerky, yogurt, and juice are high on the glycemic index scale so
all must be refrigerated and have a short shelf life. they can still be problematic for diabetics. Bulking
Edible makers are searching for ways to create shelf ingredient alternatives include sugar alcohol or
stable, diabetic friendlier baked goods with less soluble fibers like chicory root, inulin and inulin.
sugar. Sugar alcohols, also known as polyhydric alcohol

are natural sweeteners that are absorbed slowly
evelopers have lots of alternative sweetener by the body and have almost no calories. They are
options available to them. There are high sold as mannitol, sorbitol, lactitol and erythritol.
intensity sweeteners like stevia and monk These should be used and consumed with caution,
fruit, similar to sugar intensity sweeteners like sugar they can cause gas, stomach cramps and diarrhea
alcohol and soluble fiber syrups and non-sweet if consumed in large amounts. Soluble fibers are
easily digestible bulking agents like maltodextrin. high in fiber and low in sugar but have a slightly
All of these ingredients can be found online in bulk sweet taste. They do have calories but their fiber
or through specialty ingredient suppliers. They can content portion is not as digestible and can be
get pricey (versus the price of sugar) but they can better for those who are watching their glycemic
add sweetness to the product while allowing the index.
developer to lower the sugar content.

orking with sugar replacers involves
igh intensity sweeteners include stevia, some research and development.
monk fruit, sucralose, saccharin, and It’s important to find just the right
aspartame. These are all 100-600X sweeter combination of bulk plus sweetness to ensure your
than sugar and used in tiny amounts to add finished product tastes great and doesn’t leave a
sweetness to food products. Stevia and monk fruit high intensity sweetener aftertaste. Consider your
are natural and come from plants and are preferred market and those who you hope will buy your AVAILABLE THROUGH
sweeteners in the natural food space. Because stevia product. If you want your product to be diabetic
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

and monk fruit are so much sweeter than sugar, the friendly, try to avoid maltodextrin and explore
developer needs to use much less of it to flavor the inulin. Review your finished product with a food
food item. If your cake recipe calls for 40% sugar, you scientist and nutritionist to ensure you meet your
will only need about 1% stevia or monk to create a grams of sugar per serving goals. CANNABISBUYER.COM
similar sweetness. This presents a unique problem OR
of finding a way to add “bulk”—if your original If you're looking for a sugar substitute in bulk, see EDIBLEDISTRIBUTION.COM
cake recipe has eggs, milk, sugar and flour- and you GLG Life Tech's ad on Page 59.

22 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 26
26 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 27

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 31 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 33

Adult use recreational regulations have hit California and severely limited the potency and variety of
available edibles. There is only so much to choose from in the prepackaged legal market so making and
Avocado THC Toasted Toast baking your own cannabis infused edibles at home is more important and valuable than ever. Many
recipes will call for cannabis butter or coconut oil. It might be harder to find nowadays but can always be
made at home. It takes a little time but isn’t very difficult and there are a variety of different appliances
One 8-ounce ripe avocado, halved, pitted and peeled
you can get designed especially for this. In the meantime we’re adding in a simple recipe you can do at
Fine salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 slices whole grain or whole wheat bread home to go along with these other delicious dishes.
1 clove garlic, peeled and halved
2 tablespoons Cannabis Infused extra-virgin olive oil or
unsalted canna-butter, softened
Stoned Chicken Stroganoff
Flaky sea salt, for serving Ingredients:
Crushed red pepper flakes, optional 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
Instructions: 1/2 teaspoon salt
Mash the avocado with a fork in a shallow bowl until chunky. 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
Season with fine salt and black pepper. Toast the bread until 5 tablespoons cannabis infused butter
browned and crisp. Lightly rub 1 side of each slice with the cut 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
side of the garlic until fragrant; discard the garlic. Lightly brush 1/2 cup chicken broth
the toasts with cannabis olive oil or butter, and season with fine 1/2 cup milk
salt and pepper. Divide the mashed avocado evenly among the 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
toasts, and top with more flaky sea salt, more black pepper and 1/2 cup sour cream
red pepper flakes if using. 1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup diced onions
12 oz uncooked egg noodles, cooked as directed
on package
Chopped parsley
Ed Rosenthal’s THC Stardust Powder

Place chicken breasts in slow cooker; sprinkle with salt and pepper.
In 1-quart saucepan, melt cannabis butter over medium heat. Beat in flour with whisk. Cook 1 minute,
beating constantly. Beat in chicken broth, milk and Worcestershire sauce. Continue cooking about 3 minutes
or until mixture is thickened. Pour mixture over chicken. Cover and cook on High heat setting 2 hours or

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Low heat setting 4 hours or until chicken is tender and cooked through.
Shred chicken; stir in sour cream. Cover and cook on High heat setting 10 minutes.
Heat olive oil in 6-inch skillet over medium heat. Stir in mushrooms and onions; cook about 10 minutes or
until fork-tender. Stir mushrooms and onions into chicken mixture; serve over cooked egg noodles. Sprinkle
with parsley and Ed Rosenthal’s THC Stardust Powder just before serving.

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Carrot Cake Canna Cupcakes

2 cups sugar
1 1/3 cups vegetable oil
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 extra-large eggs
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
3 cups grated carrots (less than 1 pound)
1 cup raisins
1 cup chopped walnuts
For the frosting:
3/4 pound cream cheese, at room temperature
1/2 pound unsalted cannabis infused butter, at room temperature
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 pound confectioners' sugar

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Beat the sugar, oil, and vanilla
together in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle
attachment. Add the eggs, 1 at a time. In another bowl, sift together
the flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt. With the mixer on low speed, add 1/2 of the dry ingredients to
the wet ingredients. Add the grated carrots, raisins, and walnuts to the remaining flour, mix well, and add
to the batter. Mix until just combined. Line muffin pans with paper liners. Scoop the batter into 22 muffin
cups until each is 3/4 full. Bake for 10 minutes then reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F and cook
for a further 30 to 35 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool on a rack. For the frosting, cream the
cream cheese, butter, and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Add the
sugar and beat until smooth. When the cupcakes are cool, frost them generously and serve.

