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Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Planning Worksheet for One Topic

Higher-order thinking Level of Learning

Creating Act
Action Verbs
Generate Film
Products Content Objectives Language Objectives Sentence Stems
Is there a better solution to...
Assemble Improve Story Judge the value of...
(Putting together Combine Infer Project Can you defend your position about...?
ideas or elements Compose Invent Plan Do you think ... is a good or a bad thing?
to develop an Construct Imagine New game How would you have handled...?
original idea or Create Plan Song What changes to ... would you recommend?
engage in creative Design Predict Media product Do you believe?
thinking). Develop Prepare Advertisement Are you a ... person?
Devise Revise Painting How would you feel if...?
Formulate Show How effective are...?
Evaluating Argue Determine Debate Can you design a ... to ...?
Assess Evaluate Panel Why not compose a song about...?
(Judging the value Choose Justify Report Can you see a possible solution to...?
of ideas, materials Compare Prioritize Evaluation Why don't you devise your own way to deal with...?
and methods by Conclude Rate Investigation What would happen if...?
developing and Criticize Recommend Verdict How many ways can you...?
applying standards Debate Support Conclusion Can you create new and unusual uses for...?
and criteria). Decide Tell why Persuasive Can you write a new recipe for a tasty dish?
Defend Value Speech can you develop a proposal which would...
Analyzing Calculate Group Survey How was this similar to...?
Categorize Interpret Database What was the underlying theme of...?
(Breaking Classify Investigate Mobile What do you see as other possible outcomes?
information down Compare Order Abstract Why did ... changes occur?
into its component Contrast Organize Report Can you explain what must have happened when...?
elements). Diagram Question Graph How is ... similar to ...?
Differentiate Relate Spreadsheet What are some of the problems of...?
Discover Research Checklist Can you distinguish between...?
Distinguish Sequence Chart What were some of the motives behind...?
Examine Solve Outline What was the turning point in the game?
Experiment Survey What was the problem with...?
Lower-order thinking

Applying Adapt List Illustration Do you know another instance where...?

Apply Make Sculpture Could this have happened in...?
(Using strategies, Calculate Manipulate Demonstration Can you group by characteristics such as...?
concepts, Change Practice Presentation Can you apply the method used to some experience of
principles and Compute Produce Interview your own...?
theories in new Demonstrate Sequence Performance What questions would you ask of...?
situations). Dramatize Show Diary From the information given, can you develop a set of
Draw Solve Journal instructions about...?
Experiment Teach Would this information be useful if you had a ...?
Illustrate Use
Understanding Ask Observe Recitation Can you write in your own words...?
Calculate Recognize Summary Can you write a brief outline...?
(Understanding of Convert Report Explanation What do you think could happened next...?
given information). Describe Research Show and tell Who do you think...?
Discuss Retell Example What was the main idea...?
Explain Review Quiz Who was the key character...?
Give Summarize List Can you distinguish between...?
examples Tell Label What differences exist between...?
Identify Locate Outline Can you provide an example of what you mean...?
Remembering tell Choose Match What happened after...?
list Cite Memorize How many...?
(Recall or describe Define Name Who was it that...?
recognition of relate Describe Quote Can you name the...?
specific locate Give example Recall Describe what happened at...?
information). write Group Recite Who spoke to...?
find Know Record Can you tell why...?
state Label Repeat Find the meaning of...?
name List Select What is...?
Locate Listen Underline
Adapted from Denise Tarlington’s Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Planning Framework (Bloom’s Planning Sheet.doc)