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ARES Mechanical is a powerful CAD solution

for Mechanical Designers and Engineers

ARES Mechanical CAD software incorporates tools for creating,

editing, and viewing mechanical drawings productively and efficiently. It is an

intuitive, fully customizable, comprehensive CAD solution for Mechanical CAD

designers and engineers. If you are searching for a modern 2D Mechanical

CAD software for your daily production needs, ARES Mechanical is the right

solution for you.

We designed ARES Mechanical
for the demands of today’s work With ARES Touch, you can read,
share, and markup your
ARES Mechanical is especially designed for the needs of 2D mechanical CAD users project drawings on site using
and for those who use 3D CAD occasionally. your smartphone or tablet.

Whether you are a Factory Layout Planner making floor plans to place machines

with efficiency in mind or a Maintenance Engineer making revisions to existing

drawings, ARES Mechanical has the right set of tools to help you get the job done.

Conceptual Designers can use ARES Mechanical for creating quick

sketches. Draftspersons can create detailed 2D mechanical
drawings ready for production. ARES Mechanical meets the needs of
a wide spectrum of technical drawing users.
Key Features in ARES Mechanical
Predefined User Interfaces.

Designer-Planner Drafting and Annotation Layer Manager

The Designer-Planner ribbon highlights This ribbon was designed to work with an existing drawing and it consists of the most ARES Mechanical includes a set of features for working with predefined layers or layer standards so that users can adapt external standards

the top level features needed for a quick important functions for drafting and annotation. It provides easy access to drawing to company standards and even import or export the Predefined layers for objects and management tools.

sketch of a new drawing. Using constructi- resources. The user can access the full set of functions by switching to the Standard Menu, Layers - Entities Layers – Standard Entities

on lines, power trim, copy-paste and other where all functions are presented in toolbars. Of course, the command line option is availa-
useful tools, you can create a sketch quickly ble for power users. Here is a summary of the useful additional drawing tools.
and easily.

Here is a summary of

the useful additional

drawing tools. Automatic change of Layers, creation,

Import and export of layers .

Construction Lines:
Construction Lines (vertical, horizontal or Standards
at a defined angle) are easy to maintain, ARES Mechanical supports international

they are on a predefined layer and can be standards such as ANSI Inch, ANSI Metric,

switched on or off and are easy to pick, BSI, DIN ISO and JIS. Companies can define

together with Power Trim they provide a their own standards as copies and/or

powerful tool for quick design. extensions of existing standards.

Objects such as rectangles with dimensions
for a quick sketch.

Predefined Hatches: Drawing Resources

You can now use Predefined hatches in ARES Mechanical includes a set of

your designs. Many commonly used hatch standard parts such as:

patterns are included, which can be further ++ Bolts & Screws, Screw Connections,
customized based on your requirements. Nuts, Pins & Washers

++ Hole & Hole Table, Hole Callouts

Power Trim:
++ Symbols for surface and welding
Trim or extend entities faster than with any
++ Balloons and Bill of material and
other CAD Software.
Revision Tables

Now you can trim multiple entities at once

simply by moving your mouse around. Useful Settings: More productivity features
Just describe a path with your mouse and ARES Mechanical not only provides ARES Mechanical provides you access to the following additional features of ARES Commander:

ARES Mechanical will trim entities while useful functions for daily production ++ PDF Import function for importing PDFs
++ Constraint manager for geometrical and
you move the mouse. You can even use the drafting work but also streamlines the work functional constraints and converting to DWG
shift key with Power Trim to Extend entities. flow with useful, customizable settings.
++ Xtra Tools for simplified drawing ++ PDF Underlay for under laying PDF files
in a drawing
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