Sugar Free Baked Banana Oat Smoothie

Ingredients: 1 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 oz collard greens 1 cup ice
1 banana - peeled 1 Packet Ed Rosenthal’s THC Stardust
1 apple - chopped 1 Spoonful GLG Steviol Glycosides
3 tbsp - oats (See their ad on Page 59)

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. This
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

drink is very beneficial for your health and a great way to start
the day. Both apple and banana are fiber dense fruits (that also
provide a variety of vitamins and minerals like potassium,
magnesium, vitamin C, and antioxidants), and oats have been
shown to help curb bad cholesterol and ease blood sugar spikes.
Add in some collard greens (calcium and iron) and cinnamon (an
anti-inflammatory powerhouse)

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Convenient Home Canna-Butter
Ingredients: burning. As the butter melts, add your 1 oz. of ground
1 cup of water cannabis. This is a potent cannabutter recipe. For a gentler
1 lb. of butter, unsalted canna butter, add less cannabis to get a less potent ratio of
1 oz. of high quality lightly ground cannabis bud, or trim cannabis to butter. Keep the mixture simmering on low for
You will also need the following equipment: Container 3 hours stirring occasionally. Make sure it doesn’t reach
with lid, Twine, Glass a boil. Then remove from heat and let it cool enough to
or ceramic bowl, refrigerator and heat safe, Pot, Stove, safely touch.
Spatula Knife, Cheesecloth, Baking sheet or oven pan
Strain out plant material with cheesecloth Tie your
Instructions: cheesecloth with twine to make a lid covering your glass
Preheat oven to 215 degrees Fahrenheit. Buds should be or ceramic bowl or other container. Carefully pour the hot
in small pieces. Spread evenly over the surface of the pan mixture into your bowl while straining it with the cheese
and cover with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes. cloth to remove all plant substance. You can also use a
This is a preliminary step called decarboxylation: heating permanent coffee filter or mesh for straining. Refrigerate
the cannabis to release active natural substances, making for hardening Remove the cheesecloth. Cover the mixture
it much stronger. The cannabis will be light brown, dried and place it in the refrigerator for hardening. The butter
out, and the active ingredients will be concentrated. Add will separate from the water and you will remove it with
1 lb. of butter and 1 cup of water to your cooking pot and your spatula or other tool and place it in a storage container
simmer on low. The water will prevent the butter from for use. Dispose of the remaining water.

Baba Ganja Ganoush

rimmed baking sheet. Broil, turning occasionally, until
charred on all sides and completely tender, about 1 hour.
Eggplants should be very tender when cooked. Test near
the stem and bottom ends. If a toothpick or skewer meets
any resistance, continue cooking. Remove from oven and
gather up foil, crimping it around the eggplants to form a
sealed package. Let the eggplants rest for 15 minutes.

Open foil package. Working one eggplant at a time, use a

sharp paring knife to slit it open lengthwise. Carefully scoop
out soft flesh with a large spoon and transfer to a strainer
set in a large bowl. Once all eggplant is scooped, pick out
any stray bits of skin and blackened flesh and discard.
Transfer eggplant to a salad spinner, distributing it evenly
3 medium Italian eggplants (about 2 pounds total)
around the perimeter. Spin gently until all excess moisture
3 medium cloves of garlic, minced
is extracted.
2 tablespoons juice from 1 lemon, plus more as desired
3 tablespoons tahini Discard all drippings, wipe out bowl. and return eggplant
1/3 cup Cannabis Infused extra-virgin olive oil, plus to bowl. Add garlic and lemon juice to eggplant and stir
more for serving vigorously with a fork until eggplant breaks down into
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley leaves a rough paste, about 1 1/2 minutes. Stirring constantly
Kosher salt and vigorously, add the tahini followed by the cannabis

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Instructions: infused olive oil in a thin, steady stream. The mixture
If using a gas burner or grill (recommended): Preheat a gas should become pale and creamy. Stir in parsley and season
or coal grill to medium heat and place eggplants directly to taste with salt and more lemon juice if desired. Transfer
over heat source. Cook, turning occasionally with tongs, to a serving bowl, drizzle with olive oil, and serve with
until completely tender and well charred on all sides, 30 to warm pita bread or vegetables for dipping. Baba ganoush
40 minutes. Wrap with foil and let rest 15 minutes. If using can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator
the broiler: Adjust rack to 6 inches below broiler element for up to four days. Let baba ganoush warm to room
and preheat broiler to high. Place eggplant on a foil-lined temperature before serving.

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The Top 10 Innovations & Inventions Throughout History Using Hemp

Patrick Ian Moore
According to the Oxford English Dictionary,
the origin of the word “Hemp” is from the Hemp Seed Foods Hemp Paper Hemp CBD Isolate
The leaves of the Hemp fabric was smashed Hemp CBD Isolate
Old English word henep, originally hænep, is
of Germanic origin; and related to the Dutch hemp plant can be down into thin sheets to make is cannabidiol in
hennep and German Hanf. The OED defines eaten, but the part of the world's first paper. The its purest form
hemp as: “The cannabis plant, especially when the plant best known Gutenberg Bible, Thomas possible. In the
grown for fibre, or the fibre of the cannabis plant, for nutritional value Paine's pamphlets, and the crystalline form,
extracted from the stem and used to make rope, is the seeds. These novels of Mark Twain were all printed on CBD isolate crystals
strong fabrics, fibreboard, and paper.” We’ve small seeds are highly nutritious, containing hemp paper. Both the U.S. Constitution and the
essential fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals. are a fine white powder that only contains
been using hemp since the dawn of civilization Declaration of Independence were drafted on the Cannabidiol chemical compound. CBD
and continue to discover new applications and Hemp seeds also contain complete, high-quality
hemp. Hemp makes paper stronger and lasts isolate powder and CBD isolate crystals are
uses every day. Hemp might be a miracle plant protein and all eight essential amino acids.
Hempseed is considered by leading researchers centuries longer than wood paper, which could the purest, most powerful CBD available.
and may just save this planet some day, so be very valuable for people who want to keep
to be one of the most nutritious superfoods The CBD isolate extraction process produces
please enjoy, in no certain order: records aside from on computers.
known to man. a botanical concentrate that includes the
cannabinoids and fatty acids found naturally
Hempcrete Hemp Milk in hemp plants.
Hempcrete is a Hemp Seed Oil Hemp milk, or hemp seed
bio-composite Refined hemp seed
made of the inner oil is primarily milk, is a plant milk made
from hemp seeds that are
Hemp Rope
woody core of the used in body care Hemp rope was used
hemp plant mixed products. Industrial soaked and ground in in China as far back as
with a lime-based hemp seed oil is used water, yielding a beany- 2,800 B.C. Historically,
binder. The hemp in lubricants, paints, nutty cream-flavored hemp ropes were
core has a high silica content which allows it to inks, fuel, and plastics. substance. There are various options available used for climbing,
bind well with lime. This property is unique to Hempseed oil has found some limited use in the for sale including organic, non-GMO, and
production of soaps, shampoos and detergents shipping, fishing,
hemp among all natural fibers. The result is a conventional: unsweetened, original, vanilla,
lightweight cementitious insulating material as well as feedstock for the large-scale production horsemanship and construction. Hemp
and chocolate flavored. The essential fatty fibers make good ropes because they are
weighing about a seventh or an eighth of the of biodiesel. The oil is of high nutritional value acids, vitamins & nutrients that are contained
weight of concrete. Fully cured hempcrete because of its 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 strong, durable, resistant to mold and
in organic hemp milk provide a wide variety of ultraviolet light. The manufacture of hemp
blocks float in a bucket of water. essential fatty acids, which matches the balance
health benefits. ropes is more environmentally friendly than
required by the human body.
the manufacture of synthetic ropes. Because
Hemp Clothing Hemp Biofuel hemp rope is made from natural fibers, it is
Hemp clothing Hemp Fiber Bio Composites Hemp can provide two completely biodegradable.
absorbs and releases Hemp fiber is used most as types of fuel, Hemp
perspiration quickly reinforcement in composites.
biodiesel – made from the Fun fact: The United States Navy still uses hemp
and breathes The blending materials
range from thermoplastics oil of the pressed hemp rope today. It is superior in its strength and
well, absorbs dye
easily and retains such as polypropylene and seed, and Hemp ethanol/ durability to any other material. Historically,
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

methanol – made from sails also were made from cannabis hemp.

