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Nefthali Arizmendi

Brave New World

Period: 3

In a land far away, there lived a kingdom where a young queen controlled everything.
She ruled everything. All the riches in the world is what she claimed. The young queen always
forced her people by giving her lots of jewelry, food, clothes, anything!. “Give me this! Oh! Give
me that horse too!” And people had no choice but to give her all the things she wanted or else
they would have to work with the queen and do everything she pleases. As she controlled them,
she would always start saying to them, “Now, bow down to me.” She always been this greedy
and evil ever since she became queen, but sadly, she can never control her greed. One day,
she sat in her throne. Smiling by looking all of the precious things she had while holding her
necklace where she told the young ma’am one day to give it to her. She couldn’t help but laugh.
All of her precious things belong to her. Suddenly, her servant came in one day running towards
her and bow down pleading,
“Your majesty, I’m sorry I came in a wrong time but please listen to me.”
She hesitated but then nodded, “Go ahead”
The servant looked directly at the young queen saying,
”I beg of you! Please stop treating our people like this! This is no good! From how many items
and resources you have taken from them is a problem! It’s a very big problem that needs to be
fixed, your majesty! A big problem!”
While the young queen heard his concern she snickered,
“You really think my people would go against me? Don’t make me laugh! They already know
what would happen if they do!”
“Y-Y-Yes your majesty, but think of the outcomes! Think of how they-”
She slammed her hand on the throne interrupting his concern and said,
“That’s enough! I don’t have time to hear these lies! You are here to help me! Not go make
She stood up and walked towards the door.
“Come, I need new things.”
The servant quietly sighed and nodded. Walking towards the door and opening it while saying,
“As you wish, your majesty.” Then led his hand showing the way.

They left the castle and walked around. Some of the citizens rushed back to go inside to
avoid the queen and some had no choice but to bow down when she came in close. The young
queen was looking and looking seeing if there is anything interesting for her to take, but nothing
seemed to impress her.
“Ugh! There’s nothing good! I need to find something that’s good!”
She started to get angry and jumping up and down. Her servant came in and tried to calm her
“Your majesty, no-no-no worries! We’ll… we’ll find the most beautiful thing in the world! Do not
lose hope, your majesty!”
He tried to think where they should both go and had an idea,
“Your majesty, why can we not go to the small town we mostly never visit?”
She looked at him,
“Why would I go to that dump? There is never anything there!”
“But-but-but, your majesty! We have not been in that part of town for such a long time. I believe
we should head back and see what they grasp this time.”
She pondered and pondered if this was a good idea. The servant convinced her,
”​The small things in life are sometimes the most precious gifts.”
She couldn’t help but agree, “Then let’s go!”.

They went to the small part of town and once again saw nothing.
“You lied! There’s nothing here! Just people doing boring stuff! Where are my precious gifts you
He once again tried and calm her down. But while calming down the young queen, she heard
the most beautiful sound, it was such a delicate sound. She felt she was in a beautiful land full
of flowers while this piece of music was made.
“Your majesty?”
He looked confused. She didn’t listen to him and followed the noise.
“Your majesty, where are you going?” and catched up to her.
The young queen found where the sound was coming from. It was from a maiden playing a
harp. The servant looked at the maiden, as well. He couldn’t help, but to fall for her. The
maiden’s eyes were closed while playing the strings as delicately as possible. The servant
couldn’t help but to close his eyes and listen to her tune. This went on until,
“I want it!”
the young queen said, interrupting the quiet sound while pointing at the harp. The maiden
opened her eyes and noticed it was the young queen.
“Oh... it’s you.”
“Of course it’s me. Who else could it be? Now I command you to give that precious harp to me!”
The maiden stood up while holding her harp close, responding with a no. The queen got
agitated and pointed to the harp while saying it one more time,
”I command you to give the harp to me!”
The maiden stood silent then responded,
”Why would I follow your silly orders? You never pay attention to the people… You’ve made my
parents suffer from you!”
The servant felt sad for the poor maiden, but he couldn’t say anything because it will be rude to
interrupt the queen. The young queen, not caring said,
”Why would I care about them? The only thing I care is what they give me.”
She hold out her finger pointing at her,
“And how dare you respond to your queen that way! You have now become my servant! Bow
down to me!”
The maiden shooked her head sideways,
“No, I won’t. This kingdom will perish. I’ll even make help me, as well.”
The queen laughed,
“Ha, ha, ha! You?! I would like to see you try! ​Everyone is going to get afraid of my army!” The
maiden stood up for herself,
“You’ll see! We are tired of your greed! We need our freedom! We need a place where no one
takes our stuff and ruin people’s lives!”
The queen couldn’t help but laugh,
“This is hilarious! You’re a funny one! This time I’ll let you get away from this incident, but next
She turned around and said to her,
“You better prepare yourself.” Then, she walked away,
“Come my servant! It’s tea time!.”
“Coming y-y-your majesty!” He bowed down to the maiden and said,
“I’m sorry she has been this rude towards you. Y-Y-You shouldn’t worry because I know how
she feels.” He left and followed the queen.
‘What feelings? She’s just cold hearted.’, the maiden questioned herself.

