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You all have been working hard and incessantly with reporting on the issue between
Buddhists and Muslims in Rakhine State, Myanmar, and now spilled over into refugee camps
in Bangladesh.

You have been issuing statements, reports, accusations, photos, videos, satellite photos,
and unfortunately many historically inaccurate articles, flawed reporting, and sensationalist
stories - but the bugaboo is that so far there is ZERO evidence of your allegations against
the indigenous Rakhine Buddhists, the non-Muslim minorities of the area, the Burmese Army,
the Government of Myanmar, and even the iconic figure of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Despite hundreds of thousands of cell phones with cameras in the hands of more than 1
million Bengali Muslims there is NOT ONE photo or ONE video or ONE audio file to prove
your often hysterical accusations of thousands of rapes, thousands of village burnings,
thousands of Rambo-like army soldiers mowing down everything in sight..

So, instead, how about this? - I HAVE REAL EVIDENCE, the interrogations of captured
terrorists, and the monumental evidence on their captured phones. (I have not even posted
that yet - it, and more is coming)

One quality the Bengalis have is that when they are in prison they talk easily, and they give
lots of names.

I assume you have seen some of the prisoner interrogations - after all, your profession is to
gather all good information and expose human rights violations with proof - and that is
exactly what I have, and what you lack.

So, who am I? I am Rick Heizman, and I have spent much of my life in the country of Burma,
now called Myanmar. Nearly 30 times since 1981, and I have been going to Rakhine State
since 1996 - a corner of Burma that even seasoned Burma travelers usually have not been
to. For several decades I was working deeply undercover, trying to take the military
dictatorship down. I reported to and interfaced with US and other Embassies, Intelligence
Services, exiled Political Leaders, US Congresspeople, UN agencies, International Red

Cross, and others. I know that my observational and analytical skills are very good, and I
know BS when I see it - and it is all over the place in this issue.

So, let’s move with this treasure chest of human rights violations, and act accordingly with all
of these murderers - for they are what you are looking for - it is just that you were looking in
the wrong place. I found the murderers that planned the August 25, 2017 multiple surprise
attacks, and carried them out - marching in the middle of the night with knives, swords,
clubs, guns, bombs, landmines, and the most lethal item of all - Islamic Jihad Supremacy.

In the interrogations they talk about their goal of making Northern Rakhine State an
autonomous Islamic State, and that they intended to do kill ALL non-Muslims to do that.

It seems to me, a lefty type of guy from San Francisco, that helping them make an Apartheid,
non-diverse, religious State with no-multiculturalism, no rights for women, draconian sharia
law, and undoubtably no development and no progress would be the wrong thing to do.

So, I have posted 22 interrogations so far, another 20 or so are being translated - and this is
the first big batch. There are another 100 or so. So far these 22 have yielded over 100
names, mostly of terrorists who have NOT been captured yet. (Note: the names are given in
the principle way that South Asia identifies people: name + village name + Fathers name +
his village, and even Mothers name + her village). In fact, some of the named, but
uncaptured people include ARSA leader Ata Ullah’s brother and cousins, many other ARSA
leaders and recruiters, and many Mawlawis (the term they use for Imam).

The prisoners disclose how they were told to burn their houses and villages, and many
described exactly how they did that. They also talk about how the Mawlawis are the ones

that organize and plan the terrorism, in tandem with the ARSA and RSO militants who have
backing from the Saudis and Pakistan Generals, among others.

So, let’s set up a tribunal and get these hundreds of terrorists on public trial - we have more
than enough evidence (some things I’m still processing that are even more powerful than
these interrogations) that can convict them, as well as even bring down some bad
governments and organizations.

This could also help your organizations, which are under much attack by critics claiming
one-sidedness, and blindly supporting terrorism.

Of course, if you ignore all of this evidence, instead of embracing it, writing articles, and
issuing reports about the great evidence you now have which exposes and names mass-
murderers, you would prove to the world and to your readers that you are one-sided, biased
against non-muslims, and that you support extremely inhumane ideologies - such as Islam -
over the human loving-kindness that most of us embrace.

Please contact me soon, so that we can expose this evidence, and improve the world,


Rick Heizman burmafriend88@gmail.com

facebook.com/rick.heizman twitter: @rick135b7