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

color well, holds polyethylene to thermoset
up to repeated washings and never needs fiber such as polyester. Plant the fermented stalk. Ethanol is made from such During World War II, it was mandated by
dry cleaning. Hemp clothing is naturally based resins from soy or canola are also used so things as grains, sugars, starches, waste paper the United States Government for farmers to
antimicrobial, is resistant to mold and mildew, that a 100% biocomposite is feasible. Applications and forest products, and methanol is made from grow hemp so they could use it for rope for the
and Hemp fabric gets softer, the more it's include automotive interior substrates, furniture woody/pulp matter. Using processes such as war. There is a 1942 short film titled, "Hemp
washed and worn. Hemp is also much kinder and other consumer products. Hemp fiber is gasification, acid hydrolysis and enzymes, hemp for Victory," that documents this, which was
to the Earth than conventionally grown cotton. also used to produce mineral based composites. can be used to make both ethanol and methanol. originally discovered by Jack Herer.

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F E AT U R E D Elite Vapes Peppermint Disposable Vape
Jack Paradise

Let me start by first
mentioning that this

The AeroInhaler
vape pen is a beautifully
designed little piece of
equipment. Elite Vapes
have brought the bling
Can You
Patrick Ian Moore
This product is
one of the more
puff. This inhaler is made with pharmaceutical-
grade components containing 100 puffs per
to the vape game and it
glitters like gold. This 0.5g
all-in-one disposable vape
pen is glass tipped and
Spot The
scientifically canister. Each puff dispenses 10mg of distillate gold bodied. The EV logo
innovative and packing 7mg of THC directly to your lungs with on the end lights up bright
advanced ways no heat, no combustion, and no throat burn. blue when you inhale
of consuming and the puffs and plumes
cannabis, and it’s It works by simply placing the plastic actuator come out in rich flavorful
certainly been a into the mouth and pressing down like any white clouds. It’s a serious aesthetic and should
long time coming. other inhaler. The mist is cold and you feel the be appreciated. I wasn’t sure what to expect from
The AeroInhaler tetrahydrocannabinol immediately. It’s a good the flavor but the peppermint was actually very
is a brand new feeling and is slightly different than traditional subtle and more like a pleasant aftertaste. The
device hitting methods of consumption. I felt very productive hybrid oil is premium distillate processed using
the market and after taking my initial 3 hits and was relaxed Co2 and a nice golden clear color that matches
probably the most without experiencing any heavy head or couch the hardware perfectly. The potency is just over
medical looking lock. The packaging is very childproof and a bit 90% and can start being felt within seconds. This
product we’ve seen. like solving a cardboard puzzle box. Exciting was a smooth and mellow experience that was
and futuristic, this space age design is the most thoroughly enjoyable. The Elite Pen tastes very
The AeroInhaler aerosol inhaler delivers refined modernized way of getting high you’ll find right nice, feels good and you look great using it. Sleek
THC , using pure cannabis distillate while now and it is thoroughly fresh and new just like and modern without exactly being subtle, it’s pure
maintaining the flavor profile by adding live the homepage says. California without a doubt. Go to the Elite Vapes
resin terpenes back into this product, making it website at elitevapesca.com to see what else they
possible to taste the profile of live resin with every Get all the details at aeroinhaler.com. offer and to learn more about them.
Chakras Pre-rolled Joints Utopia Peanut Butter Macaroons
Jack Paradise Siouxsie Q
Chakras are a new 1. Crown - Joy - Clear Sativa, Utopia Macaroons are a
brand of pre-roll 2. Third Eye - Insight - Sativa, delicious and healthy edible
with seven different 3. Throat - Expression - Sativa Hybrid, that not only tastes great and
types and strains 4. Heart - Harmony - Balanced Hybrid gets you nicely medicated,
selected specifically 5. Solar Plexus - Intention - Indica Hybrid but is good for you too. A
to correspond with 6. Sacral - Vitality - Indica raw and gluten free, vegan,
the different points in 7. Root - Grounded - Heavy Indica. non-GMO, cannabis infused
the Chakra system. edible you can feel good about
Chakras are each a full gram of organically grown eating. Utopia’s flowers are
The 7 Chakras are greenhouse flower and they burn slow and exclusively cultivated indoors
the energy centers smooth. with natural fertilizers and organic pest management
in our body which energy flows through. The techniques to ensure the purest products and it’s
word 'Chakra' is derived from the Sanskrit word All seven energies are fantastic and these smokes that same flower used to make these wonderful Cannacals TM By:
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

meaning wheel. Literally translated from the are just the thing for centering your inner self. This macaroons fully infused with top shelf THC.
Hindi it means 'Wheel of spinning Energy'. A company views cannabis as a spiritual tool and Sweetened with organic agave syrup and infused
chakra is a whirling, vortex-like, powerhouse of invite you to “meet your higher self” every time using cannabis rich organic coconut oil. Utopia is
energy. you use them. I was completely ready to do some available in chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate
meditating after medicating and some yoga for chip and peanut butter. I’ve found that the healthier
The seven Chakras, their energies, meaning and extra enlightened good vibes to go with my high. an edible seems to be, the faster and more effectively
their types are: See “what energy calls you” at www.chakras.life. I’m able to feel it begin working. Cannabis is fat-soluble

