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1/31/2018 Net Neutrality/ Medicare Savings Program (MSP)

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Friends and neighbors,

I’ve just taken action on two issues of importance to you: net neutrality and Medicare
Savings Plan (MSP).

Net neutrality: I have written to the

chairs of the Government
Administration and Elections
Committee to request that they raise a
bill barring Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) that do not adopt net neutrality
from qualifying for state contracts. My
proposal is needed because the Trump
administration overturned the Obama
policy of treating all Internet traffic
equally to maintain an “open Internet.”
In the future, carriers like Verizon and
Spectrum can control your access to
information by charging for certain
sites, deciding how much money to
charge, or slowing sites down and
speeding up access to others. The
FCC has broader authority than those
on the state level, but this proposal
begins to protect your access to

Medicare savings (MSP): I voted to overturn Gov. Malloy’s veto of our restoration of
$54 million to Medicare Savings. More than 113,000 seniors and disabled
individuals, including many of your neighbors, depend on the program to purchase
their Medicare Part B benefits.
Many of you reached out to me, and I listened. But as I shared with you, benefits are
protected only until the end of this fiscal year, and we did not restore cuts to HUSKY
or to Connecticut Mental Health Center. To protect you after July 1, we must choose
between cutting other programs or raising revenue. We are currently looking at
revenue options and awaiting the Governor’s budget proposal for next year.


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