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Vaastu And Cancer

By- Rajnish R Singla (Vaastu Ratna) Rudrapur

I have found it necessary to discuss separately the manifestation of Cancer in relationship to the
Vaastu defects due to some specific reasons. Although various diseases do manifest connected with
the inefficient functioning of a particular organ system the cells in them are normal. Thus for
example, in Diabetes the problem centers round the production and assimilation of pancreatic
Juices (Insulin) on in cases of renal failure where the disease is limited to the Kidneys. The same
line of reasoning applies to other disorders like Heart Problems. Asthma, Digestive Problems, Piles
etc., in all these various types of diseases we find that the organ system is defective but the cell
structure in them remains unaffected or in other words not Cancerous.

Every cell in the body has a DNA and it is programmed such that it multiplies responding to some
intelligence in the body at an appropriate time. As long as the message reaches the cell in time and
the cell division goes on according to it, no cancer occurs.

Some where along the line, this communication goes hay wire. The cell then begins to multiply at its
own pleasure and the multiplication is uncontrolled resulting in Cancer.

I have seen a predominant feature in the houses of Cancer patients. There is always a defective
North- East and a strained or a defective Second Sector. For a body to remain healthy, it is
necessary that the positive forces dominate the structure suppressing the negative force to create
the necessary Bio- Energy field. We should remember that the North East of the plot has a very
important effect on the mind of inmates.

In a house with a defect in north- East, the plot organism’s mind itself is affected and the line of
current is completely disturbed. Considering that mind and the matter are only different
expressions to signify the same thing, what surprise is there that a mindless energy field alters the
cell’s mind equally and makes it go mad so that it multiplies out of control.

Several billion dollars are spent in the last few decades to get a clear understanding of this disease
which is supposed to be the second largest killer. Food habits, tobacco, coffee, environmental
factors, stress and a host of factors have all been blamed for the occurrence of the disease. But
none is conclusive. They are only statistical information and plainly has led nowhere.

Similarly none of the systems of medicine including the modern Allopathic system has a ‘Cure’ for
this disease. We have only ‘ detection centres and relief centers’. Doctors do not use the term
‘Cure’ after giving a line of treatment but hope for a ‘Period of remission’. All the lines of treatment
such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy adds to the misery of the patient to no end.

It is my personal opinion based on my own investigations that no single cause for cancer will ever be
found in the laboratories or under the microscopes. The cause is in the structure one lives in and
the distorted field due to a defective North- East sector results in its manifestation. Which organ
develops cancer demands on the other sector which is involved along with North- East. Thus there
must be severe defects in at least two sectors including North- East for the disease to arise or in
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other words for the cell to lose it’s mental balance. I have cited below certain cases which have
been studied by me. Instead of waiting for the development of the disease it is prudent for the
house owners to resort to correction in these cases.

It is with this, intention the following cases are mentioned:-

Defective North East(Rounded), North West closed- Cancer in Chest Region- may affect lungs,
Defective North East and Defective North West- Cancer of Esophagus
Defective North East(projected), West down -Development of Cancer in hand and neck region
Defective North East, East, North West up and South,West,South,West down- Brain Cancer
Defective North East and Defective South East- Cancer of breast
Defective North East and Defective South or South West- Cancer of Uterus
Defective North East and defective West of South West- Cancer of Kidneys
Defective North East and all round defect in order sectors- Blood Cancer
Defective North East and Defective West- Cancer of the abdominal organs, Stomach Cancer
Defective North East and Defective West of Southwest- Colon Cancer
Defective North East(closed), West down, South entrance, Southwest open- Cancer of Uterus
Defective North East, South West entrance and down, North West down- Cancer of tongue

In case the above defects exist I strongly suggest you seek the help of Vaastu Consultant for
checking the severity. Please note severity is a very important factor and unless the defect is
extremely severe the disease does not manifest. Please bear this point in mind while effecting