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Weekend on Farm:

It's a long time to go to the farm with a friend who

live in one village, a little more separated from the city about a few tens of kilometers and the
village was already abandoned. Most young people have gone into a city for a better life, leaving
only older people to care for the land and cattle.

My friends lived on a large farm with a lot of different animals. The farm was located at the
end of the village at the very least where it is rarely to pass unless it goes into the wood, but
since the summer is, it is getting weaker.

My friends are Marko and Ana, who lived alone on the farm. Sometimes they go to town for
some small needs for fuel and something for the house. Whenever they come to town, they'll
find ourselves drinking something and see each other. I lived alone in a studio rented and
worked in an accounting firm. I always had a vision to try something new in sex, with more
partners, or with something that would satisfy me. Marko and Ana were swingers, and so we
met at one party, exchanging sexual nonsense, and they would meet with me several times and
get together.

One day they invited me to come to them and Marko would come with the car to connect
me. By the way, we screwed up and talked about everything and everyone. Ana stayed at home
to cook lunch and feed the smaller livestock. By the way Marko showed me their property and
told me they would show me something new in their sexual life.

When we arrived at the farm, I immediately saw that they had plenty of livestock. In the yard
we were met by Ana with four white retrievers who were lying next to the summer house that
was built in front of the house.

Ana was slaughtered in a sorcery and a prominent shirt that was tied around her waist,
below she did not wear a breastbone, and I could see that her nipples were tense and flickered
through her shirt. She would cling to me and would kiss me several times in both faces and
finally one mouthful into the mouth, Marko would add applause and take things from the car
and take it to the house. We are just in the summer house at the Bastian suite laughing and
weighed out of excitement and unexpectedness to meet. We talked about everything and
everything, Marko would bring us some coffee and join us around the cattle. We were kidding
around the cattle and running various shops. Mark suggested to me to meet me with all four of
the staffers who were lying close to us. We got up and came to them, Marko just waved his hand
towards them, and they immediately got up and stood in front of us. I was a little afraid that they
were big and big white with strong chest, big nostrils from which hung a big rustic tongue

between bright white teeth. I stood there buried, and Marko placed them around me to douse
me and accept me as a member of the house. Everybody would ditch me from the heels to the
chest. I had short helmets and pussy. Marko walked out and sat at Anna and watched me see the
dogs walking around me, throwing me around the body everywhere. I should not say anything, I
just looked at the two of them who sat and climbed. Marko would tell me that I'm not afraid that
they will not bite but just feel my smell as I am new to their company.

