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Lesson Plan Template – ED 3501 (Version C)

Passing and Moving Date February 1st, 2018
Grade Level Grade 10 50 Minutes
Physical Education [Goalball] Teacher


A10-5 Apply and refine manipulative skills and concepts - effort, space and relationships - to perform
and create a variety of activities to improve personal performance.
Learning B10-2 Demonstrate, monitor, analyze and reflect upon ways to achieve a personal functional level of
Outcomes: physical fitness.

C10-1 Communicate thoughts and feelings in an appropriate respectful manner as they relate to
participation in physical activity.

Students will:
1. Appreciate how senses are pivotal to participation within visually impaired sports.
2. Demonstrate affective communication skills in guiding a visually impaired partner.
3. Demonstrate their understanding of in game principles related to Goalball.
• PHAC 3060 Lesson Notes. • 10 footballs
• Set of cones (at least 30)
• Set of Pylons (at least 10)
• 4 Pinnies
• 2 Hula Hoops
• 6-8 blindfolds
• 6-8 Students
• Teacher will ensure that the gym is clear of any equipment from previous lessons
and/or any potential hazards.
Prior to lesson • Teacher will ensure that all equipment is ready to go before lesson begins.
• Teacher will have initial course set up.
Introduction Assessment
Formative Assessment
• Students are expected to:
1. Are the students
▪ Be appropriately dressed for participation
acting in a respectful
within physical education. (This includes
Expectations for manner whilst
athletic clothing and runners)
Learning and Behaviour participating in Goal
▪ Show an appreciation and willingness to
participate within visually impaired sports.
More Specifically, goal ball.
• The teacher will be stood by entrance to the gym as the
students are walking into class. The teacher will hand
Formative Assessment
out pinnies to half of the participants. The other half will
1. )Are the students
simply be shirts.
appropriately dressed
• This is an example of low management time, by having
for participation?
Walk in / Attendance them wear the pinnies already they will already be in
their groups for both upcoming activities.
Transition to Body Formative Assessment
• When all of the participants are in the gym, the teacher
(2 minutes) 1.) How many of the
will call them over to begin the lesson. (Students will
students have played
already be in gym from previous activity, therefore this
goal ball before?
will be quick).

Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 1

Lesson Plan Template – ED 3501 (Version C)
• "Alright everybody, how are we all? Glad to hear it!"
• "Today we will be introducing you to the sport of goal
ball. This is a sport that is specifically designed for the
visually impaired, however, you do not need to be visually
impaired too fully participate.
• "Show of hands, has anyone ever played this game
Learning Activity #1 (15 minutes) Assessment
• "To start off with today we will have you participating in
a simple obstacle course. Let's get the pinnie team lined
up behind student X on that cone, and the non-pinnies
lined up behind student Y on that cone." Guide visually
impaired students over to cone with verbal
Obstacle Course directions/physical guidance
(Teaching Games for • The teacher will be demonstrating the course whilst
Understanding Approach) explaining the following rules.
• "Starting on this cone, when I say Go, you will be running
as fast as you can through the cones like this. When you Formative Assessment
reach the end, you will pick up one of these cones, and run 1.) Are the students
back through the pylons. Once you get to the end, you will listening to the
drop the cone in the pylon like so. But here is the catch, instructions?
for this activity, everyone will be blindfolded. You will 2.) Have the students
have a partner guide you through the cones with their lined up behind their
voice, they will be unable to touch you.” cones?
• "You will have to direct your partner through every 3.) Are the students
aspect of the course, including picking up the cone at the competing fairly?
far end. When your partner has successfully dropped the
cone in the hula hoop the next person and their partner
may go." (Teacher will act as guide for the partner of the Motivation
visually impaired student during their run) 1.) Teacher will be
• "First team with all the cones back in the hula hoop wins." observing both teams
• "Any questions?" and shouting
• "Alright, are we ready?" encouragement to
students as they are
• "Ready, set, Go!"
• "Alright, very good effort there everyone! I see it was a
close one at the end!"
• "So on a scale of 0-5, fist being 0, how hard did you find
Formative Assessment
that obstacle course?"
1.) How hard did the
• "Alright, let's get you back in your teams lined up behind students find the
the cones and we'll try that again". obstacle course the first
• "This time you will be completing the same obstacle time around?
course but I want everyone in the gym to focus on being 2.) Are the engaged in
as quiet as possible thinking about which
• "Without vision, who thinks they can tell us which sense sense they will need to
they will really need to focus on to help complete this rely on?
obstacle course?"
• Yes! that's right, we really need to make sure that we are
relying on our hearing for this activity, therefore, it’s vital
that the gym is as quiet possible.

• Any questions?
• "Alright, are we ready"?
• "Ready, set, Go!"

• "Good Job everyone, I see it was a bit easier this time. So

Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 2

Lesson Plan Template – ED 3501 (Version C)
on a scale of 0-5 how hard did you find the obstacle
course now?"

• "Okay, everyone, so now we are going to be working on Formative:

our shooting techniques, specifically for goal ball. For this 1. Are students paying
we are going to need you to get into partners. You can attention?
keep the same partner you used for the relay activity!”
Transition (2 mins)
Learning Activity #2 Assessment
Teacher Notes: Assessments/ • Teacher will demonstrate proper throwing
Differentiation technique for throwing the goal ball (It is vital that
instructions are explained with as much descriptive
wording as possible)
• 1. Face your target (visually impaired students can
be guided into position prior to shot) Formative:
• 2. Plant your lead foot 1. Are the students
• 3. Lead through with a rotation of the arm for added paying attention?
• 'Who can recall the three steps of throwing the ball to 2. Can they recall the
me?" three steps of throwing
• Students will first begin with no blindfold throwing the ball?
to each other back and forward across the width of
the gym.
• As a progression if the students are grasping
concept quickly, students can attempt to save the
ball with the blindfold on. However, for the time
being they will throw with the blindfold till off.
• "Ok, so now we are going to transition everything that
we have learnt and apply it into a game environment."
• "Each team will have two players on the field at a time,
after one cycle of shooting and one cycle of saving, one
1. Are the students
player will switch out with the person behind the net. "
paying attention?
Transition (1 min) • It is the job of the person behind the net to help guide
their players verbally should they need assistance. They
will also be helping to fairly referee the game".
Final Game Formative:
1. Are the students
acting in a respectful
manner whilst
• Students will compete in a 3-3 game of goal ball. participating in goal
• 2 students from each team will be on the field ball?
blindfolded at one time. The third student will help 2. Are the students
verbally guide the students should they need assistance. equally sharing playing
• After one full shoot and save cycle, the non blindfolded time with their team
player will switch in for one of the blindfolded players. mates?
• Teachers will serve as the guide for this visually 3. Are the students
impaired students partner, as in the relay activity. engaged and having
4. Are students fairly
self refereeing their own
Closure (4 mins)
Consolidation of Learning: Assessment
Feedback From Students: Formative:
• Who had fun today?
Are the students paying
• 0-5, how hard was it to compete in this sport?

Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 3

Lesson Plan Template – ED 3501 (Version C)
Feedback To Students • Thank you for an excellent class and great

Reflections from the


Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 4