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To the Madbar and Back Again
Studies in the languages, archaeology, and cultures of Arabia
dedicated to Michael C.A. Macdonald
by Laïla Nehmé (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - CNRS), and Ahmad Al-
Jallad (Leiden University).

  Michael C.A. Macdonald is one of the great names of Arabian Studies. He pioneered the
field of Ancient North Arabian and made invaluable contributions to the history of Arabia
and the nomads of the Near East, their languages, and their scripts. This volume gathers
thirty-two innovative contributions from leading scholars in the field to honor the career
› December 2017
of Michael C.A. Macdonald, covering the languages and scripts of ancient Arabia, their
› Hardback (approx. xxxvi, 756 pp,
history and archaeology, the Hellenistic Near East, and the modern dialects and languages
of Arabia. The book is an essential part of the library of any who study the Near East, its
› ISBN: 9789004356122
languages and its cultures.
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› E-ISBN: 9789004357617
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› Studies in Semitic Languages All interested in languages and history of the Arabian Peninsula and the Hellenistic and
and Linguistics, 92 Roman Near East.
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