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Utopia Peanut Butter Macaroons cont'd

and the abundance and purity of the fat in coconut oil
makes a cannabinoid like THC extra powerful and
infused coconut oil might be the very best delivery
because as I’ve already mentioned, these treats work
quick and hard. They taste so good you’ll be tempted
to eat them all, so if that’s the plan try not to stray too far
Infused Edibles Organic Peach Rings
Patrick Ian Moore
Infused Edibles Organic
Peach Rings are a delicious
system for making edibles work at maximum effect.
Each bag has 4 macaroons and each is 50mg giving
you 200mg total.
away from your bed because you might be horizontal
before long. The Utopia website has a product finder
so it’s easy to find the location nearest you where
you can get some. Visit utopiacannabis.com and get
candy treat that genuinely
tastes like actual fruit.
They’re vegan, gluten free
and contain a short list
That’s a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol so be careful yourself a bag of these amazing edibles. of all natural ingredients:
Organic Cane sugar,
Nternal Micro Dose Cannabis Suppositories Organic Tapioca Syrup,
Patrick Ian Moore Organic Fruit Juice
Concentrate, Pectin, Citric
The Nternal are recommended for nighttime use. After the Acid, Ascorbic Acid,
line of cannabis insertion I actually kind of forgot I’d done that
and then remembered the Edibles List team was
Natural Flavor and Color Cannacals TM are:
suppositories Added (Organic Black -perfect for Baked Goods, Chocolates, Candies
is made by the signed up to compete that evening in The Big Carrot Juice Concentrate, -Gluten free
same experts LeBongski Bowling Tournament. It was only after Organic Turmeric). The CBD variety comes in 150 -Made with FD&C Approved food color
from Xternal we’d started to bowl that I even remembered I’d or 300 mg doses of hemp derived Cannabidiol. -Have an extended shelf life
brand topicals, tried it and then realized I also wasn’t desiring Each tasty ring contains 25mg of CBD. Nice to use -Affordable
sprays, balms to go outside and smoke so clearly something for minor aches and pains or stress and very helpful
and creams. I’ve was working. I hadn’t bowled for years and I when it comes to relaxing with a healthy snack
seen Xternal’s can’t say for sure that cannabis suppositories are that is also ideal for hikes, the gym, or watching
founder Ed Breslin speak on panels before and performance enhancing substances but I felt very movies. Try these along with the other organic
heard his company and product history as well relaxed and rolled a 165 the very 1st game. Our products made by Infused Edibles. Available
and I’ve always been a fan of everything from the whole team did great and we actually won the for purchase online at buyediblesnow.com.
analgesic spray to the thc massage oil, but I never tournament as well as the coveted bowling pin
expected myself to be a big cannabis suppository bong trophy and advanced to the Championship Sprig Sugar Free Soda
user despite how obvious the medical benefits game on 4/20 weekend. The medicine was Tommy Knowledge
clearly are. I rectally inserted one of the Nternal released slowly and evenly in a nice and steady Sprig THC has a new look
brand suppositories on a Sunday evening a few time-release fashion throughout the night. I highly and it not only includes an
weeks ago thinking I’d give it a try so I could advise giving these a chance especially if you’re improved design and flavor,
properly write an honest review. seriously suffering, though they can totally be but also a brand new sugar
used recreationally as well. Find out more about free version. This new option
These contain a full spectrum of cannabinoid them at makingyoubetterbrands.com and keep has zero sugar but 45mg of
profiles containing THC, THCA, CBD, CBNA, up to date with The Big LeBongski Tournament THC in every 12 oz can. Each
CBN and CBG. They come 5 to a pack and here: thebiglebongski.com. can is only 5 calories and is
Apollon Ringo’s Gift CBD Capsules sweetened using natural Stevia
and colored using organic
Patrick Ian Moore vegetable juice and beta carotene. The cannabis
Apollon is a very entourage effect happens synergistically making oil used to infuse the soda is safely and carefully
exciting new the cannabinoids work that much better together. extracted from California grown cannabis to ensure a
brand of medical
grade cannabis The ingredients are simple and only include: full
consistent experience with no unwanted ingredients.
Sprig Soda is an easy and casual way to medicate
Also Available:
products making spectrum organic cannabis oil, pharmaceutical and enjoy cannabis without smoking or having to -Commercial Sizes for manufacturers
some of the grade MCT oil, organic non-GMO soy lecithin, eat anything and is a great alternative to alcohol for -High Heat Transfer Sheets
-Customization & Branding
absolute best and and the vegan capsule is just cellulose and anyone who just loves the feeling of having a drink -State Specific Compliance Solutions
most effective gellan gum. This is real medicine and great for in their hand but would appreciate a safer way of -Home Kits for Home Chefs

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

medicine you’ll relieving a variety of ailments. Perfect to relieve obtaining a head change by use of beverage. The
find anywhere. severe pain and anxiety, aids in the treatment of flavor is fruity but subtle and reminiscent of sweet
This bottle contained 10 capsules that were each epilepsy, seizures, autism, is anti-inflammatory, grapefruit. If you’re a lightweight when it comes to
33mg so you have 330mg total. The cannabis used helps with insomnia, stress disorders, depression, cannabis, start with a third of a can and wait thirty
is Ringo’s Gift, a high-CBD strain that crosses lupus, arthritis, glaucoma, nausea and so much minutes. This is also a great product for beginners
Harle-Tsu and ACDC. It is named for the late more. You can read more about Apollon and who are new to cannabis and for pairing with a nice
Lawrence Ringo, a cannabis activist and CBD the Global Center of Excellence for Medical meal. Visit drinksprig.com for more info and find out
pioneer. The ratio is 12:1, CBD to THC, so the Cannabis Therapy at docsplaceinternational.com how you can be drinking Sprig of your own soon.

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Everything That Is Wrong with California’s the math here clearly denotes a 200% increase in
what the consumer used to pay $14 out the door.
will drive black market sales of high-dose
unlicensed products. Counties that have

