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Laguna State Polytechnic University



An Outcomes-Based Learning Program


VISION: The Laguna State Polytechnic University is a Center for Sustainable

Development transforming lives and communities.
MISSION: LSPU provides quality education through responsive instruction,
distinctive research, and sustainable extension and production services for improved
quality of life towards nation building.

QUALITY POLICY: We, at LSPU are committed with continual improvement to

provide quality, efficient and effective services to the University’s stakeholder’s
highest level of satisfaction through a dynamic and excellent management system imbued
with utmost integrity, professionalism and innovation.


COURSE: Semester: 1st,


Rationale: This course is designed to introduce students to the activity and process of
philosophical reflection as a search for a synoptic vision of life.
Focus: Formed in students the meaning and method of philosophy in relation to the human
person as an embodied being in the world and the environment and grasp an
understanding of philosophy within the context of the human person as free,
intersubjective, immersed in society and oriented towards death.

Outcome: The students will be able to demonstrate a capacity for a critical and analytical
reflection from the perspective of a holistic and profound vision of life.
Part 2. Outcomes-Based Macro Curriculum Framework

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOS)

Program (PILOS)
Institutional (IILOs)
( CMOs) Course (CILOs)
When you successfully When you
LSPU Graduate Attributes complete The Bachelor of successfully
Science in Office complete
An LSPU Graduate is expected to
Administration (BSOA) based Philosophy of Man,
be a:
on CMO 22 Series of 2006
you will be able to:
you will be able to:
Reflect on a
1. Responsible and Inculcate professional concrete
Upright Citizen, who is experience in a
capable of achieving high level values, ethics and standards
philosophical way.
personal well-being to become role models of Demonstrate the
contributive to the harmony
and betterment of the
society. virtues of prudence
profession, family, society and and frugality
nation. towards the
Demonstrate critical ability
to become an Office
Supervisor/ Manager that Performs activities
coordinates with various that demonstrate
2. Compassionate office services, an appreciation for
Leader, who is an advocate communicates effectively the talents of
of good governance and with people of diverse persons with
quality management for a cultures from different levels disabilities and
quality life. in different in both oral and those from the

in written forms, supervises underprivileged

office administrative staff sectors of society.
and performs basic
accounting functions.
3. Demonstrate the ability to
become Executive Assistant
who performs administrative
duties for executive Distinguish his/her
3. Professionally Skilled,
as: own limitations and

who applies technology as management such

the possibilities for
worker-leader in the field of making travel and meeting his/her
expertise apt to the global
needs. arrangement, training and transcendence.
supervising support staff,
preparing reports and
financial data.
4. Demonstrate skills as
Administrative Assistant/
Department Assistant/
Coordinator that performs
administrative and office
support activities for
4. Effective multiple supervisors such as:
Show situations
Communicator, who is transferring calls, receiving
proficient in the exchange of
that demonstrate
information orally and in and directing visitors, freedom of choice
writing both in English and in encoding, filing and faxing, and the
Filipino in interpreting, consequence of
expressing and negotiating performs jobs as multimedia choices.
meanings in relevant settings researcher, coordinates
for lifelong learning.
video conferencing function
such as: preparing schedules
sites, procuring equipment
and hosting conferences and
coordinates various office
support services.

Evaluate opinions,
5. Creative & Critical Demonstrate Skills in
the formation of
Thinker, who articulates and Clerk/Encoder, Bookkeepers, human
produces entrepreneurial Stenographer/Transcriber,
relationships and
resources extended to families Call Center Agent and
and community for how individuals are
Customer Relation
improvement. shaped by their
social contexts.
6. Competent Research Demonstrate the ability to Write a

Oriented Individual, who philosophical

is able to analyze facts
carry out educative
functions in forming reflection on the
methodically, discover and
establish new theory to use in entrepreneurial and self- meaning of his/her
solving problems and decision employment opportunities own life.
making contributory to the such as: Free-lance
sustainability of the needs of
the community.
stenographer and encoder.

PART 3. Teaching and Learning Matrix

Intended Learning Course Contents Learning Activities Assessment Time

Outcomes (ILOs) Tasks Frame
ILO 1. Recognize the a. Doing Professional Write a 6 hrs.
meaning and process Philosophy lectures, reflection
of doing philosophy paper based
(CILO 1, 5) Buzz sessions on his/her
Dimensional concrete
question approach experience as
ILO 2. Demonstrate b. Methods of Professional Analysis of a
various ways of doing philosophizing lectures, situation that 6 hrs.
philosophy. show the
(CILO 5,6) Buzz sessions difference
Dimensional between
question approach opinion and
ILO 3. Grasp a c. The Human Professional Conduct a 6 hrs.
concrete Person as An lectures, simple
understanding of the
Embodied Spirit interview
human person as an
embodied spirit. Buzz sessions regarding a
Dimensional person’s
(CILO 3,4,5,6) question approach experiences of
hardships and
victories and
write an
insight on it.
ILO 4. Assess the d. The Human Professional Write an 9 hrs.
interplay between Person in their lectures, article on
humans and their Environment
. Buzz sessions and
(CILO 1) Dimensional conservation
question approach of

Term Exam
(written and
ILO 5. Examine e. Freedom of the Professional Make a poem 6 hrs.
human person’s Human Person lectures, or skit
Buzz sessions freedom of
(CILO 5,6)
Dimensional choice and the
question approach consequences
of such choice.
ILO 6. Interpret the f. Intersubjectivity Professional Digital collage 6 hrs.
intersubjective lectures, depicting a
Buzz sessions
human relations. talent of
(CILO 2,6) person with
disability or
sectors of

ILO 7. Examine the g. The Human Professional Historical 6 hrs

interplay between Person in Society lectures, sketch of
Buzz sessions
the individuality of different
human beings and forms of
social contexts. societies and
(CILO 5) individualities.
ILO 8. Describe the h. Human Persons Write a 9 hrs
human beings as as Oriented philosophical
Towards their
oriented towards reflection on
their impending Death the meaning
death. of his/her own
(CILO 6 life.
Term Exam
(written and

Dy, Manuel, Jr., Philosophy of Man

MATERIALS: LCD, Laptop, slide presentations, board marker/white board.


Attendance ……………………… 10%

ILO 1:
ILO 2:
ILO 3:
ILO 4:
ILO 5:
ILO 6:
ILO 7:
ILO 8:



Midterm 20%
Final 20%

100% Total

Part 6. Course Policies

1. Regular attendance is required for all students 3 unexcused absences will mean
automatically dropped from the subject.

2. Wearing of the University student’s ID and uniform at all times is required for all the
students except when having field activities.
3. Active Participation individually and in group is expected.

4. Tardiness is equivalent to one day absence.

5. Student shall abide the instructor/ professor’s policy on the submission of learning
outputs based on the metrics and deadlines given.
Prepared by: Noted: Conforme: Approved:

Faculty: Rolando R. Allegro C. Acero Rolando R. Zeryl Joy M.

Cruzada,Jr. Cruzada,Jr. Fiscal
Mobile:09128266169 Science/Humanities/Gen.
Email: Education Coordinator Chairperson, Assoc. Dean-
rockycruzada@yahoo.com CIDQA CAS