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Describe an important invention that you think has

positively influenced the human race.
You should say:

 What the invention is

 Who invented it

 What changes it brought

and explain how it has positively influenced the human race.

Various inventions during the past years have tremendously shaped the way humans live and
conduct daily business. It is really tough to pick one particular scientific invention that had positively influenced
human race as there are possibly hundreds and thousands of such inventions. However, I would like to pick the 'smart
Phones ' as one such invention. Mobile phones were invented in the 19th century by Martin Cooper and his team mates.
Motorola was the first company to produce a handheld mobile phone

 Organise ourselves- google calendar

 Camera- helps us to capture special moments every time and anywhere- difficult in the past
 Connected to the world- through social networking sites.
 Emails
 Entertainment- videos, movies, music
 Safety features- not only protect the phone but also yourself.

2.Describe a time you went to a crowded place cue card IELTS EXAM

1. I have been to many crowded places, such as shopping malls, bus stands, railway stations, restaurants
2. But, here I would like to talk about a place, which was very crowded.
3. It so happened, three months ago a famous Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh came to my
4. Actually, he belongs to my neighboring village Dosanjh Kalan
5. He came for the promotion of his latest music album.
6. Diljit Dosanjh started his career in Punjabi films, but now he has made a place for himself in Bollywood
7. So, the people of my hometown and all neighboring areas bought tickets for the concert in great numbers
8. My cousin also bought 4 tickets for the show.
9. We were all very excited about the show
10. We had expected a lot of rush, but what we saw there was unimaginable
11. We had to park our car about half km away, and walk to the venue.
12. There was a gathering of more than 10000 people
13. There was a lot of security to ensure the safety of people
14. There were projectors at various places for the people at the back to get a clear view
15. There was a lot of crowd, but everyone was very excited
16. Normally, I don’t like crowds, but I enjoyed the hustle and bustle on that day
17. Diljit Dosanjh sang many songs and entertained people
18. I had never attended a live concert like this before
19. It was an electrifying experience
20. He sang my favourite song – A girl, whose name is love, is lost.
21. This song has been written by a famous Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi.
22. I can never forget that day
23. Despite the crowd, we had a great time.
3.Talk about an occasion you had a cake that was special cue card IELTS

1. I have enjoyed many types of cakes in my life

2. We mostly celebrate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries by cutting a cake.
3. Here I would like to talk about a cake, which was very special because it was baked for me, on my
birthday, by my Aunt
4. My Aunt Monica has excellent culinary skills
5. She lives in Goa, but she had come to spend a few days with us
6. By chance, my birthday fell in those days
7. She and my mother planned a surprise party for me
8. They invited a few of my close friends.
9. She baked a pineapple cake and did beautiful Vanilla and Chocolate icing on it.
10. I remember, when I came home from school that day, the whole house was decorated with buntings and
11. I felt very joyful
12. She had made many snacks too, like cutlets and french fries my favorite
13. Then my friends started pouring in
14. I cut the cake at around 6 pm.
15. I enjoyed the whole party with my family and friends.
16. The cake looked so beautiful that when my mother told me that Monica had made it.
17. I could never imagine that such beautiful caked could be made at home
18. Later on we played a few games like musical chairs and bursting the balloons
19. Then we danced a lot to our favorite music.
20. It was a day to remember.
21. My Aunt Made my Day


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When was it

Where did you move

Why did you move

1. I have never yet had to move for work or study

2. So, here I would like to talk about a time when we moved into a new house.
3. We used to live in our ancestral home built by my grandfather but that house was very old and needed
repair from time to time.
4. That area also was very congested and we found great difficulty in parking our car.
5. So, two years ago my father decided to build a new house in the suburbs of Ludhiana , my home town.
6. The construction of the house was completed a year ago and we moved into the house immediately
after its completion.
7. It was a dream house for me and my siblings even before it was built.Before moving in we had a
traditional ceremony in which we invited all our friends and relatives.
8. I still remember the eagerness and pride with which I showed the house to all of my friends.
9. My father had spared no expense in its construction.
10. It is a 3 story house with 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens and 8 bathrooms.
11. There is also a big kitchen garden in the back.
12. My brother and I had to share a room in our previous house but here we each got our own individual
13. My room is on the 2nd floor.
14. The neighborhood is also very calm and quiet.
15. Our neighbors are also very friendly and nice.
16. I remember when we moved here, they invited us over for dinner and then we became good friends.
17. I do miss my old house at times but this house is very well built with all the modem facilities and so I love
this house.

5.Describe a company/organisation you would like to join

You should say:

 the name of the company/organization

 where it is located
 how you know about this company

And explain why you would like to work in this company/organisation.

