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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis WINGS Stefan de Reijer 4ve

The song was composed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They are an American Hip hop duo.
They joined their talents in 2008 and call themselves Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The music
video is directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi and alludes to an autobiographical story line. The song
“Wing$” is published in 2012. The style of the song is Hiphop/rap.
First impressions:
Slowly builds up tension. It sounds to me like a rather old fashioned rap song, without a
tempo as high as the rap songs have nowadays. I think the song is relaxing, easy to follow
and you can easily hear the lyrics, because the level of the rap is not too fast. In addition, it
is very clear what the message of the song is and the story is not hard to follow.
The tempo of the songs starts slow, but increases when the tension is build up. Though the
beat is not always the same, the beat is repeated a couple of places for example in the
chorus. Overall though, different beats are used throughout the song, such as a beat which
becomes louder and louder to create tension. In the last verse, you can hear the piano
slowly playing soft and low notes to create a kind of sombre tone to final lyrics. Like I
explained earlier, the song is quite simple in beat and tempo, you can follow and feel the
lyrics, while also generating an sad yet impactful mood. During the song, different violins are
being used as well, which accompany the piano’s dramatic and intense build up. In the
beginning, when tension is created and during the verses, trumpets get introduced to help .
Furthermore, to create tension a tambourine is used. Tension is also created by a faster
beat, background choir, increasing pitch and like I said before more instruments contributing
to the part of the song.

The composers create variety by using all kinds of different instruments. There is also
repetition in the song because the song starts with two verses, then the chorus, followed by
another verse, then the chorus again and it ends with a verse again, so as you can see the
chorus is repeated once during the song. I think the song starts rather slow, but it slowly
builds up tension and raising the tempo. Then the lyrics and beat stops/ pauses, before
getting to the first climax/drop. At the end there is a pause again followed by some slow end
lines to finish off the song. The song is a G minor key. This is mainly because it is a sad and
emotional song. The composers grab the listeners attention by pausing the song twice, in the
first case the pause is followed by a climax which is a really good hook/ grabs the listeners
attention very well. Harmony is created when the sad violin (or happy one depends on your
interpretation) and the piano combine there sounds. The beat and the wind instruments
combine with the piano and the violin as well.
According to Wikipedia the song "Wings" is about the pursuit of identity through the means
of consumerism. The attempt is to dissect our infatuation and attachment
to logos, labels, brands and the fleeting happiness that is intrinsically linked to the almighty
power of the purchase. The subject that is used in the song is shoes, but its aim is to paint a
broader picture of being a consumer and tracing the lineage back to my first memory of
retail infused desire.
The song can touch someone really deep because of the emotional instruments. In the video
clip you see a boy who has the dream of becoming a professional basketball player and buys
new shoes to look cool. However his shoes get stolen and someone else gets the same
shoes, so he realises that he is tricked by consumerism. He buys expensive shoes because of
the brand while the material is just the same as the cheaper shoes and the brand does not
let him for fill his dreams. I think this is sad, but also realistic at the same time. I think the
western countries are tricked by consumerism, resulting in a downward going spiral in which
the earth with its flora and fauna is its victim. Because of this song I realise even more that I
do not want to waste money on expensive brands so I do not encourage them to make more
products and to make a high profit.
Gathering Background Information:
Benjamin Hammond Haggerty is known as Macklemore (it is a stage name) and formerly
Professor Mack Lemore. Macklemore is born on June 19, 1983. He is a American singer and
grew up in Seattle. Macklemore has collaborated with producer Ryan Lewis as Macklemore
& Ryan Lewis. Macklemore has independently released one mixtape, three Eps, and four
albums since the year 2000. Macklemore and Ryan became well known after their number
one hit “Thrift Shop”. Ryan S. Lewis is born on March 25, 1988. He is an American DJ,
musician, record producer, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, music video
director, rapper and songwriter. He produced next to the albums of Macklemore & Ryan
Lewis (such as “Heist”) his own album titled Instrumentals.
Informed Judgment:
I think the song is not as slow as in the beginning. After listened to the song a couple of
times I realised the tempo is higher than I thought. It still has a little of an old fashioned
theme or aura. It is difficult to explain but the beat sound different than the beats nowadays,
but that makes sense because the song is produces five/six years ago (in 2012). I still think
the song is quite relaxing. The song gives me a sad emotional feeling, but weird enough also
a happy one.

Stefan de Reijer, Felix Zwolle and Quirijn van Schothorst 4ve