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A Gift For San

In school there are 3 students names San, Jii, and Fee. They are in a friendship. Next day
is san’s birthday.
Fee : What a gift should we give for san?
Jii : hmm, how if we give her a flower? Hahahaa
Fee : no no no. I’m not sure
Jii : so?
Fee : Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe we can give something she likes.
Jii : But, What?
(Suddenly san comes)
San : Guys! You know Cakka?
Fee : Of course. He is your idol right?
San : Yes and next week is a meet and greet with Cakka in Bandar Lampung but I feel sad guys, I
don’t have much money to register it.
Fee : So? What is the speci
al from Cakka? He is just a little boy.
San : What do you mean? He is cool. And I love his song.
Jii : Hah? Cool? Haha
San : You’re my best friend or not? You must support me! I’m annoyed with you !!
Fee : So, you are angry with me and jii?
San : Think by yourself!! (and then she goes)
Jii : Haha she is angry
Fee : Good job (y)!!
Jii : Fee, we can give her a ticket for meet and great Cakka?
Fee : okeyy! I agree with you.
Next day …
Fee : Come on jii! We must buy the ticket now before run out.
Jii : Okaaay!
At San’s Home …
Fee : Surprise! Happy birthday dear
San : Oh god, thank you baby. I’m forget if today is my birthday :D
Jii : Huuu happy birthday San, this is for you
San : What it is?
Fee : Open it San
San : Ticket MNG Cakka? Thank you so much my best friend :*
Jii&Fee : You’re welcome
Fee : Okay, we must go home now San. Sorry,
San : No problem, byeee
Jii & Fee go home but Jii forgets if her book misses in San’s room and they must go back.
San : Yeye lalala, Cakkaaa wait me baby … mwaaaaah :*
Fee : haaaa? What are you doing?
Jii : hahahaha
San : heheee. I was so ashamed :D
Then, next week San can meet and great with Cakka, her idol. And that is a special gift
from her best friend in her birthday.