Sample Answer

Level IELTS Band9

There are numerous national and international companies in my country. Today, I’m going to talk
about an organization I would like to be a part of.
The name of the organization is the Indian Space Research Organization, commonly known as the
ISRO. It is the space agency of the government of India headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It
was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai in 1969. The ISRO has many centers which are located in
different regions of India.
I have a keen interest in celestial objects like stars, galaxies and black holes. My father’s close friend
is a scientist in the ISRO. I have learnt a lot about the projects of this organization from him. In
addition, I had the opportunity to visit the ISRO Satellite Center on a school trip.

Over the last 47 years, the ISRO has emerged as one of the six largest space agencies in the world.
It develops and delivers services in various fields. Communication, weather forecast, disaster
management tools, geographic information systems, navigation, telemedicine and distant education
satellites are some of them. Its mission of using space research for the development of the nation has
always inspired me to become a scientist.

6. Talk about a married couple you know well, who inspire you.

You should say:

 who they are
 how you know them
 why they inspire you
and say what you think their secret to a happy marriage is.

My best friend got married a few years ago, well, actually it’s more like about five years
ago now. I’ve known him for almost fifteen years and I’ve known his wife for around
seven years now.

They are a typical couple in many aspects, I think; they share some interests but they also
have some big differences of opinion now and again. I’ve seen them very much in love,
and I’ve witnessed them arguing like cat and dog, but at the end of the day they are happy

I believe that one of the most important things they have, as a couple, is they always
respect each other, even when they’re disagreeing or fighting about something they feel
strongly about.

They also seem to be very good at compromising; giving and taking a little, when things
aren’t exactly how they want things to be, and I think this is something which helps them
avoid any major problems in their relationship.

They know each other well, but both of them still manage to surprise each other just
enough to keep their relationship fresh and interesting. I’ve watched them learn about
each other and grow together as a couple and it’s been quite a journey, an inspirational

I hope that one day I too can find someone who I gel with as well as they do. They’ve
managed to maintain their individual passion, and sense of self-identity, yet managed to
cultivate their identity as a couple as well; their relationship is one of the best I’ve ever
experienced, and it is truly impressive how good they are together.

It’s difficult to say if they have just ‘one secret’ to their relationship – I’m inclined to
believe that it’s a lot of little factors, which independently might not seem very important,
but together help them maintain their relationship in such a healthy way.

As I said, they have a lot of respect, for themselves and for each other, a lot of passion, a
sense of purpose as a couple, and a strong sense of belonging together and being stronger
together – so it’s a combination of things which makes them work so well as a couple.

7. Talk about a product you received for free as a gift when you purchased an item.

You should say:

 what it was
 if it was useful
 what you did with it
and explain how you felt about receiving this free gift.

[Similar Cue Card Question: Describe a product you got for free]

A couple of months ago I went to the supermarket to buy some seeds, because I wanted to
plant a tree in the garden and help with the process of reforesting my hometown. I chose
the appropriate tree for my home, a small one with tiny roots and good for the summer,
because the space where I will plant it is narrow and very hot.

The lady in the shop told me that the brand had a campaign supporting the care and
promotion of home-grown plantations. She was giving away some extra seeds for the
purchase of a tree, so she gave me some other seeds as a gift, which I could choose from a
long list of possibilities. And I thought that it would be a good idea to accompany the tree
with some flowers.

The gift package had fewer seeds than the one I had bought; however, there were enough
to plant some beautiful flowers in the garden. I started to read the instructions and put
water and the necessary elements for planting as well as making the land fertile to plant
the seeds correctly.

I thought that the gift was very useful and complemented my purchase very well, because
the flowers I planted grew before the tree, decorating the garden quickly while the tree
grew. I decided to plant the flowers around the tree and that was a good decision because
finally when both were fully grown, the garden looked very colourful.

This whole process helped me to understand the planting procedure and the care that
plants require.

Receiving this gift made me feel good for two reasons: first, because I really like the
campaigns which endorse care and consciousness about the environment, promoting

All this helps people and encourages them to plant and be more aware of being
committed to improving the planet. Second, I was happy with the idea of buying a tree,
planting it with some flowers and growing a beautiful garden in my home.

Overall, this was a pleasant experience that I highly recommend, because it makes you
feel connected to nature by contributing to improve the ecosystem.

8. Describe the best gift/ present you have received.

You should say:

 what the gift was

 who gave it to you

 when you received it

And explain why it was the best gift/ present you have ever received.

Follow-up Questions:

 Do you think that present giving will play an important role in daily life? Why?

 Compare the gift which people have received 10 years ago to the present that people now are receiving? What's the

difference between them?

 Do you think that the brand name is very important for sales?