One of the dogs would stop in front of me, and I would come to my nuts on my pussy, which
was a little patted through the helanets. I would point my nose to her and start to smell quickly. I
felt quick swelling and occasionally licked my crotch and sword. There was some excitement and
gloom that went through me and nothing I could do, only my legs shook and I would occasionally
look at Mark and Anne who looked at me with excitement and stroked each other. I stood there
buried and they shifted to my pussy on shift and would smell it with occasional paling of the
tongue over it. Marko and Ana got up and came to me and embraced me. They told me that I
was accepted by the dogs and that I sat at the table with Mark and that they saw how they
accepted Anu. We and Marko moved and watched Anu come in and join the dogs. They came to
the book and she began to take off her shirt and squinted in front of them. The dogs came up
with their nostrils and began to lick her tits loudly. She started to wake from the excitement of
the angel backwards so that all four could come in and lick her tits and stomach. The words
would be shifted to the warts one at a time, two or all of them would go on one tie to the other
and both together. Ana would get lost from the use of dogs, and I looked at it with some miracle
and fear, and the desire for the same procedure. Marko advised Ani to get up and slowly bumps
of bermuda and stood with her legs apart, she immediately reacted. Ana got up and removed
her bermudas and stood naked in front of them with little scarred legs. Dogs began to gulp down
to lick her pickup by pushing her to tongue through the pussy. Ana heavily aroused from the
thrill, feeling four tongues between the groin and the pussy, who had already thrown her juices
into their languages several times. The two dogs stood out from behind and started licking their
asses and two pickers. Markhe mourned me and clutched his shoulders and hands and told me
this is just the beginning of the gears in which we will all be greeting. Ana grabbed a beast from
the summer house and scattered and raised her legs as much as possible, and they would lick a
pickup and ass with fissures of the tongue after a crack and a mosquito. Ana could no longer
bear the utmost pleasure, put her feet on the floor, and drove them to the ground. Marko
approached Ani and told her she was perfect and to rest. The dogs set foot in front of us and
with our fathers accompanied each movement. Ana suggested that we go inside to stretch out
and eat something and then go around the farm.
___________ Part Two ______________________________ When we were lunch, we got a bit
on the corner set and started talking how they started the animal sex. Marko embraced me and
started stroking his shoulders and slowly lowered my arms toward my boobs. I did not resist, but
already I came close to the mare and started to wake up a lot. At one point I got away and took
off everything from myself. He pulled the sorcery he was wearing and the cat. His dick stood
right looking at me, and I squinted in front of him and slowly lifted him up and slammed his
stomach. With my tongue I set off from the bottom of the eggs and slowly all the way to the
head to lick it. Ana immediately came in and we started together licking our eggs first, then the
whole dick who was tense as if he were going to explode. Marko was groaning and we
alternately smoked and licked dick. Marko grabbed me and raised it, then turned back and
slapped my ass and slowly began to insert it into my pick. Marko fucked my time, Anne's time.
When we got to the hot sex, we went to the shower. As the day came to an end, Marko and Ana
went to feed the farm, and I was left to cook something for dinner. After dinner; Marko told me
that they would go to the city in the morning when they settled the farm and that they would
stay until afternoon. Ana took me to the room and gave me a good night. After some time, as the
night drifts over, I hear in front of the door how someone squeals. I climbed slowly out of the
bed and smashed the door when all four of the staffs lay in front of the door. I was scared a little,
but if I got up and pampered them on the head, they looked at me with a gaze. I opened the
door and let them in. I stood beside the chest of drawers and set a small lamp on, and burned
the chandelier to shatter the light. They sat in front of me and followed every move. Again I
pitied them on the head, and they got up and they clasped around me. I was in a sleeping room
that was up to my knees. They started licking their legs, first under and then slowly above the
knees and on the inside of the thigh. Some anger started to catch me and slowly started to burn
with excitement. I was standing in the middle of the room, and they licked my thighs close to my
medsunion and my ass. I slowly removed the Spavacica and T-shirt, I remained in the grinder and
gazes. One dog has already begun to lick the pick over the pussy, and the other has stuck it
through the pussy in the butt. The other two dogs licked my thighs and thighs. I started shaking
with excitement, and they switched to position. I removed the grinder and squatted in front of
them, they came to my boobs and slowly began to lick them on their nipples. I felt two tongues
on each breast and around the bradavís how gentle and wet they go over them just as if they
thought they were balloons and did not break. As they licked the thoughts, I slowly pulled the
gag, I had to straighten out to get them out of my feet. When I pulled my pussy, I stood in front
of them with a bit of my legs, and they started all four with their nostrils, which would close and