Current Legal Cannabis System Literally half of the new $27 product goes to taxes.
Kiva Bars are a prime example which now cost $32
issued bans are cutting off access to home-
bound patients as well.
out the door for their 100mg bars which used to be
B. Le Grand
180mg. But what kind of market does that create if With the California Emergency Regulations
Yes, cannabis is legal, but at what cost? Besides involved. dropping in late November, only allowing
all edibles are 100mg?
small businesses being pushed out of the a month and a half to get legal and licensed,
We haven’t even gotten to the city, county, state
industry and manufacturers not being able to We can’t exactly be mad at taxes, everyone wants many producers and cannabis businesses
cannabis excise tax and state cannabis sales
find licenses available in their municipalities, their piece. Many, including ourselves foresee are scrambling to get their ducks in a row
tax, which all absolutely get charged to the
the main things wrong with the California state taxation being lowered as we have seen occur in or find a city that will offer a license. There
consumer at a legal adult-use cannabis store.
system is the tax structure, driving of the black the other legalized states over time. We’ve also seen are 488 cities in California, less than 20 cities
The exact tax rates vary from city to city and
market, patients losing access to their medicine Colorado issue a tax refund to Colorado residents have issued licenses.
county to county, but the range of additional
and the end of cannabis events. for a surplus of cannabis taxes.
combined taxes out the door goes from 24-35%.
That’s not a very strong foundation for a
CANNABIS TAXES Tourism is a driving force behind the lines around legal cannabis adult-use market. It basically
Let’s break it down so we can see the block at legal adult-use dispensaries. While
it in front of us clearly: puts a monopoly on adult-use sales for
A 15% excise tax doesn’t sound so bad, until out of towners don’t mind paying all the taxes and the few cities that had the foresight to
you do the math on the taxes added on to the increased prices, there is the rest of the population
raw cost of goods before they got to the retailer.
$7.00 edible 100mg wholesale X enact regulations before the state did, like
45% to retailer = $10.15 with taxes who were patients before don’t have the funds for San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego and
Let’s take for example a 100mg edible. Prior to the increased cost of their medicine. This leads us to Sacramento. If you’re based in city or county
2018 the wholesale rate on that type of cannabis $10.15 X keystone pricing (double our next two points of how these increased prices like Los Angeles or San Luis Obispo, you’re
infused product was about $6. The shops then from wholesale to retail) = $20.30 drive the black market and affect actual patients. for lack of a better term SOL (shit out of luck).
doubled the cost and you have a 100mg edible retail price before excise tax Many people who adhered to legal practices
at $12 retail, with some shops having charged PATIENTS AND THE BLACK MARKET
under Prop 215 and SB 420 prior to 2017
their taxes on top and some shops factoring the $20.30 X state excise tax + city tax +
Beyond the increased cost with taxes, there is almost are now faced with the reality of shutting
tax into the cost. county tax + sales tax (averaging a
no benefit to going through the trouble of getting down their business and waiting until their
total of 29.75%) = $26.34
Now, under the current state laws, cannabis your medical recommendation, state or county city issues official cannabis licenses or face
is taxed at every stage in the game, 15% on Let’s do the same math for a single card. The best the medical identifier gets you is 5% fines, misdemeanors and get blacklisted
cultivation, 15% on manufacturing, and 15% dose 10mg edible at it’s average off. The entire genesis of this program is based on for not being able to apply for a license.
(“on an expected 60% markup”) on distribution current cost: medical patients, so why would we tax cannabis as Even Colorado and Oregon had longer lead
activities. That means if a micro-business medicine when opioids and prescription pills don’t times to get the municipalities on board and
cultivates, manufactures and self-distributes, $2.00 edible 10mg wholesale X get taxed. Even in Colorado they offer a lower rate transfer to the new regulations. One and a
vape product and edible makers must charge 45% to retailer = $2.90 with taxes for state registered medical patients, and in Arizona half months to get licensed and legal when
45% tax to the retailer. If you just manufacture they actually acknowledge it as a medicine and do most cities were just waiting to see what the
$2.90 X keystone pricing (double state wanted so they could figure out what
and distribute the tax is 30% to the retailer. It's a not tax medical cannabis sales.
from wholesale to retail) = $5.80 their local government was going to do, is
flawed tax system because no one knows who is
retail price before excise tax Currently there is no difference in products if you’re just complete absurdity. We applaud the
responsible to collecting each stage of taxation.
in an adult-use store, and all edibles are supposed state for pushing through legalization, there
Furthermore, retailers always keystone their $5.80 X state excise tax + city tax +
to be 100mg. While tinctures and capsules will may have been better ways to do it.
markup, which is a 100% markup as opposed to county tax + sales tax (averaging a
allow 1000mg max dosages for medical patients,
what the state is estimating a typical 60% markup. total of 29.75%) = $7.53
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

there are thousands of patients out there that have So now you have small business owners,

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

With increased costs of licensing fees, I don’t know anyone that wants to pay $8 for found products and brands that worked for them some who have been in the cannabis game
compliance, attorney’s fees, and most especially 10mg. At that rate, it cost less to score opioid they have either already lost access to or are going for 10-20+ years, who now don’t know how
new child-proof, resealable, tamper-evident, prescription pills on the street. to lose access to. People with debilitating illnesses they’re going to feed their families and pay
and single packaged for each 10mg dose that require high-dose edibles will find a way their bills or employees. Some shops are
requirements, it drives the cost of producing up While some democrats predict the average to get their medicine regardless. Even Colorado losing business because they’re charging
severely. That $6 100mg edible just became $7 increase of cannabis products to go up 45% set their medical edible limits to 500mg. Making taxes and customers would rather pay the
at its best lowest possible cost before all taxes in the next year and level out down the road, your edibles will be the only option legally, which lower price regardless if a shop is legal

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Everything That Is Wrong with California’s

Current Legal Cannabis System cont'd
or compliant. Others are shutting down to HEMP CBD PRODUCTS
avoid the risk of losing the opportunity for
a license, while others are relocating their Outlined in Prop 64, hemp CBD products are
businesses to entirely different cities hours defined as non-cannabis products. If that is
away just to get a license. the case, then manufacturers would not be
allowed to produce hemp CBD products in the
Which brings me to my next point about same facility as a THC manufacturing facility.
finding a city allowing an event license. Distributors aren't allowed to distribute hemp
CBD products, but yet there's a shortage on
THE END OF CANNABIS EVENTS the chain of supply currently, so we are seeing
licensed retailers selling hemp CBD products.
It’s as if the state threw in the event licenses
It becomes unclear who will be the one to fulfill
as a complete afterthought and rather than
those orders after June 30th, 2018, following the
leaving it gray they wanted to regulate and tax
end of California's emergency regulation grace
events in this space. The fee for a state license
for cannabis events (1-10 per year) is $5,000,
but you must get a city to approve the event If the consumer can acquire hemp CBD
in writing, and it must take place at a location products from the health food store or any store
tied in with the Agricultural Association. In online, paying less sales tax and no marijuana
short, that basically means cannabis events tax, what would be the incentive to buy a hemp
can only happen on fairgrounds. CBD product at a licensed cannabis retailer?
San Bernardino’s National Orange Show Event There are thousands of businesses that are
Center was the most cannabis friendly venue in just dying to be legal and compliant but are
Southern California, but with San Bernardino’s stuck between a rock and a hard place with
recent ban on everything cannabis and no either city woes or lack of clarity from the state
potential for any legal cannabis microevent, it guidelines. While the kinks will indeed be
puts legal cannabis events to an end. worked out eventually, this is most certainly
the most uncomfortable time in the California
Even if the fees were more accessible and
cannabis industry.
local municipalities were open to it, issuing
letters of approvals, the state laws require that We were hoping that seeing what the other
only retailers vend or distribute at a licensed states did would give Californians the best
cannabis event. The reason anyone ever put advantage for creating the best cannabis legal
on cannabis events and bought booths was system, for arguably where the best cannabis
because the manufacturer was getting directly in the world is grown, sadly that's not the
in front of the consumer, cutting out the middle case. What we do know from observing the
man and educating the patient directly about transition in other legal states, is that we are in
their product. If a licensed cannabis event is for a wave of continuous change for the next few
nothing but dispensary retailers, what’s the years, making it difficult and costly to comply.
point and what’s the difference between doing
that and just going to a bunch of licensed shops The Bureau of Cannabis Control says they
(saving the drive to the fairgrounds)? To throw welcome comments and feedback from the
insult to injury, there is only one location in public and cannabis business owners, as they
the Bay Area that will approve a cannabis work through the details. Email them directly
consumption event, and one in Victorville. at: bcc@dca.ca.gov