Possible Answer 1:

In my life, I have got numerous gifts and presents and among them, most exciting and best gift was the Laptop my

father gave me when I was 14 years old. When I was 10 years old, I found that many of my friends had their own

laptops and desktop computers. I was heavily fascinated about this wonder machine and dreamed about owning one

someday. After getting admitted in grade 6, I got admitted to a computer training centre and learned the basic

computing. Whenever I visited a friend of mine who had a computer, I felt overwhelmed to play games, learn new

software, browse the internet etc. over there. I sometimes visited some of my friends’ houses more often than usual only

because they had computers. Thus this machine became the only dream of my life. As I knew that my father won’t be

able to buy a computer for me, I did not ask for one. I made a dummy computer using papers and boards and played

with it. One day I bought a savings bank and started saving coins and notes there. After one month I found that I have

saved very few amount to purchase a computer!

I got busy with other stuff and could hardly find times to visit friends’ houses to use their computer but in a corner of my

heart, I felt the same fascination for owning a computer. On my 14th birthday, my father told me that he wants to take

me to the computer shop and purchase one for me. I could not believe what I was hearing. That night it was tough for

me to sleep. In the morning I wake up earlier than usual and went to the computer shop with my father. He bought a

Dell Laptop that was Pentium 4 machine. While returning home, I found myself flying in joy. I opened the box after

returning home and showed it to my mother and other relatives.

As a kid, that was a long expected gift that my father gave me and till now it’s the best gift/ present I have ever received.

Cue Card Answer 2:

First of all, I would like to thank you for this nice topic. The best gift or present that I have ever received is a digital

dictionary that my mother bought me on my 18th birthday. I was a college student at that time and my parents

celebrated my birthday at home. Few friends and relatives were invited and it was a kind of family celebration. I was

quite excited to open the gift boxes that my friends and family members gave me and there were some books,

chocolate boxes and other gift items. Out of these gift items, an electronic dictionary was there in a small box with an

ordinary wrapping paper around it. As soon as I opened it, I knew it was a gift from my mother.
I once told my mother about this electronic dictionary and how some of my classmates used it. I never told my mother

that I wanted to buy one but I guess my mother knew very well how much I wanted to own this item. She had to save

money, I guess, to purchase it for me and this is the best gift I have received ever. This was not merely a gift item or an

electronic device, it was more than that- like a wonder box wrapped with care and love. My mother is a housewife and

managing the money to buy me this gift must have been a result of her many small sacrifices. I thanked my mother for

this fabulous gift and she was so happy to see me excited about the gift.

It was a while coloured small digital dictionary, not more than 4 by 6 inches in dimension, but was one of the latest

models. It was quite handy for me and having this dictionary encouraged me to learn more words, their synonyms and

their origins.

The gifts are always good gestures and tokens of appreciation and love, in our tradition. This gift was something special

to me. I knew how much my mother has always loved me and her gift represented her love as well as sacrifices for me.

In terms of utilisation, it was quite handy for me. I could easily carry it in my pocket and I used it quite often to learn new

words and that has helped enhance my language skill. This is the only gift from my teenage that I still have. I will always

remember my mother's love that was blended with this gift and the unparalleled utilisation this device has brought was

also important.

9. Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you did not

You should say:

 who the person was

 where the conversation took place

 what you talked about

and explain why you found the conversation interesting.

Model Answer:

Last year when I was on my way to my hometown in a train, I had an interesting conversation with an unknown person

and the conversation lasted for several hours. I live in the city and my hometown is about 7-8 hours away from the place

I live. I usually go to my hometown by bus but that time I travelled in a train. I was in a second class compartment of the

train and there were almost 10 other people travelling in the same compartment. I found a couple with 2 kids were

sitting just opposite side of me next to me was sitting a person who seemed around 45 years old. I was sitting beside

the window and he asked me to open it. He then thanked me and asked me about myself. The conversation went on

and I learned that he is a senior employee of a large Government organisation. I was bit confused that he was travelling

in a second class compartment at cheap rent.

He started a topic about how the kids and young people from the new generation have little passion for learning and
busy doing unproductive staffs. I started defending the young generation and expresses the difference the new
generation has with their ancestors. The conversation started to turn into a debate and both of us used our logic and
reasoning. The conversation was interesting and I was actively participating in it mostly because he had a good and
polite way of conversation. He told his reasoning for this belief but when I showed him my logic, he did not protest just
for the conversation’s sake. Rather he agreed that he learned many new facts about the new generation and their way
of thinking and lifestyles. He also confessed that the generation gap is unavoidable and the positive changes should be
accepted by them. Besides this main topic some other topic arrived like the political situation of our country, the
educational system currently we have and what should be done to eliminate many of your major problems.

The conversation lasted for about 4 hours until he left the train at his station. I usually do not continue a longer
conversation with strangers and often find people start talking about silly issues with no moral values. But the
conversation I had with this person on the train was interesting and I enjoyed it. I felt like there is a big gap between the
first generation and the new generation and both generations do not listen and think deeply about the other generation
and that’s causing a huge gap between them. I enjoyed to learn many thoughts of our first generations and was
appalled about some of the misconceptions. I was also relieved to learn that they have a positive attitude towards the
changes which are for good reasons. His way of conversation was also positive and that’s why the overall conversation
was enjoyable.