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April 13, 2010 ARCHIVE

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Spring Sale, week 2 Nick


R James
ESPONSE to five dollar books was Edward Lyndoe (b. 1901, death un-
wonderful. Many thanks to all, and known), along with R.H. Naylor, were the
my apologies that we ran out of first two daily newspaper sun-sign colum- I
many of them so fast. I only wish I could
sell all the books for $5.00.
nists, back in the 1930’s. We have $5.00
copies of two of Lyndoe’s books: ON
There are still good $5 books left. As of Everyman’s Astrology, in which he explains
noon on Sunday, April 11, they include: Tertiary Directions, and,
Alan Leo’s Casting the Horoscope – 1 copy. Plan Your Life with the Planets. Better
Alan Leo’s Key to Your Own Nativity – 1.
Grant Lewi’s Astrology for the Millions – 1
than a sun-sign book. For each of the signs,
Lyndoe gives ruling colors, days of the week,
D U E This
L I N GWeek’
D I C Ts ISpecial

I have a bit more of the following:
Sepharial: New Dictionary of Astrology
numbers, plants, animals, foods, cities &
countries, etc. ONARIES
Sepharial: World Predictions William J. Tucker (1896-1981) was an THE TWELFTH HOUSE
Sepharial: Your Daily Astrological Guide English astrologer determined to eliminate James Wilson, 1819:
Sepharial: Manual of Astrology, Palmis- the occult from astrology. Make it a strictly Nicholas deVore, 1947:
try & Occult Sciences scientific affair. His books were once prized
Sepharial: Horoscopes, How to make & but are now rare. We have four of them in
use them our spring sale:
Sepharial: The Silver Key Astrology for Everyman. Delineates the
The Astrologer’s Guide is a useful natal chart, with a number of quirks. Saturn
compendium of aphorisms, taken from conjunctions show fear.
TETRABIBLOS, by Claudius
Bonatus & Cardan, compiled by William The How, What & Why of Astrology.

Ptolemy. Regularly $19.95. To
Lilly, intended as a guide for horary work. Chart delineation without quirks.
midnight on Saturday, April
Secrets of Astrology. Sun signs, with spe-
A L M A N A C K 17: $14.00. Order on-line: in
cial sections on marriage, career & luck.
for the week (all times GMT) the comment box, write
Your Stars of Destiny. Contains a useful
Notes “Weekly Special $14.00”. Or
table of Sun-Moon-Ascendant affinities.
13 11:40 ¡ Ï ¢ phone 1-800-475-2272.
There are also two $5 books by M.C. Jain.
17:36 £ Ð ª
14 12:29 :24‘27 New Moon
¡ Æ ©
He “borrowed” his books, but
he knew what to borrow.

19:23 Void

22:55 ¡ ’
15 11:37 ¡ Å ¥ I OF THE WEEK
16 10:40
¡ Â £
¡ Â ¤

17 04:58 ¡ Ä § Void MIRACH beta Andromedae 0 Þ 33

06:09 ¡ “ Notes: A yellow star situated in the girdle of Andromeda. From
18:40 ¤ Ð ª Mirak, the Loins. Often called Zona Andromadae, or Andromeda’s Girdle
18 04:07 £ SR Merc Retro Influence: According to Ptolemy, it is of the nature of Venus; and, to Alvidas, of Mars & the
08:16 ¢ Æ © Moon. It gives personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, benefi-
08:37 £ Ï ¤ cence, forgiveness, love, overcoming by kindness, renown, & good fortune in marriage.
19 10:22 ¡ Æ ¢ Void With Sun: Trouble through opposite sex, disappointments in expectations but otherwise
11:40 ¡ ” favourable.
21:06 ¡ Ã ª With Moon: Trouble with opposite sex owing to indiscretions, bad for domestic affairs,
honour through martial matters.
Extracted from AstroAmerica’s Daily
With Mercury: Vacillating, unstable, peculiar events, many travels & changes, little suc-
Ephemeris, 2000-2020. Get yours!
cess. – from Fixed Stars, by Robson
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On Heaven
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Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson
%GEM On Heaven
OME time ago I promised Dave’s Living people. From the street we can see a
OF Book of the Dead, as I think the old
texts should be updated & de-
few of them – the psychics – peering out at
us from the windows. There is a constant

gibberized. But I thought better of it, as it is stream of people coming out the doors & oc-
THE a rather glum subject.
But lately I’ve been inspired from the
casionally jumping from the windows.
Which, one way or another, is death.
other direction. What is Heaven like? We The newly dead find the light blinding,
WEEK get there often enough. Why don’t we stay
there? And before you say you don’t believe,
and the fresh air strange. So they close their
eyes & try not to breathe too much & after a
know that continuation of consciousness af- few hours they are having siesta in the shade.
An Important ter death is, to me, proven beyond doubt. I’ve
dealt with it often enough & can find you
Life was hard. They’ve earned their rest.
They look very peaceful and contented. But
discarnates by the dozen — or hundred. everywhere around them, danger lurks. As
Event in the Past And there’s heaven even if you’re not a
Christian, even if you believe in reincarna-
they shift & roll about in their slumbers, they
eventually come to the edge of one of the many
tion. Christians think residence in heaven is giant wells and bottomless pits, and, sooner or

