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Diagnostics for wcp 35/55

Entry to Diagnostics

If the machine has a foreign interface installed and the user number is not known to the
engineer, diagnostic entry cannot be performed from the features screen. Change to the
job status or machine status screen to enter diagnostics.

1. Switch on the machine, GP 14.

2. When the machine has completed the power up sequence, press and hold the #
button and then press the ‘Access’ button.

3. Enter the password (default is 1934) and touch Enter.


To clear an incorrect entry press the hard-key C button. Three incorrect entries
will result in a three minute lockout.

4. Select the appropriate tab from the ‘Diagnostic’ screen. Refer to Table 1.

Diagnostic Facilities
The service information screen gives access to the diagnostic menu, refer to Table 1.

The diagnostic facilities available are:

 dC001 Reset Auditron Master Pin.

 dC104 System (Modal) Usage Counters.

 dC109 Embedded Fax Protocol Report.

 dC111 Tag Matrix.

 dC131 NVM Read/Write.

 dC131a NVM Tables Chain 1 to 10.

 dC131b NVM Tables chain 12 to 20.

 dC132 NVM Initialization.

 dC305 UI Test.
 dC312 Network Echo Tests.

 dC314 Network Connectivity Tests.

 dC330 Component Control.

 dC502 DADH Width Guide Calibration.

 dC604 Registration Setup.

 dC606 Internal Print Test Patterns.

 dC640 Video Path Diagnostics.

 dC905 TC Sensor Calibration.

Diagnostics for DC 220-230-420-430-440

To Enter Diagnostics:
1. Power-ON the machine.
2. Press the ACCESS button on the Control Panel.


The default Diagnostic Entry Password is # 11.

3. Press #11 (# key and two 1 keys) and select ENTER.

4. Select from Fault History, HFSI, dC ROUTINES, or Call Closeout

Diagnostics for M118/C118

 Press and hold the 0 button and then press the Start button.


The colors on the display are reversed to indicate Diagnostic Mode.

If diagnostics cannot be entered, press the Clear All button, then perform this
procedure again.

Copies can be made from this screen.

Diagnostics for DC 1632/2240
Access the UI Diagnostic mode by following the procedures below.

Entering the UI Diagnostic mode

1. At the Control Panel, press and hold the 0 key for 5 seconds, then press the Start
button while still pressing the 0 key.

The CE Mode - Password Entry screen will appear.

2. Enter the Access Number (6789) and press Confirm.The colors on the display
will be reversed to indicate that the mode has changed to the UI Diagnostic mode.

Diagnostics for WCP 32

The following procedure describe how to enter Diagnostic Navigator with the PWS.

1. Connect the Portable Work Station (PWS) to the machine ( Figure 1).
a. Connect PWS AC Adapter to PWS and AC power, or utilize PWS DC

b. Disconnect Customer Ethernet Cable from Network Interface Connection

if connected.

c. Connect USB A/B Cable to PWS USB A Port and USB B Port.

Figure 1 Connecting the PWS

2. At the PWS, enter the GSNLock Password and select OK.

3. From the Start menu in the lower left corner, select Programs\Xerox Applications\
(this machine) Diagnostics Navigator.

4. The Diagnostics Navigator screen will display.

a. Check that Local USB Connection default is in Select Connection Mode


Check that Use Current Database default is in Select Database Source


Select Continue. The PWS Service Entry (DC100) window displays.

b. While the machine and PWS communicate, the machine UI will display
the message, Diagnostics are active. The system is not available. Please

5. Machine data is displayed on the Service Entry Screen. When the system has
obtained the machine data, it displays Ready at the upper left corner of the
Service Entry Screen.

Diagnostics for DDS - 8825

Access the UI Diagnostic mode by following the procedures below.

Entering the UI Diagnostic mode

Presing and holding the zero (0) button while swiching on the printer.

The diagnostics mode may also by entered from the Contol Panel entering the Printer

Menu > Diagnostics, and entering the password 6789

Diagnostics for WCP 320-420

Entering the UI Diagnostic mode -Presing and holding the zero (0) button while
swiching on the printer.Relase 0 button after Control Panel indicators illuminate.

Diagnostics code can be entered after control panels indicators go out.