48 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

2018 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Sex, Candy & Cannabis

BERLIN, GERMANY APRIL 11-13 at the AVN Awards
Siouxsie Q
VANCOUVER, CANADA JUNE 24-25 The Adult Video News Awards and the Adult Entertainment Expo, which take place
every January at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, is more than just the
largest gathering of adult industry fans and stars—for those of us who work in the
PORTLAND, U.S.A SEPT. 27-28 industry and attend year after year, it serves as more of a perpetual trial by fire that
is 20% convention, 25% family reunion, 40% senior prom, and 15% weird sex party.
The only way to survive the annual ordeal and come out unscathed by the infamous
“AVN flu” bug that claims dozens of new starlets each year, is to wash your hands
often, keep a stash of vitamin c gummy candies in your hotel room, and swap alcohol
for cannabis as much as possible.
While there are plenty of folks at these events who are happily sober, I personally
don’t recommend taking on such a behemoth of stimuli without a few medicinal
interventions, and now that recreational use has come to Nevada, cannabis products
are more accessible than ever in Sin City. For me, utilizing edibles, vapes, and good
old fashioned flower are important for mitigating the anxiety that often comes with
being around so many people, and topical CBD infused remedies help with the pain
associated with clomping around a convention floor in six inch heels for days on end.
I took the advice of thirty year adult film veteran Nina Hartley who told me
on the first day of the show how important it is to always walk to your next
location in flats and put heels on only once you’ve sat down to sign. I followed
her strategy as best I could during the Expo, but there’s no escaping the mile
long promenade down the red carpet for the awards show on Saturday night.
The International Cannabis Business Conference, The walk is long, and if you don’t have the right heels, or the right company,
with prior events in Europe, Canada and the you’ll get grouchy fast. To prepare for the main event, I was gifted some Threat’s
Aftercare Balm, an artisanal cannabis salve infused with lavender and arnica, that
U.S., is the world’s premeire cannabis industry transformed my tired tootsies and got me ready for the long high heeled hike.
destination. The groundwork the ICBC has put
On my way to the elevator, I ran into Ashley Manta, the Cannasexual, a sex educator
in place has become the foundation for the who specializes in the intersections between sex and cannabis. She was kind enough
industry’s strongest and most productive global to kidnap me into her room for a quick dab courtesy of Lemon Larry rosin from The
Hawgs Breath Company before the madness ensued. When I arrived at the line to get
networking event. in, I was greeted by a small gathering of Christian Evangelicals from the Westboro
Baptist church who had come to protest the event and to remind us all what disgusting
Returning to the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin godless sinners we were. Luckily one of my red carpet compatriots had smuggled
this April 11-13, the ICBC comes right to the heart some high dose edibles from 2017 in her purse, and we peacefully munched on bites
of a 1000mg Korova Bar while sending a friendly “Hail Satan” over to the haters.
of the European cannabis industry, capitalizing on
Germany’s new burgeoning market. Between the edible, the dab, and the salve, I was set. I made it down the red carpet in
one piece and even managed to make it onstage to dance with Lil Wayne right as my
Then it’s off to Canada just one week before edible started peaking. As I made my way up to my room at the end of the night, I
looked down at my high heels, still firmly planted at the end of my legs, and I felt like
national legalization, June 24-25 at Sheraton a champion. I had managed to avoid the fate of so many other young women who
Wall Centre in Vancouver, BC. were now walking barefoot through the casino, their blistered hooves crying out for
mercy. Nina Hartley’s wisdom from earlier in the week echoed in my ears.
The ICBC finishes the year back in the U.S., with an Aftercare is just as important as preparation, and in the days following the convention,
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

event in Portland, Oregon Sept. 27-28. I’ve been so grateful for the way fellow LGBT adult film performer Buck Angel’s
product Buck’s Balm has been able to bring relief to my inflamed joints and muscles.
All of these events will be instrumental in shaping This was my fourth time attending the event, and honestly it was the best yet. I know
the direction of their respective markets, so join us I’ve still got a lot to learn when it comes to surviving and thriving in the adult industry
as we ride the wave of global cannabis expansion long term, but this year I learned that flats and cannabis are absolutely essential to
the process. Though the Westboro Baptist Church may disagree, a weekend of sex,
at the International Cannabis Business Conference, drugs, and rock n’ roll can also be a time to reconnect with my community, grow
where the world meets cannabis! my business, and have a blast without totally destroying my body. The moral of the
story? Smoke weed and listen to Nina Hartley, always.


increase their dose without Microdosing allows you

Ask DR. MIKE about being overwhelmed by it. to maximize therapeutic
effects while minimizing
HOW DO I DO IT? side effects.

If you are smoking or
vaping, inhale/exhale a WHAT ARE THE
small amount, wait 15 EASIEST PRODUCTS TO
minutes, see how you MICRODOSE?
feel… If you feel your body An easy way to microdose

needs more, go for it. When is with something that can
taking edibles start with 1 - be measured in very small
5 milligrams, wait 2 hours amounts. Tinctures can
(I know this sucks, but be measured by the drop.
edibles have an extremely Edibles like Kiva mints, are
delayed response time) only 2.5 milligrams each
people are associated with early then take more if needed. providing another efficient
microdosing LSD around this time. way. Products like vape
But, it was probably Albert Hoffman, DOES DOSING TRANSLATE pen cartridges can also be
who not only invented LSD, but used BETWEEN SMOKING/ taken in small amounts,
it in small doses as a young man and VAPING AND EDIBLES? but it is a lot more difficult
encouraged this approach to others No!!! Not really. A 20 mg to know your exact dosage.
who used a potent medicine like dose of a vape pen is a much
LSD in very small doses. smaller dose than a 20 mg IS CANNABIS THE ONLY
dose of an edible. This is PRODUCT THAT PEOPLE
IMPORTANT? cannabis differently in your Indigenous cultures have
D O C T O R If you are new to it and you don’t stomach and in your lungs. microdosed psychotropics
MICHAEL HELLER know how much cannabis to take Be advised the effects of for wide-ranging reasons
you can FREAK OUT...Really freak smoking and edibles vary over the millennia. The
WHAT IS MICRODOSING? out...and not in a good way. drastically!!! concept seemed to reach
Microdosing is taking the minimum mainstream apex when
effective amount of a drug. Which IS MICRODOSING THE BEST WAY ARE THERE DRAWBACKS doctors recommended
means taking the smallest amount of FOR FIRST-TIME CANNABIS USERS? TO MICRODOSING? that persons over 50 and
medicine that can positively impact Yes. It’s the best way to establish a You may not get high...real sometimes 40 take a 25 mg
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

the physical or mental condition of aspirin daily to promote

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

baseline and prevent drug abuse. bummer right. However,
a person. Once someone knows the minimal starting small provides a healthy heart. While not
effective amount of an edible, vape a timeline for patients to psychotropic, small doses
WHEN DID MICRODOSING START? pen...really any cannabis product measure improvement of aspirin can maintain
It could be as early as 1960, numerous for that matter, they can gradually in their condition. healthy heart function.