more with their tongue, pick my pick, which began to melt under their tongues that intertwined
on it. One stepped behind me and pulled it into my butt and began to lick my cock and the other
three licked my pick. I grabbed a chair and accepted to raise my foot to it so that they could
adhere from all sides to militant the internist. Two of the dogs were left to lick pickup, and the
third licked the slit between the asses and the fourth one continued to lick my cock. I was all wet
with excitement, I felt two, three tongues on the pussy, on a mosquito all over my ass, they were
dismissed as they could deepen their pink languages as deeply as possible. I leaned to the floor
on the back and they started to lick me on my boobs, my stomach, over the pussy overpasses
that were all wet from licking. I turned to my knees and I felt that all of the cheating languages
licked my ass and pizza. At one point they moved away and one grinned, and in a tense manner,
he pierced my pistol in me. She felt herself hurt, but al quick began to be sweet. All four were
exchanged until they had bathed my sperm. I fell from a great excitement because it took almost
an hour. I went naked to the hallway and to the bathroom, and they stayed by the bed. When I
drowned, I went back to bed. I dropped off immediately because I was very tired of having sex
and pleasure. In the morning when I got up, I saw the dogs disappear from rooms, probably
Marko or Ana were out. I walked down to the ground floor, there was no one. I wandered
around the kitchen, drank morning coffee, I ate something, although I did not go early in the
morning, but the village air is aging and the man is hungry. I went out into the field and started
to go down the yard and look around. They had a large farm with plenty of livestock. I turned to
the stall that was about a hundred yards from the house. On the left side of the stall, there was a
large enclosure where cows were slaughtered by him. Inside there were about fifteen cows that
approached the fence and the door of the pier when they saw me. I stood beside the fence and
slowly pulled my hand to pacify them. They were calm and I caressed them with their whole,
and they in turn kicked my hand and licked their rugged tongues in my hand. I pulled my hand
and headed for the door. I slowly opened the cut and got in among them. They occupied me like
dogs and began to call my jacket and a cat on me. I started slowly excited and they licked me all
over my body. I turned my skirt off and let two cows lick my pickups with their rugged tongues,
which began to turn red from their tongues. I turned to the door and grabbed hold of them and
slammed my ass toward them, and they started to lick my whole ass around my ass and cut my
long tongues over the pussy and cum through the whole furrows of my ass, licking my asses, my
thighs. All their balses were going down my legs. Nisa was bold more because it would be the
end of the excitement, I dropped my skirt and went out. They were still the end of the fence and
the door, and I went slowly to see what was in the gnocchi. , Third partThe doors were open and
saw the horses that were open and there was no horse. I went to other doors that were also
open, I went out to them and saw horses walking on a fenced field with large oaks in the middle
of the field. I came to the fence and sat down on the top of the praded fence and looked at
them. One saw me and slowly headed towards me. It did not matter to me, I got a little
apprehension when he came close to me. First he smoothed my sneakers and then one and the
other leg up to my knees. He stiffened his head, rubbed his lips, and began to flicker. He lowered
his head back to my sneakers and began to sneeze them again. In another breast, another horse
was created, which he also started to ate my sneakers. The excitement began to preoccupy with
my fear, and the legs slowly widened a bit, they continued to sneak their shoes, tossed their feet
on the legs and, in the end, threw their nostrils up. This becomes crazy and unforgettable. First,
the four of my four dogs went well and screwed up, and after that several cows licked me
everywhere that I was all red from their rugged tongues, my butt and pizza came from licking.
What kind of feeling he has with a horse, he puts it, and he has a rough tongue like a cow or just
hugging and kicking on my legs. I grabbed one to the head and pardoned the nostrils that were
boiling very soft and lowered my hand to the big wrinkles from which slowly paled the tongue in
my palms. The second horse, with its big nostrils, thrust my leg from the cubes to the knees, first
from the outside, and then proceeded from the inside, occasionally paling in the tongue after
them. I also handed the other horse's hand and he started licking my palm. I felt two thick
tongues licking my palms and my lungs began to go through my whole body to pass by thinking
that just the smoother, big and thick languages on my pickey were feeling them, humid and
warm. I scratched my legs a little longer, and they slammed their heads between them and
started licking my thighs from the inside. Picka started to burn from the excitement and
expectation of their languages to cross over. I did not wear a gag so it was right before their eyes.
One went all the way close to her, and the other one still licked one thigh. I brushed my legs as
far as I could to have the comforts of both. He began to go deeper in his tongue until his nostrils
stuck to my pick, I felt my tongue reaching close to my asses and returning to the overpasses,
and then he started to lick the pick that wrung under the big tongue and chewed my lips and the
