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The Human Design System

Brief History, Organization, Learning and References.

As of: 6/10/2016
The Human Design System is a logical, mechanical, and
graphically illustrated system which maps each individual’s unique
genetic matrix. Human Design is the study, application and
experimentation with the tools of the Human Design System.

Strategy according to type, and inner authority[5] for decision

making are the primary tools offered by the Human Design
System. According to proponents of Human Design, when
someone experiments with their strategy and authority, it
transforms their life, one decision at a time. Through each
decision they can begin to discover their uniqueness, and they
find the correct alignment of their own particular trajectory. In
addition, by experimenting with strategy and trying out decision
making with the individual’s inner authority, each person comes to
their own conclusion about the validity of the information from
their own experience.

At a practical level, Human Design offers a new process of

decision making. It is not a new mental strategy or type-casting
philosophy. It is about transferring the decision making from the
mind to the inner authority of the body. Every cell in the body has
it’s own intelligence, it’s own memory capacity, and according to
Human Design, it’s own frequency of consciousness. This bio-
intelligence, the consciousness of the form itself becomes the
source of the inner authority for decision making.

Human Design teaches that the mind is not the source of

authority for decision making, and that up until now the purpose of
the mind has been misplaced and misunderstood. Through
experimenting with strategy and authority, Human Design teaches

that anyone can recognize the correct way in which the body and
the mind are designed to function.

The BodyGraph is the illustrative map which shows the genetic

highlighting of the individual and articulates the unique
differentiation found in their design. Human Design teachings
claim that by learning the surface mechanics of the BodyGraph
anyone can understand how their design operates and can
mechanically find what makes their life unique. By applying the
tools of Human Design they can learn to operate out of that

Fundamental to Human Design, is the concept of a binary

consciousness, both a mental and a physical consciousness.
According to Human Design, humans are endowed with two
crystals of consciousness, a Design Crystal and a Personality
Crystal which both receive and process neutrino information for
the healthy functioning of the being.

The design or form consciousness derived from the Design

Crystal, is designed to provide the inner authority for the decision
making, direction, and trajectory of the life. The personality or
mental consciousness derived from the Personality Crystal is
designed to provide the outer authority; the ability to observe and
interpret information for the benefit of others, but not to run the
life. These two streams of consciousness are pulled together by
what is called in Human Design terms, the prime Magnetic
Monopole which creates the illusion of separateness, and
provides the direction for the life. It is by the healthy utilization of
the binary consciousness that humans can achieve their potential
of self-reflected consciousness in form.

The concept of the Magnetic Monopole and the binary crystals of

consciousness are unique to the Human Design System. A
metaphor which may help explain human experience of binary
consciousness is The vehicle, the passenger, and the driver: The

vehicle is the body, the form, or in Human Design terms, the

design of the form. The passenger is the mind, or in Human
Design terms, the personality. The driver is the Magnetic
Monopole. The mind’s job is to be the passenger, to sit in the
back seat of the car and look out the windows and observe the
life; and express its unique point of view as an outer authority in
service to others. The form’s job is to be the vehicle, the physical
object that moves through space and time; and lives the life. The
Magnetic Monopole’s job is to be the driver, to take the
information from the streams of consciousness and to guide the
vehicle on the correct trajectory or path, much like an internal
GPS system.

According to Human Design advocates, this combination of the

mind as passenger and outer authority, and the form as the
vehicle and source for inner authority in decision making, is what
provides the potential maximum utilization of the binary
consciousness. The experiment with strategy is what allows the
personality or the mind to begin to relax as the passenger while
experimenting with the inner authority for decision making is what
allows the driver and the vehicle to begin to align with its correct
trajectory. Through these tools of strategy and authority, the
experience of binary consciousness begins to develop and the life
begins to express its uniqueness.

A particularly dominant theme in Human Design is ‘’conditioning’’

which describes how the “world” (particularly other people) has a
powerful impact on each person’s behavior. Anyone familiar with
Behaviorism and Pavlov and B. F. Skinner, will recognize the


1 Brief History
2 Organization
3 Learning

4 References

Brief History

The Human Design System was given form by Ra Uru Hu. Born
Alan (Robert) Krakower in Montreal, Canada April 9, 1948, the
son of wealthy parents, he received a good education and went
on to work as an entrepreneur, a magazine publisher, an
advertising executive and media producer.

The Human Design System was revealed to Ra Uru Hu by what

called itself the "Voice" which spoke to him for eight consecutive
days and nights in January of 1987. At the time of his encounter
he was living in an old ruin over an ancient well on the island of
Ibiza, off the coast of Spain. His life completely changed through
his experience with the "Voice". Every cell in his body was
different; even his name was different. To this day, Ra does not
claim this is “his” information; but that it was given in trust to him
for the future children of humanity.

Ra describes himself as a skeptic with a background in physics.

He had no belief in things of a mystical bent. He has often said
that he resented the intrusion into his life of this "Voice". But the
experience was so shocking and so profound that he was unable
to simply set it aside and get back to his life.