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Type: 125+ variety of Gourmet edibles: Type: Vegan Sour gummies, Vegan hard
brownies, lemon bars, cereals, ice creams, candies, Vegan coconut caramels, salted
INCREDIBLES Potsicles, Squookies, Munchies, frozen caramels SUPREME ORGANICS
Type: Chocolate Bars, Gummies, Capsules, pizzas, crispy bars, butter and spreads, Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix Type: Organic Gummies, Fruit Chews,
Shatter, Vape Pens sugar-free and gluten-free options. TD MINTS Made with: Hash Oil, Alochol Based Tincture and Almond/Peanut Butter, Caramel VARAVO
Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Type : Confections, Hard Candies, Taffy Dosage available: Hard Candies - 100mg Chocolate Cups, Nougat Chocolate Bars Type: Chocolate Chunks & Vape Cartridges
Made with: Hash Oil Made with: Canna Butter, THC Vegetable Strain used: Hybrid or Mix (3.5mg per candy), Sour Gummies "Gomitas" Strain used: Hybrid Strain/Mix Strain used: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD
Dosage available: Varies by Product OilCanna Coconut Milk, Other Extract Made with: BHO Extraction 200mg - (10mg per gummy), Salted Caramels Made with: Secret Concentrate Made with: C02 Concentrate
Medical and Recreational Dosage available: 37mg THC-588mg THC Dosage available: 70-100mg - 100mg (20mg per caramel) Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Varies by Product
Available in: Colorado and California Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: ARIZONA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA

www.iloveincredibles.com www.heavenlysweetmedibles.com www.TDMints.com www.kannaedibles.com www.Varavo.com

Twitter.com/IncrediblesMMJ Twitter.com/heavenlysweetmedibles Twitter.com/TDMints Instagram.com/kannaedibles www.SupremeOrganics.com Instagram.com/Varavo
Instagram.com/ IncrediblesMMJ Facebook.com/T.D.Mints Facebook.com/Kannaedibles
IG: @heavenlysweetmedibles T
T Instagram.com/TDMints

INFUSIONS Gummies, Fruit & Nuts, Chamoy, HEALTHY HIGH
THE MYSTERY BAKING CO. Type: Infused Gum in Peppermint, Grape, Type: Brownies, Hard Candies, Caramels, Type: High Potency Fruit Chews
Jerky, Take N’ Bake Mixes, Type: Healthy, wholesome edibles
Type: Peanut Butter, Canna-Butter, Cinnamon, and Double Bubble Cake Pops, THC Capsules, etc. & Disposable Vape Pens Strain used: Hybrid and Indica
Honey, Hazelnut Spread (Budtella) Strain used: Organic/Hybrid Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD CBD Tinctures & Vape Cartridges. Made with: Canna Coconut Oil infused
Strain used: OG, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer
Strain used: SFV OG Kush/Indica Made with: Cannabis Extract Made with: CannaButter, Made with: Sugar Cane Alcohol Extraction StrainUsed:Indica,Sativa,HybridTHC&CBD with hig potency THC and CBD strains
Made with: Supercritical Co2 Extract Dosage available: 15MG per piece, sold Canna Coconut Oil, Alochol Based Dosage available: Sativa/Indica/Hybrid MadeWith:SolventlessDistillate&Isolates. Dosage available: Canna Coconut
Dosage available: 300mg - 400mg in packs of 5 Tincture, BHO Extraction (100mg), TKO (200mg), Recover (60mg THC Dosage Available: 75mg, 150mg, 300mg Oil infused with high potency THC
per 4 oz Jar Available in: OREGON Dosage available: 200mg-700mg +30mg of CBD), CBD (60mg CBD) THC Products available: California & CBD strains
Available in: CALIFORNIA Medical & Recreational Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA CBD Products available: Worldwide Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.KushyPunch.com www.HealthyHighEdibles.com
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Edibles: Cookies, Brownies, Honey Sticks,
Hard Candy, Gummies, Tinctures,
Chocolate Bars KOROVA
PHARM AIDE PHARMS Flower: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid KIND XTRACTOR Type: Cookies, Mint Chocolate, Brownies,
Type: High Quality Flowers, Pre-Packaged Vapes: Disposables, Vaporizers, Cartridges. ZASP CO. TO WHOM IT MAY CHOCOLATES

Edibles List Issue 42

Edibles List Issue 42

Type: CBD Broker, Hemp Extraction, Blondies, High Dose/Extra Potent, Gluten
Cannabis Bud Flower Topicals: Body Cream, Lip Balm, Bath Balm, Wholesale Sales, CBD Oil, American Grown Type: Cannabis Infused Drinks Free & Vegan Options, Popcorn Type: Nutty Truffles & Bold, Boozy Bonbons
Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD Massage Oil CBD Hemp Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid Strain used: Hybrid Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD
Made with: Cannabis Dosage available: Varies by Product Madewith: CBD Hemp, CBD Hemp Oil Made with: C02 Extract, Other Made with: Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Made With: Organic coconut oil
Dosage available: Varies by Product Available in: NV (Nevada Takes Out-of-State Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Varies by product Dosage available: 150mg - 1000mg Doses available: 2.5mg, 5mg, 15mg, 45mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA & COLORADO Medical Marijuana Recommendations!) Available in: Nationwide All 50 States Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.EvergreenOrganix.com www.ZaspCo.com
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T Instagram.com/evergreenorganix Twitter.com/ZaspCo

