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BS 6883 Cable
Offshore, ship and marine cables

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You have arrived at www.bs6883.net the British industry standard for the offshore oil
and gas, ship building and marine industries.

Description of BS 6883 Power, control and instrument cables.

BS6883 is the British (and also an international) industry standard for the Offshore Oil
and Gas, Ship building & Marine Industries.

These cables are certified by Lloyds and DNV in accordance with ISO 9001 AND 14001.

The BS6883 cables are flameproof and when a mica glass tape is applied over the
conductors are fire resistant.

Construction is similiar to other industry standards (such as NEK606 and IEEE 1580
type P) however variations in the construction of BS6883 and other products as listed
in the industry relate to the insulation, screening, braiding, bedding and sheathing

The Conductors of BS6883 cables are constructed with circular metal coated copper
conductors and comply with BS 6360 for class 2 or class5.

Where the cables comply to BS7917 fire resistant a mica glass tape is applied over the

BS 6883 conductors are insulated with EPR and comply with BS 7655.

BS 6883 conductor insulation colours/and or numbers differ from both NEK606 and
IEEE 1580 typeP).

BS 6883 sheathing compounds for both inner and outer cables are typically EVA
(halogen free) and or CSP subject to clients requirements, both of which can be used
offshore and comply with industry standards.

BS 6883 armoured cables have either galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB) or in the
case of single core cables a phosphor bronze (BPWB) ot tinned copper wire (TCWB).

Standard outside sheath colours are Black for power and control, Grey for
instrument, Red for medium voltage.

BS 6883 Instrument cables are screened with an Aluminium mylar tape in contact
with a tinned copper drain wire.

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