One of the results of the mystical origin of The Human Design

System is that it puts the responsibility on each person who meets
this information to test whether or not it has practical value for
their own life. This is not a belief system to be taught as dogma,
or to take on faith. Human Design is not a philosophy. It provides
a logical concrete map, through the BodyGraph of the nature of
each and every being on the planet. Ra is the first to tell anyone,
“Don’t trust me, experiment for yourself and determine if this is
true for you or not.”

Learning to utilize binary consciousness is an evolutionary step in

the human process that has not been previously available to
humanity, according to Human Design. Throughout history,
consciousness has evolved through the evolution of human
design as with the 5-centered Neanderthal (Homo
Neanderthalensis) to the 7-centered Homo Sapiens. The 7-
centered Homo Sapiens evolution corresponds losely to the
model of the 7-centered Hindu Chakra system. In 1781, the
mutation to the current model of the 9-centered being began to
appear in the population, and completely replaced the 7-centered
strategic being by the 1860’s. The potential of the 9-centered
being is just at the rudimentary level of understanding, which can
develop far beyond the cognitive, sensory and awareness
capabilities of the 7-centered being. Humans today still carry the
chemistry of the 7-centered being in their cells, and continue to
operate in an archaic 7-centered hierarchic social structure and
world view, mostly unaware of their expanded potential.

According to Human Design, the 9-centered being is a transitional

form and that a further mutation will begin to appear in the
population in 2027 with the emergence of a new species, called
The Rave. As a transitional form, the current human design of the
9-centered being has consciousness capabilities beyond the
scope of the 7-centered ancestral design, and it is this ability to
utilize the binary consciousness that differentiates the 9-centered
design from it’s past.

Critics of The Human Design System point out that there is no

scientific proof of the presence of consciousness crystals, nor of
the Magnetic Monopole. The assertion that homo sapiens have
continued to evolve is widely accepted within the scientific
community, however, the specific adaptations of centers be it nine
or seven, is unproven. However, Ra Uru Hu has been teaching
since 1987 that the “Voice” informed him that neutrinos have
mass; and this was unproven scientifically until 1991. According to

Ra Uru Hu, the presence of the Magnetic Monopole and the

crystals of consciousness will also be proven in the future.


Human Design is often called the Science of Differentiation or the

Science of the Self, as experimentation with the logical,
mechanical understanding of a person’s genetic highlighting can
lead to the realization and experience of their individual
differentiation or their unique self.

The graphic foundation of the Human Design System is the

BodyGraph, which when shown in it’s expanded version, sits
within what is called the Rave Mandala. The Rave Mandala and
the BodyGraph are a part of the revealed synthesis of the Human
Design System that is much greater than the sum of its parts, and
it symbolizes both the depth and the beauty that is Human

The Rave Mandala is composed of several parts which

synthesize both ancient and modern principles. It begins with the
wheel derived from eastern and western astrology and it forms
the framework for the planetary imprinting calculations.
Surrounding the wheel are the sixty-four hexagrams of the I
Ching, which correspond to the sixty-four codons of the human
genetic code or language. The sixty-four hexagrams translate into
the sixty-four gates shown in the BodyGraph, and thereby
transfers the planetary imprint to the body.

The BodyGraph is made up of these sixty-four gates, which are

connected through channels that are rooted in the Tree of Life
design of the ancient Kabala. The circuitry map of gates and
channels connect the nine centers which are derived from the
Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system. These elements creates a
quantum field, one in which the Rave Mandala reveals a unified
view of the individual that could not be reached by any one

element of this synthesis. It is the quantum of the mechanics itself

that allows anyone to see their genetic highlighting, the map of
their uniqueness.

According to Human Design teachings, no two people have ever

been born exactly the same. Each person is a composite of the
genetic diversity and inheritance that has led to the moment of
their conception and subsequent development and birth. Never
before, in any system of knowledge from the mystical to the
scientific, has there been a mechanical map of human potential.
This is the revolution that Human Design claims to bring to every
person, the ability to see their own unique design, and the
process to live out this potential through strategy and authority.

Human Design is represented as knowledge for this time, as rapid

changes move humanity toward the need to embrace the
enhanced evolutionary capacities that are currently being under
utilized. Human Design proponents claim that humanity is on the
cusp of another evolutionary shift; and now, unlike ever before,
there is the prospect of learning how to cultivate the potential of
the 9-centered being. Human Design claims to offer the possibility
to live on the leading edge of human development. According to
those who have been and are currently experimenting with
Human Design, the experiment of Human Design provides the
opportunity to live as a unique individual, to live by the decision
making of the form’s inner authority, while liberating the mind to
be of service to others.

The synthesis of ancient esoteric systems with modern concepts

about neutrinos and genetics provides a profound exposition on
human behavior. And, unlike so many systems that describe
human behavior, Human Design is inherently non-judgmental and
is not moralistic.

