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1. Consider the following indicator, “To analyze the text structures and language features in
order to identify the social function of explanation text in contextual use”.
What learning activities should a teacher plan to achieve the competence?
A. At first, a model is shown and explained to find out the social function, text stucture
and linguistic features. Then, students answer comprehensionindividually before
presenting the result in class, finally feed back is presented.
B. Formulating a question is the starting point for the students to think over. Then,
plan a procedural steps to answer the question. Next is analyze ___ in groups, after
that, make conclusion based on analyzed data. Finally, present the result in class,
and create a poster explaining the ___ phenomena.
C. A predetermined text is distributed to individual students. Then, several students
are instructed to read aloud the text given. Next, individual students ___ difficult
vocabulary to the teacher
D. First, reviewing the previous material is done prior to introducing a new topic. Then ,
the new topic is explained by the teacher. Next, some questions are addresed to
individual student to answer. After that, each question is discussed in class. At last,
the text is read aloud by the whole class.
2. In the place shown in the picture, the most appropriate notice to be put would be ....

A. No voice please
B. Exam in progress
C. Do not disturb
D. No cheating please
3. Director : “Andi, ___ send email regarding Board Meeting that will be held next week to
Mr. Herman?”
Staff :” Yes, Mr. Fandi, I will send it by this aternoon”
Director : “Thanks”
A. Could you do me a favor to C. Could you please
B. Can you please D. Would you please
4. Teacher :” You don’t have to write a long essay. A short one would be OK!
Student : “What about the grammar exercise? Do we need to revise the lesson before
we can do it?”
teacher : “ No, you ___ do the exercise at home as we will surely do it together in the
next English lesson”
Student : “ Ok! Good bye, Sir”
Teacher : “Good bye”
a. Needn’t (indicated that it is not bad to do particular/unnecessary thing)
b. Shouldn’t (indicate something bad to do)
c. Mustn’t (prohibition/it is not allowed)
d. Needn’t
5. Soal batik
6. Cohort = ...
A. Class
B. Group
C. Team
D. Classmate
7. Soal yg gambar batik. tapered=....
A. tailored
B. created
C. shaped
D. molded
8. Trial =.....
A. tryout
B. experiment
C. attempt
D. anlysis
9. Chores =.....
A. routine activities
B. certain jobs
C. daily responsibilities
D. regular tasks
10. In calculate =...
A. Instill
B. cram
C. porch
D. impose
11. Elusive =....
A. mysterious
B. unknown
C. unidentified
D. unobservable
12. Imparting =
A. transferring
B. distributing
C. spending
D. feeding
13. Pervasive =
General (saya lupa option lainnya)
14. Mind-blowing
a. Gregarious
b. Magic
c. Serious
d. Miraculous
15. Temptation
a. Appeal
b. Demand
c. Enticement
d. Request
16. Cohort
a. Group
b. Classmate
c. Class
d. Team
17. Appalling
a. Terrifying
b. Uncertain
c. Puzzling
d. Scary
18. Muted
a. Classical
b. Original
c. Soft
d. Peaceful
19. Work chain, think pair share (saya kira ini teknik pembelajaran, d soal sy nda ada. Coba cari
sinonim dan antonimnya yaa)
20. Inclusion, notion (entah ini apa soalnya, cari aja sinonim dan atonimnya, tdk keluar d soal
21. Dreadful, proficiency, diorama, potcast (ini juga tdk keluar d soal saya masukan sy cari juga
sinonim dan antonimnya)
22. Loitering ini membingungkan saya… karena di soal ada gambar sign dilarang buang sampah,
lupa leh pilihan sy apa wkwkwkwk…)
23. Itu saja rangkuman sy dari berbagai sumber… selamat belejar yaaa gaes… kalo ada yg
ditanya share aja d group inshaa Allah kita bahas bersama para suhu di group :D)
Are you 8 grade students?
English Conversation Club (ECC) is open for new member.
Come and improve your English with us.
Every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.00 at the school hall
Contact Person: Mario (8E) and Hesti (8A)
How long does the activity last?
a. One day
b. One period
c. One hour
d. One week
This toilet will become a WOMEN’s
toilet during the exam period
10-21 December
Based on the notice, we know that …
a. The women are prohibited to use the toilet
b. Only women are allowed to use the toilet
c. The women are banned to go to the toilet
d. All the women are suggested to go to the toilet.
26. Look at the following statements
1. A short story in a book
2. “ RESERVED PARKING” in the parking area
3. A page in a novel
4. “ To sign pleased form those page on”
5. Letter toys play by toddlers.
Which of the statements above are “TEXTS”?
a. 2,4 and 5
b. 2 and 3
c. 1 and 2
d. 1,2 and 3

Due to the bad weather, the flight number TS 008 to Palembang is delayed. We are really sorry
for the inconvenience.
What does the text tell you?
a. To warn the passengers to wait
b. To warn the passenger of the bad weather
c. To inform the cancellation of the flight
d. To persuade the passengers to wait
28. Discount for bringing own cup to Starbucks
(22nd March, 2016)