tongue The whole clitoris stretched under it. I started shaking and clutching tightly to the fence
so that they would not fall off the thrill, and they continued to lick me more and more quickly.
The other horse was slowly and he bribed his head and his long tongue to my little pussy, this
would move a little to the side and both of them would put their nostrils to my pick and start to
palate down around their asses and drag them to the top of the hood. I watch two big tongues
wringing out the tongues and kneading underneath them, licking it on both sides, covering the
whole with two big tongues, stretching from the asses to the hippopotamus, leaving upright
hairs in a funny hairdo glued to their mucus. They licked me for a while, and I melted away from
excitement. During the time, more horses were gathered around them, and two more horses
came in from side to side and threw me under my thighs. I took off my shirt and let licking my
sisand the breasts that were solid and straight. These two horses were constantly licking my pick,
and the other two of them licked my teats. The excitement was all firmer and I ran, I constantly
let out my juices in their tongues, which were growing more and more of them. I had to get
down from the fence down and they would ride around me by throwing me in my stomach, my
tits, my back, my ass, wherever they came. One of them even began to lick my neck, cheek my
cheeks, and fold down over my shoulder to the breast that stared straight into his mouth, and
the other one with the other horse. The tits are bouncing only upstairs by dragging their big
tongues over them. The third horse looked around the head between them and began to lick the
brescia on the pussy and end up deeper into it, crossing the clitoris down, upstairs. I was a statue
between them that had been created yet, and they started lizarding from behind my asses. One
would drop his head between his legs and scream the deep tongue almost to catch up with this
tongue that licked my pick and started to squeeze over the cmar, and the other would give his
big tongue and lick the entire channel to the tops. I spread my buttocks in order to be able to
adhere. Lick cops alternately: I was in the sandwich of five horses who constantly licked me all
over the body. When they moved a little away from me, I saw that one buzdan went off almost
to the ground. I came to him and grabbed him with both hands and started to jerk, he began to
swing. I climbed up and put my mouth licking his dick's tip. During that time, he would drop his
head to me and start licking one side of my ass, the adjuster took the other horse, and began to
lick the other side of my ass and tongue out to the pussy and cum. After a while, I turned to the
big dick, who saluted me in my pick, which was all wet with a strong licking. The horse was
snooping over there while I was pounding underneath it stuffed on the dick holding my forelegs.
I did the same with another horse the same, and the rest were stagnant. When it all ended, I
picked up a cat and a jacket and for a few more minutes I stood between them all glued and they
would still lick my body. At one point, I heard applause behind me, I turned and saw Mark and
Anna standing by the gates and laughing at me and saying that they were watching the whole
spectacle I arranged with horses. They say it was great and that they did not try such licking with
horses and fuck. I laughed at them while the horses still licked me. I slowly headed towards
them, the horses would follow me and lick my legs and legs occasionally. They handed me my
hands and took me to the house as naked as a lonely rabbit. Ana took me to the bathroom and
stuck me in the cabin. After a while I came to my house and sat down with them on the terrace.
The fourth partAfter a turbulent day and sleeping peaceful nights without any sexualnig events
during the night, I got up in the morning fresh, all excellent and devastated, went down to those
who just returned from the animal feeding stock. I cooked coffee and moved to the terrace.
Marko asked me how I like it here and I used to get used to this life in the countryside. I told him
this is something that can not be described as good. Since the weekend, workers who work for
them on weekends go home and now they are alone. Ana suggested that after a lunch break,
Marco showed some interesting things with the animals. When we were lunching. We went to
rest a little, I went to my room and they in my own. I got up about five and got out. I looked
around and I did not see them anywhere. In one session, I hear how Ana calls me to sit down to
the stop. I went down and saw her and Marco standing at the door for the cow's cake. Marko
held two hay bales, and Ana opened the door. I ran and got in with them. Ana closed the door
and told me to stop with her in the room and watch the stamp that he was doing with cows.
Marko lowered the hay with his hay beside him, and the cows slowly approached him. Marko
was wearing a sorc on him only, he had nothing in the mountains. The cows came to him and
surrounded me like I was passing the day. Marko began to stroke them wholeheartedly, with
nuts, on his chin, and they would start licking his legs with his thighs with his back, in the
sorghum around his dick that began to ring and tighten the sorc. We climbed the fence to see
you better. One cow passed the tip of the tongue through a swollen sage, and the other licked it
from behind. Marko grabbed the sorceress and started removing him. During that time cows
licked him on the arms and back. When he was removed, he corrected himself and looked at us.