The system is multi-layered, meaning that whatever basic

perceptual model you employ, Human Design can be viewed via

that model. If spirituality is your focus, then the system fits in quite
well. If your preferred model is more scientific, the system fits in
there equally well.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the system is the

density and granularity of the bodygraph component itself.
Anyone who has learned the language and symbols of the system
can extract a lot of information from a seemingly simple image.
The information is both broad in its scope and extremely detailed,
so a trained analyst can move easily between a macro and micro
view of a person’s behavioral strategies — both the genetically
wired ones and those which have been learned.


Licensed Human Design Analysts throughout the world offer

Foundational Readings and Overviews which offer clients specific
information about the individuals design and provide tools for
experimentation with their particular design.

Human Design Professionals offer a wide range of education,

classes and services. Advanced readings on a variety of topics
including the Primary Health System Analysis, Color Transference
Analysis, Transit Readings, Dream Rave Analysis, Partnership
Analysis, Family Penta Analysis, and Business Analysis (BG-5)
are available from a variety of qualified Human Design Analysts
and Human Design Professionals. Professional designations
include: Licensed Human Design Analysts, Living Your Design
Guides, Primary Health System Practitioners and Analysts, Rave
Psychologists and Color Transference Analysts, Dream Rave
Analysts, BG-5 Analysts, and Family Practice Analysts.

In addition, there are other classes and courses taught for those
who are interested in studying the Human Design System in
depth, and for those who wish to become Human Design
professionals. Books and lecture media are also available for

private study through various national Human Design


Jovian Archive Corporation sanctions all national Human Design

organizations throughout the world. There are national
organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain,
Germany/Austria, Ukraine, Italy, Australia, Greece/Cyprus,
France, Brazil, and Iceland. New national organizations are being
founded each year.

National Human Design organizations are responsible for

providing a well-regulated licensing program for Human Design
Analysts in order to ensure a high level of competence among
licensed analysts. Each national Human Design organization
publishes a directory of Licensed Human Design Analysts within
their country/region. Many national organizations offer basic
training and education for the licensing of Human Design
Analysts, whereas the International Human Design School offers
more advanced training and education. Jovian Archive
Corporation presides over the International Human Design

Jovian Archive Corporation is the International Rights Holder to

The Human Design System, The Global Incarnation Index,
Primary Health System and all knowledge derived from the
teachings of Ra Uru Hu. Copyright 1992-2007. The Rave
BodyGraph TM and Rave Mandala TM are registered Trademarks
of Jovian Archive Corporation, and All Rights Reserved. Jovian
Archive has granted permission for the use of their trademarks
within this article, and the permission to reprint this article as a
whole is freely granted.


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November 18, 2016 -

"An action begun correctly from a place of confidence in the

appropriate timing facilitates an enjoyment of the process along
with success."[2] According to the Human Design System these
words of wisdom are about correct decision making - that is the
decisions that you make that are according to the mechanics of
your own Human Design rather than based on external or
internalized conditioning.

January 21, 2017 -

"We act freely when we obey ourselves, we act unfreely when we

obey some other compulsion."[3]

Obeying yourself implies "Knowing Thy Self"! (Otherwise you

obey what Jovian Human Design calls the "Not-Self".)

January 24th, 2017 -

More than likely your Human Design BodyGraph will include at

least one undefined "white" center that is not connected to
another center by way of a defined channel. I have an undefined
Root Center. These "open" centers[7] are like inner classrooms
where we can gain deeper understanding of ourselves.

Ra encourages us to: "Look at those open centers that you have

in your design. This is where all the fear is that you dwell on in
your life. It is all the basic fears that drive the way your mind
works and the way your mind makes decisions. The fear that you
cannot be what you're not. How insane is that?

Human beings so frightened because they think they have to be

something that they're not, that they have to get somewhere
where they don't have to get to. It's such a madness. This is what
drives everyone forward. They're all driven in this Program by fear
—fear of not having or fear of losing. It doesn't matter. It's just
fears. This world is embedded with fears. This is not what we're

When we look at the societies historically that we have frowned

upon, generally speaking, it's usually those societies in which
there is this horrific control over the people. We live in a Program
that controls the planet through fear, as any totalitarian regime will

do. It controls you through fear. So you have all these human
beings running around and they're all afraid. Scratch any of them
and you will smell that fear. And it's the Program. And it's the
conditioning. And it's the ignorance."[4]

June 25, 2017 -

The "Thought for the day" from the Omraam community largely
corresponds to the third paragraph above:

"... The intelligence of a human being is not only the product of

their studies and reflections; it depends on the good or bad state
of all the cells in their body. They must pay careful attention to the
quality of their physical food, but more importantly to the quality of
their psychic food – their sensations, feelings, desires and
thoughts, or they will remain closed to the greatest
revelations. ..."[6]

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[5] Inner Authority" is "what you can rely upon in your nature to
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[7] "An open Center has the potential to exactly mirror back the
energies related to that Center towards anyone who has that
Center defined in their own Design. Alternatively, an open Center
can become overwhelmed by the energies emanating from
others, especially those who have that Center defined in their own