OTE which planet the Moon last permanent. It isn’t. Humans are “heavier later, fall into one or another of them.
passed over, no matter how many than air.” We get to heaven, all right, but, It is a long, long, long way down. Half-
houses or Signs back, to see what like ballistic missiles, we always “fall back way many awaken, terrified. Until they slam
important event took place in the more or to earth.” That falling back is known to the into the very bottom, which briefly knocks
less distant past. It may or may not have a Christians as “going to hell”. Catholics have them out. When they wake up, they start an-
bearing on the question now, but it shows a fairly good cosmology. I have confirmed other day, another life, down in the mines.
the event, its nature & approximate date. the existence of both purgatory & limbo. Did you ever wonder why you had falling
The MATTER involved was something They’re well-populated, as I’ve found lots of dreams as a child? How could you not re-
ruled by the house the planet is in: if retro- people in each. And yes, they were suffer- member such a traumatic event?
grade, the person was averse to taking the ing, but not as much as those in hell do. Back at the surface there are many people

action, or found it distressing and will want HE world is like a giant ant colony who want to help the new arrivals. Because,
to forget it. The NATURE of the event re- & we are the human ants who infest after every life, everyone goes to heaven.
flected that of the planet itself, emphasized it. Formerly we were miners, but I (Yes, even really evil people. Even astrolo-
& explained by its closest aspect in the am informed the work of excavation was fin- gers!) The shocking truth is that most don’t
chart. Mars denotes force; Venus, coopera- ished long ago. We can all now return to the like it, and even fewer are equipped to handle
tion; Mercury, coordination; Saturn, orga- surface, but we’ve grown accustomed to liv- it. Most people would rather take their chances
nization; Uranus, reorganization; the Sun, ing like moles, down in the dark. & go back to hell than squint about in the bright
promotion & publicity; Jupiter, circulation Death releases us from the bowels of the sunshine of heaven. If we could just get the
& travel; Neptune, renunciation, a scheme; earth & we float upwards, until we come to evil ones to stay there & not come back, it
Pluto, complications & a group. the surface. Which is where heaven starts. would be a lot more pleasant down below!
For the DATE, always take the differ- The original surface was a bunch of caves So, like caviar, heaven is an acquired
ence between the Moon’s degree & that of dug into the cliffs, such as you can still see in taste. Next time you get there, look about
the planet, disregarding the distance by Cappadocia, in Turkey. for a friend who can help. There is always at
Sign: it represents that many days, weeks This is the funny thing about heaven. It’s least one, and you will recognize him. (This
months or years AGO her Sign-&-House not that distant, it’s not that unknowable. A I have proven, many times.) Look him in
position now:— lot of the details have been known for a long the eyes, and you will know. Let him help
Cardinal and: Angular . . Days; Suc- time. There have been, in fact, many attempts you. Like as not, you will quickly tire &
ceedent . . Weeks; Cadent . . Months. to copy it, though as the copies were built far insist on resting & end up back down here
Common and: Angular . . Weeks; Suc- below ground, they all collapsed in the op- with the rest of us, but the next time you get
ceedent . . Months; Cadent . . Years pressive underground conditions. to heaven, your eyes will be stronger, your
Fixed and: Angular . . Months; Suc- The modern heaven looks a lot like Wilt- stamina will be greater, and you’ll be a giant
ceedent . . Years; Cadent . . 30-ish years. shire Boulevard in west Los Angeles. Or step closer to living there permanently.