The princess came back to her tower and started to jump up and down, agitated from
what the maiden had said to her.
“Your majesty! Please, the madam did not mean no harm. She did not know!”, the servant said.
“Does she know who I am?! I can’t believe this!”
She was filled with rage,
“Servant! I need my minister!”
“W-W-What for, your majesty?”
“It’s now time for her to prepare herself. Now go! I need you to go get the minister.”
“Y-Y-Yes, your majesty!” He bowed and left.

A few minutes had passed and someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”, the queen said.
It was the minister and he walked inside to the throne room and then bowed down to the queen,
“What can I do for you today, your highness?”
“I have a deed for you.”, she said.
“What kind of deed?”
“I need you...”
Then she said in a soft voice to not be heard,
“Make sure the small town is in pieces.”
The minister stood up and agreed, “Yes, your highness.” And walked out from the throne room.

People with their houses were burned to the ground and so many voices were gone. The
people who suffered through the pain, did not get pitied when they were killed.
As this was happening, the young queen looked out the flames outside her window and turned
around smiling, “Oh, it’s tea time!”
The next day, the servant one day walked around town to see if anyone needed help
after the terrible thing the queen did yesterday. He noticed a huge crowd and noticed the same
lovely maiden standing in the middle of town. The servant decided to listen.
“The day has come, it is time for a revolution!”
Everyone was cheering on. The servant knew this was going to happen, but he didn’t know
“We had hidden our anger for far too long and been prepared for years for this day to come. Let
us stop hiding our masks!”
The people were not afraid of the losing, but they knew they won’t lose. The maiden continued,
“I still remember the day, where the queen took my parent’s farm animals. It was the only way
my parents got paid and lived. My parents tried and tried to find some food, but they couldn’t. All
because of this selfish, greedy, evil queen!”
The servant couldn’t help but to feel bad. He knew it wasn’t the queen’s fault.
“She knows better, but my majesty does not see it. Not yet...”,
the Servant whispered but his thoughts got interrupted by the maiden,
“But today… is the day where we can be free! Where we wouldn’t worry from her laws and most
importantly her evilness! It’s time for a revolution!”
Everyone was happy to hear those words. Freedom… that’s all they wanted, but to get it the
people needed to perish the evil flower.
The servant ran as fast as he could to go tell the queen.

The servant ran to the castle and went inside. Then, he opened the door without asking
permission to go in.
“Your majesty!”, He yelled.
The queen was shocked from how the servant did not knock on the door first. As he read her
thoughts he said panting,
“I’m sorry, y-y-your majesty, but I came here as fast as I could!”
The queen was curious to see why and responded,
“What happened?”
“Terrible news, your majesty! The people are trying to overthrow you! They are planning to have
their revolution! Maybe even today!”
The queen laughed,
“Oh, that’s all? That’s funny. I know they can’t take over me. What did I even do wrong?”
The servant knew her mistakes but did not say them,
“Y-Y-Yes, your majesty! They do not know! They are the foolish ones!”
“You see?! What fools!”
“What do we do now, your majesty?!”
“What! But your majesty!”
“They’ll realize their mistakes.”

It was midnight, the queen was sleeping peacefully with her precious gifts on the side.
Everyone who worked with the queen knew this day would come and ran away to avoid the mad
crowd. The young queen did not want to fight with them since she thought they’ll realize their
mistakes. But alas, she was captured in the night.
“There you are!”, the maiden said.
The young queen yawned and looked at the people,
“Why are you people here? You should knock first, mind you.”
“We are tired of your selfish desires! Now, it is time to end you!”
The young queen laughed,
“Really now? Oh wait! Is this your small army?” She laughed again.
“These are your people! How dare you look down on us!”
“Well it’s because I control you. You’re just pawns.”
“We’re over throwing you now! Goodbye, your majesty!”
Everyone started to yell and applaud. Then the queen called out the guards,
“Guards! Seize them!”
But no answer.
No answer.
Suddenly the queen got captured. Now her hands were behind her back,
“You should be ashamed!”, she said to everyone.

She was punished in the afternoon in the center of the town, the bells were ringing,
signaling her execution. Everyone was looking, yelling, applauding for this moment. The young
queen did not even noticed her mistakes. She still thought this was a foolish thing to do. She
only wanted her precious things. And take those precious things away from other people. She
has done no wrong, right? WIthout looking at the crowd she said her final words smiling once
“Oh! It’s tea time!”
This evil flower has withered.
After the servant saw the deadly outcome he said to himself,
“I tried and warned you, your majesty… I always believed you could had changed but, I still feel
you will… in another time or even the after life you’ll realize. I am not being ignorant, I say!
I hope...”
As days went on, The people received their freedom and got to choose their decisions and kept
their precious things in the end and they spoke about her without a second thought. The evil
flower has received her outcome.