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The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
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Type: Pain Salve, Massage Oil, Sport Type: Pain Salve, Massage Oil, Sport FULLER LIFE REMEDIES Type: Organic Cooking Oils
Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Hash Bath, GOD’S GIFT BOTANICALS Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Hash Bath, Strain Used: Organic Hybrid
Lip Balm, Skin Products, Topical DRAGON BALM Type: All Natural Cannabis Infused Pain Lip Balm, Skin Products, Topical Type: Balms, Tinctures, Topicals, Lotions, Made with: Organic GMO-free Canola Oil,
Tincture, First Aid Ointment Type: Medicated Topicals Salve, Topical Products, Cucumber Cannabis Tincture, First Aid Ointment Creams, Cooking Oil, Female Lubricants, Organic Coconut Oil
Strain used: Hybrid Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Body Scrub, Coffee Cellulite Scrub, Lip Balms Strain used: Hybrid Sexual Enchancers, Serums, Pet Products Dosage: Serving size: 1 tsp OCCO-Organic
Made with: Canna Olive Oil Made with: Trim, Canna Infused Oil Strain used: Hybrid, CBD Made with: Canna Olive Oil Strain used: Hybrid or Mix, CBD Cannabis Canola Oil, THC 25mg, Serving size:
Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Very High, Various Made with: Coconut oil, Cannabis Oil Dosage available: Varies by Product Made with: Other Extract 1/4 tsp CANNA*COCO*BIS, THC 18.5mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.CannaTopics.com www.CannaTopics.com
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Type: THC & CBD Vape Cartridges, Indica Type: Auto Draw Vaporizer Type: THC & CBD Vape Cartridges, Indica Shop Name: Speed Weed Delivery Service
& Sativa, Wax, Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes & Sativa, Wax, Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls Phone Number: 888.860.8472
Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Disposable cartridge: Yes Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Hours: 11am-2am Daily
510 Threading: Yes 510 Threading: Yes 510 Threading: Yes Free Overnight or Same Day Delivery
Strains used: Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, OG Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Strains used: Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, OG Menu Includes:
Kush, Super Silver Haze Strain Specific Flavors like Skywalker OG, Kush, Super Silver Haze • Flowers • Vapes First Time
Made with: Co2 Oil, Full Spectrum Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue Made with: Co2 Oil, Full Spectrum • Edibles • Concentrates Patients:
Terpenes, Kief Made with: Clear Terpenes, Kief • CBD • Clones Receive a
Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: 1000mg THC Dosage available: Varies by Product • Tinctures • Loyalty Special
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA • Bath Soaks Program Gift Bag!
www.SublimeCo2.com Instagram.com/BrassKnucklesOG www.SublimeCo2.com Instagram.com/SpeedWeedProducts
Instagram.com/Sublimeco2 MassRoots.com/BrassKnucklesOG Instagram.com/Sublimeco2 Twitter.com/SpeedWeed
brassknucklesog@gmail.com Facebook.com/SpeedWeedLA

Extracts 2015 Hempcon Winner, 2015 Dab Cup Winner
Type: Push Button & Direct Inhale Vaporizer GREEN FIEND DELIVERY BARC
Cartridge sold separate: Yes Shop Name: Green Fiend Delivery Shop Name: Beverly Alternative Relief Center
HONEY TREE MEDICINAL Location: Delivery Only Loc: 432 S. San Vicente Blvd. Suite #100, LA
ALOHA EXTRACTS Disposable cartridge: Yes Type: Full Plant Extracts, Activated Co2 San Francisco - San Jose, CA
Type: Full Plant Extracts, OG Kush 510 Threading: Yes Phone Number: 855.227.2420
Oils, Terpene Rich Vapes,Disposables, Phone Number: (585)-420-7770
Shatter, Crumble Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Lotions, Pens, Tinctures Hours: 11am-8pm M-S, Sun 11am-6pm

Edibles List Issue 42

Edibles List Issue 42

Strain Used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, THC, Strain Specific Flavors like Skywalker OG, Hours: 24/7 Daily Menu Includes:
Strain Used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, THC, First Time
OG KUSH Green Crack, GSC, Fire OG, GDP. CBD, Trainwreck, Gorilla Glue, Durban ASK FOR THE TURKEY PROMO! • Flowers • Bath Soaks
Menu Includes: Patients:
Made with: BHO, CO2 Made with: Clear/Co2 Made with: Pure Ethanol Extract • Edibles • Vapes Receive a
Dosage available: Half Grams & Grams Dosage available:500mg THC/300mg CBD Dosage available: 100mg - 500mg • Flowers • Topicals • Vapes • CBD • Concentrates Top-Shelf
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA • Edibles • Tinctures • Concentrates • Tinctures • Clones Free Joint!
www.WVapes.com Instagram.com/BARC_Collective
Instagram.com/WVapes www.GFD420.com
info@edibledistribution.com Facebook.com/WVapes Instagram.com/honeytreemedicinal Twitter.com/BARCCollective
Facebook.com: BARC Collective

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The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
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ULTRASONICS Mainstream Media

for Cannabis Acknowledges Cannabis
Safety is About User
Megyn Kelly
at the TODAY
Show on NBC
recently covered a
segment with Jacob
Soboroff covering
California's Green
B. Le Grand
Rush. Jacob goes to
Create translucent NANOEMULSIONS Desert Hot Springs interviewing new licensees
with Sonication to infuse cannabinoids and reporting on the increase in "green zoned" real
into beverages and edibles. estate. In the last minute of the segment, Megyn
acknowledges that cannabis safety, regardless of
203.426.0101 packaging, is about user responsibility. She uses
sonicator.com my favorite analogy about how guns are allowed
in our homes, and it's up to the parents to keep
their children safe.

18_Qsonica_Edibles_Ad_4.32W x 5.63H_v1.indd 1 1/19/18 1:16 PM

This appears to be a major windfall of overall
cannabis acceptance especially after Jeff Sessions
repealed the Cole Memo, revoking protections
from the Obama era for Federal prosecution
in states with medical marijuana regulations.
Cannabis has become quite the hot topic.
Last week Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to
MedMen in West Hollywood to check out their
recreational store, licensed and legal for adult
use cannabis purchases.
Netflix also premiered a documentary titled "The
Legend of 420," which features all of our friends in
the industry and gives a great 101 to the start of the
end of prohibition, but fails to ever tell you about
the actual Legend of 420 and how that started.
We are going to start seeing an influx of celebrity
names and more mainstream acceptance now
that legalization is taking place in California.
I refer to it in the current tense as most of the
industry is going through a growing pain phase
where only a handful of cities are actually online
for adult-use.

Issue 42 I Page 59 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Edibles Magazine Issue 42

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 61

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 63

Edibles Magazine Issue 42

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 65

Dr. Norms

B. Le Grand
The citizen-sponsored initiative prohibits growing
cannabis in residential zones, authorizes and
regulates medical marijuana dispensaries, and
limits commercial cultivation sites to industrial
and manufacturing zones with a permit issued
by the city. Opponents said the measure doesn’t
do enough to protect the community, while the
supporters said Measure U will provide oversight
and transparency.

La Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,

and banned the cultivation and manufacturing
of medical marijuana, and the operation of
The citizen-sponsored initiative prohibits growing
cannabis in residential zones, authorizes and
regulates medical marijuana dispensaries, and
limits commercial cultivation sites to industrial
and manufacturing zones with a permit issued
by the city. Opponents said the measure doesn’t
do enough to protect the community, while the
supporters said Measure U will provide oversight
and transparency.

La Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,

and banned the cultivation and manufacturing

Edibles List Issue 42

of medical marijuana, and the operation of La
Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,
and banned the cultivation and manufacturing of
medical marijuana, and the operation of anned the
cultivation and manufacturing of medical

Issue No. 42 I Page 80 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 67

Certified Nutrition
CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail
Edibles Magazine Issue 42

68 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com