— Simplified Horary Astrology the Champs Elysee in Paris, or Broadway EAVEN has some interesting astrol-
April 15: Tax Day! on the upper west side of New York: A big, ogy. It is a wonderful place & I want
1755–Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary. wide street lined on both sides with moder- to tell you more about it, about what
1802–I wandered lonely as a cloud. ately tall buildings, with trees & open areas. life is like up there in the fresh air & sun-
Inside, the buildings are teeming with people. shine, but I’m out of space for this week.
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www.AstroAmerica.com Chapter 2. The haylaj
Order toll-free: 1-800-475-2272
from Carmen Astrologicum
by Dorotheus of Sidon
Book II — Chapter XII T HE haylaj is the indicator and the
kadhkhudah is the governor of the matter
of life. The haylaj by day is the Sun and by
The Particular Natures of the Signs
night the Moon, then the degrees of the term

WHO of the ascendent, then the lot of fortune.
HE sign of Aries has a general ten-
WHAT dency, arising from the presence of
Whosoever’s nativity takes place from
conjunction to fullness [of the Moon, for him]
the Equinox, to promote thunder & it [the kadhkhudah?] is the degree of the
hail. Certain of its parts, however, operate conjunction, and whosoever’s nativity takes
in a greater or less degree, according to the
ASTROLOGY nature of the stars which compose the sign:
place in what is between fullness and
conjunction, the degree in which the fullness
for instance, the front parts excite rain & is; [each period] is fifteen days in a month, and
wind; the middle are temperate; and those its nighttime is more powerful than that
Part 56: behind are heating & pestilential. The north- [daytime]. By day the Sun and by night the
Medical Elections ern parts, also, are heating & pernicious, but
the southern cooling & frosty.
Moon, and the better of these two is what is in
a cardine, especially the ascendent. It is
The medical side of Electional Astrology The sign of Taurus, in its general charac- necessary that the lord of the term aspect the
would require a large volume to itself if it ter, partakes of both temperaments, but is haylaj, or the lord of its house, or the lord of its
were to be adequately treated, and the task nevertheless chiefly warm. Its front parts, exaltation, or the lord of its triplicity, or the
would be beyond our present knowledge of and especially those near the Pleiades, pro- lord of its image [decan]. If it is in this situation,
duce earthquakes, clouds & winds: the it is the haylaj, but if there does not witness it
the subject. I have therefore not attempted
middle parts are moistening & cooling; those the lord of the term or one of those which I
any complete account of all the elections that
behind, and near the Hyades, are fiery, and mentioned — the lord of its house or its
could be made in accordance with present
cause meteors & lightnings. The northern triplicity or its exaltation or its image (the first
day medical knowledge, partly because little of these is the lord of the term, then the lord of
is known and a great deal of research work parts are temperate; the southern turbulent
& variable. the triplicity) — then it will not be good that
would be needed to obtain the necessary in- you make it the haylaj. See which [planet]
formation, and partly because such work can Gemini, in its general tendency, is tem-
casts [its] rays once you have found the haylaj,
be properly handled only by a medical ex- perate; but its leading parts produce mischief
casts [its] rays to it from both quartiles and both
pert. The following notes embody all the in- by moisture; its middle parts are entirely tem-
trines and both sextiles or is present with it or
formation that has been handed down to us, perate; its latter parts mixed & turbulent. The
in opposition. In a diurnal nativity if the Sun
and presumably tested many times in the past. northern parts promote earthquakes & wind; is in the ascendent in the degrees above the
and the southern are dry & heating.
For a Doctor to Visit A Patient Cancer is, on the whole, serene & warm,
earth and one of those [planets] which I
Make the angles & their lords as strong as mentioned aspects it, then it will have the power
but its anterior part near the Praesepe are to be the haylaj. Similarly [is it] if you find it
possible, and place the benefics therein. For oppressively hot & suffocating; the middle in midheaven or in the eleventh sign, which is
the ascendant & its lord well dignified indi- parts are temperate, and the latter parts ex- the sign of good fortune. Similarly look in
cates that the patient will benefit; the tenth, cite wind. And both its northern & southern nocturnal nativities from the Moon. But if in
that the patient will be obedient; the seventh, parts are equally fiery & scorching. diurnal nativities you find the Sun cadent,
that the doctor will be able to go through with Leo has a general tendency operative of injured, but the Moon in those places, it has
his treatment; and the fourth, that the medi- stifling heat. The anterior parts are oppres- the power for the Moon to be ruling in it.
cine will be effective. Fortify the ninth, its sively and pestilentially hot; yet the middle Similarly in a nocturnal nativity, if you find
lord, the Moon & its dispositor, for if the ninth parts are temperate, and those behind are in- the Moon cadent and the Sun in the ascendent,
& its lord be weak or afflicted the doctor will jurious by means of moisture. — Tetrabib- then speak about the Sun [as haylaj]. Look at
lose the patient’s confidence, no matter how los, translated by J.M. Ashmand, 1822. the lot of fortune in the same way. — Carmen
good . . . – Electional Astrology, 1937 Astrologicum, translated by David Pingree.