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E-Mail- Pradhan21174@gmail.

Phone: 98260-42404

To obtain a position with a progressive Company/ Institutions/NGO”S that will further develop my
Network and Systems Administration other skills while contributing to the overall success of the
organization. We are Active all times speedily work.

 P.G.D.C.A. (A) (ISO9001 Certified) NICT, INDORE (2001-2002)

 D.C.A (B+) 1994-1995


 M.A. YOGA (Pursuing IInd SEM Cleared up to 70% Aggtt.) DAVV,INDORE
 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
Devi Ahiliya VishwaVidhyalay, (D.A.V.V., Indore)
 12th M.P. Board, BHOPAL

Operating Systems : Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Professional, NT.
Computer Hardware : Computer Hardware Repairing & Troubleshooting, Main Board, Printer
DMP, Laser etc. (Pc XT 80282 to Pentium Computer) Ubuntu, Fedora

S/W Packages : All software Installation and troubleshooting

Crimping UTP Cable Cat 5, Rj-45,

SPRITUAL EXPERIENCE : Paper Present : 3rd International conference yoga therapy-Org. by Hindu
University,USA and Parmanand University, Indore.
4th International conference yoga therapy-Org. by Hindu
University,USA and Parmanand University, Indore
(SINHASTHA 2016) .
5th Internationa Conference Parmanand University, indore and
Tiberwal University, Rajasthan ,


Company: Medi-Caps University, Indore Location: Pigdamber, Rau, A.B. Road- Indore,
Area of work: Computer Programmer Period: March 2007 to till date

--Transfer to Computer Science Engineering Department Medicaps University,Indore

– All Diploma, MBA,MCA, M.Tech ,BE Exam central valuation . works coding and copy valuation
,result making etc. three members team,.
– 4 months managed ERP all academic in MITM ,MIST, MBA managed and successfully
- DAVV Internal Marks and Exam Forms works and coordinates.
- IT Technical in National and International Conference and various seminars.
– Judiciously managed network of more than 200 computers on LAN for the purpose of Internet;
hardware & software troubleshooting.
– Working experience in All DAVV Exam . EXAM Duty in MBA BBA (FTR)
– Trouble shooting solve of all technical problems in all Departments. With CS/IT Technical Team
Company: Academy of Aerospace & Aviation Location: “Swadesh Bhavan” 2 - Press
Affiliation : Ministry of Civil Aviation, GOVT. of INDIA Complex, A.B. Road- Indore

Area of work: System Analyst Period: March 2006 to February 2007

- Network design, Network setup, IP addressing & Maintain
- Hardware and Software Troubleshooting.
- Troubleshooting of Network Computers (Hardware and Software) and Internet.
- Router Configure etc.
- Maintain Savior Online Time Management Attendance Systems
- Maintain 100 Systems

Company: Pradhan Computer Services Location: Indore

Area of work: System Administrator Period: 2003 – March 2006

- Network design, Network Setup, IP addressing.

- Hardware and Software Troubleshooting.
- Troubleshooting of Network Computers (Hardware and Software) and Internet.
- Instruction of Technicians
- Maintain Up to 50 Organizations Computers

Company: Master Computer Services Location: INDORE

Area of work: Sr. System Engineer Period: 1996 – 2003 (07 Years)
- Network design, Network Setup, Computer assembling and setup.
- Hardware and Software Troubleshooting.
- Troubleshooting of Network computers (Hardware and Software) and Internet.
- Hardware Training to Engineers.
- Repairing of all types of Computers, Printers etc.
- Maintain Up to 250 Systems and above
Journey Start With M/s. Nagori and Dahiya Chartered Accountant , Chhawani , Indore
- Hygiene Wear International Ltd. Near -IIM , Indore (Collaboration with BRACO USA Int.)
- (Maintain Systems, Networking , Mailbox Backup, etc.)
- Official Liquidator (High Court). Indore. (Maintain Systems, Networking, Backup data)
- Devi Ahiliya International Air Port, Indore (Maintain Systems, Networking, Backup data)
- IBS, Business School,Indore.(On Call Basis work)
- Parag Pentachem Pvt. Ltd. ( System Maintained and Backup Networking )


Date of Birth : 21st JAN. 1974

Father’s Name : Shri Jagannath Pradhan
Languages Known : English, Hindi
Marital Status : Married
Hobbies : Yoga Dhyan, Reading Books,Deep meditation etc.
Address : 111/4, New Panchsheel Colony,
Near Daly College,
Indore – 452 001 (M.P.) INDIA
Phone : 98260-42404,

Permanent Address : Village;Khudel Khurd, Near Index Medical College

Post ; Khudel Bugurg
Tehsil; Indore
District: Indore
State ; MadhyaPradesh
Place: Indore (Shaligram Pradhan )