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Dialogue Presentation Rubric

Poor Fair Good Excellent

1 pt 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts
Volume Poor Fair Good Excellent

Student cannot be Volume is not always Student usually speaks Student speaks loudly
heard and makes no loud enough. Student loud enough to be enough to be heard
attempt to speak up. can sometimes not be heard. easily.

Fluency Poor Fair Good Excellent

Student is unable to Student speaks and Student mostly speaks Student always speaks
speak or read through reads haltingly with and reads fluently with and reads fluently with
the dialogue. long pauses. few hesitations. few hesitations.

Pronunciation Poor Fair Good Excellent

Student is Pronunciation is not at Most words are Pronunciation is clear

unintelligible. Nothing all clear and student is pronounced clearly and and distinct all of the
can be understood. difficult to understand. the student can be time and does not
clearly understood. interfere with

Written Content Poor Fair Good Excellent

Student is unable to Vocabulary is not used Student mostly uses Student makes no
use vocabulary and correctly. There are correct vocabulary with errors in vocabulary
grammar correctly to many areas in few, if any, errors in usage, grammar, or
construct an grammar or sentence grammar or sentence sentence structure. The
appropriate dialogue. structure that interfere structure. The dialogue dialogue is well-written
with meaning. is clear and follows a and practical.
logical sequence.