I gazed at what was happening, and Ana just laughed and kissed me from time to time. When
Mark corrected, the cows began to lick him everywhere on the body, overhangs. two cows lit
their tongues over the eggs while the dick shifted himself through their noses banging them.
When would she spend another time with her tongue across the length of her dick and put his
mouth in the mouth as if he were calling it. Marko would turn so slowly into a circle that every
cow wiped him out of his dick. At one point, he hung up his head all the way to the carand he
grabbed his legs and kicked his ass well that both the eggs and the dick came in the back. One
cow came in and began to lick eggs crossing its entire length licking through the cubes and with
the whole ass. Ana got up and got to her by holding him to her asses while the cow licking her
cock and eggs. After a few minutes, he was corrected with a swollen cock as if he were going to
burst. For some time cows licked him while Ana stood behind him holding his hips. Marko took
the ball with a hay and put it behind the cow, climbed up to her, and Ana would hold the tail and
pamper the cow, and Marko would slowly put his swollen cock in a cow pick and started to fuck
it. Other cows stood steadfastly watching and surviving. Marko would do the same for each cow,
and in the end he would get them on his nose while they were licking around Mark's dick. I was
all horny, and I had to shoot all the cameras, occasionally rubbing the hot pussy. Ana would have
kissed with a great kiss and then she would come to me where we were kissing the lights. Ana
told me she was not yet busy and that I would shoot her with horses now. I was very excited,
Marko did not even land, but with a half-twisted cock he started with us through the stop to the
second exit. We got to the door of the horses with horses and Marko opened the door and we all
got into the nut. Ana immediately headed for the horses and Marko took the camera now to
record. Ana had a white tits on her knees. When she reached the horse, they began to approach
her, her legs, ankles, bumps, stomachs, tits that had already painted her nipples. Marko
approached slowly to capture every detail, and I stood behind it. Ana chewed her hands and
gnawed each one between her head and her head. The horses began to lick her ass that
fluttered under the helanki, thighs, one stood in front of her, and crossed her big tongue over a
swollen pussy, which also flashed under the helanki. Marko was trying to capture every
movement of the horse's language, Anina's sigh. The dick began to lift again, and I was all wet
and sweaty with excitement. The horses started to leave a wet trail on the cat while licking their
tits, and the hellans were wet, so Ana began to remove the first hellans and then the cat. While
removing the cat, the horses flew gently to lick on the tits, stomaching over the swollen pussy,
through the buttocks and between up to one inch. Ana also clasped like a stamp with her head
between her legs and climbed. The horses would start licking her, and one would gently lick the
cock and pick her up at the same time ascending from below. Marko suggested that I adress and
join my buttocks, I could clearly see how the big tongue crossed the pussy towards the anus
covering the entire cock that was beneath the tongue. During that time, the rest of the horses
came behind me and began to lick me on my ass, which also surfaced under gray hellanka. Ana
corrected himself, hugged me, and I was her until our horses licked their asses. Ana pulled her
hell up and down, and I clearly felt the horse's languages on my semicolons and between them.
After a while, Ana stood and stepped under one of the horses I kept holding while picking my
pick, Anna caught him by a thick cock and started sucking, he shook his frets and continued to
lick my pizza. The other horse stood behind me and slapped me in the ass. Three mares were
standing behind Ana licking her on the back and getting head to Anna's and they would lick him
occasionally dick. Marko burned everything and occasionally slammed his dick. Ana turned and
slowly squeezed her pounding on a horse dick. The horse was starting to accelerate to make the
nights and nuts. Marko climbed and held Anina and my horse, and I pushed myself under the
other horse and slowly dragged the horse dick into myself. Marko shot me and Anne hugging
horses alternately. The horses watched it all calmly. Ana was the first to finish and the horse
sprayed her knee and her back lay Ana lay on her stomach and her knees would come and lick all
the sperm from Anina's ass and her back would rise from excitement. I was still on horseback.
Ana got up and stood over me and told him to lie down on my back by the horse and she
grabbed the horse's dick and began to hold her up behind me. The horse began to crawl over
me, Ana would steer through the pussy, the stomach, the tits, everywhere to end up mares and
begin to lick sperm from my sucking, stomachs, from the hot pussy. Since Marko wanted to
shoot me picking up the horses licking, I kicked my knees up and lifted my legs up and two mares
would drop their heads and start licking the bottom of my pussy from the anus quit, and the
third mare would stand above me and lick venerin breg. Marko would record all of this and
eventually I would go down and Marko would come to me and horse nights. The horses would
first lick Mark's sperm from me, and then they would lick him a dick. When we were done, Ana
would take us the area slowly out of the torrents. We came home and stuck together. Marko left
and made a copy of the shot and gave it to me. I stayed a couple more dana with them. Place the
first price.