Starbucks U.K will give customers a discount in a 2 –month trial if they bring their own cups. It
wants to cut down on the number of paper cup trash. Starbucks wants to reduce waste and
recycle more. Starbucks U.K said: “Starbucks is committed to increasing recycling rates and
reusable part of our overall waste reduction strategy.” Customers who bring their own cups will
not get a discount on the cheaper filter coffee.
This sentence “Starbucks is committed to increasing recycling rates and reusable cups are a key
part of our overall waste reduction strategy”.
a. Starbucks ask consumers to use own cup
b. Starbucks support to reduce waste and recycle it
c. Starbucks help consumers by giving cup
d. Starbucks need more cup

29. Scientist saw something amazing in space for the first time. They saw gravitational waves. These
are waves in space. Then when big space objects hit each other. Albert Einstein first spoke about
waves in space in 1916. One hundred years later. They used powerful technology to see waves.
Einstein did not have this technology. He used his genius.
The following sentences are coherence because of the …
Scientist saw something amazing in space for the first time. They saw gravitational waves.

a. Punctuation
b. Transition marker
c. Pronoun
d. Conjunction

30. According to USA track & field. The use of headphones during races is up to the discretion of
race directors. (1) …, many events, including the Marine Corps Marathon, discourage
headphones even if they’re not specifically prohibited, according to MCM spokeswoman Tami
Faram (2)…, registering for the MCM and of the 30.000 runners signs a waiver that says, “The
use of headphones is not advised”. (3) …., if you get used to listening to audio books or music on
training runs, be aware that race day may be a different story. (http://washingtonpost.com with
Which the followings is the most appropriate logical connector to combine the first and the
second sentence?

a. When
b. Instead
c. Whereas
d. In which

31. Nintendo did not say which characters will be in Nintendoland. Fans hope they can interact with
Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Fans also hope the park will be for people of all ages. One Osaka
resident said she was very excited about the theme park. She said Harry Potter … Hello Kitty had
a theme park, so it was good that Nintendo had one too. She said it was good fans of Nintendo
had a place to go and she couldn't wait for Nintendoland to open.
what are the cohesive devices which combine these two independent clauses. She said Harry
Potter…Hello Kitty had a theme had one too.
a. Too, so
b. And, so
c. And, too
d. Was, had
32. As many as 97% of US kids age 12-17 play video games, contributing to the $21.53 billion
domestic video game industry. More than half of the 50 top-selling video games contain
Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, increases in bullying, and violence
towards women. Critics argue that these games desensitize players to violence, reward players
for simulating violence, and teach children that violence is an acceptable way to resolve
conflicts. Video game advocates contend that a majority of the research on the topic is deeply
flawed and that no causal relationship has been found between video games and social
Source: http://videogames.procon.org
What is the dominant theme of the top selling video game?
a. Romance
b. Violence
c. Education
d. Humanism
33. A teacher challenges the students to describe the life of a bee. Learning experiences that enrich
students to get information and are suitable for the purposes would be …
a. Note taking on video, drafting and reporting.
b. Jigsaw-based tasks, discussions and pictures.
c. Hotspot observations, youtube, and laboratory interview.
d. Worksheets, reading newspapers, and conference.
34. As an English teacher in designing a lesson plan, what components are supposed to be part of
the plan?
a. Identity, core and basic competences, indicators, learning objectives, relevant
instructional materials, method and media, learning sources, learning activities and
b. Identity, name of subject matter, competences, indicators, learning objectives, instructional
materials, method, learning sources, learning activities and assessment.
c. School identity, core topic, competences, indicators, learning objectives, instructional
material s, method, learning sources, learning activities and assessment.
d. Class identity, name of subject matter, core topic, basic competences, indicators, learning
objectives, regular materials, materials for remedy and enrichment, and assessment.

35. Most students in a class like acting activities with English. To challenge them to describe the
beauty of our country, suitable and creative learning activities for them would be …
a. Providing a poetry, reciting the poetry, and acting it out in pairs.
b. Observing video shows, writing a poetry, and class performance on the poetry.
c. Reading a passage, creating a picture based on the passage, explaining the picture created.
d. Providing them with pictures, and them writing a descriptive text based on the passage.

36. Instructional objectives should link to …

a. Predetermined core competences
b. Content of curriculum
c. School syllabus
d. Predetermined basic competences and indicators

37. Which best rephrases the underlined part of the sentence that follows?
In addition to having more authenticity than communicative language teaching methodology
does, authenticity in contextual teaching and learning (CLT) is stronger load than that in
communicative language teaching methodology, with more of the elements of contents
essential to the human real-life communication needs.
a. CTL has authenticity of stronger load than that in
b. CTL has a authenticity stronger in load than
c. CTL authenticity is stronger in load than it is in
d. The authenticity in CTL is stronger in load than that in

38. A learner is proficiency competent at conversations and class discussions. What is her/his level
of proficiency?
a. Beginner
b. Intermediate
c. Advanced
d. Post intermediate

39. Which one of the following aspects is NOT considered in setting up the minimum passing grade
in the English subject?
a. Nature of subject-matter
b. Qualification of teachers
c. School culture
d. Quality of intakes
40. To assess students’ ability to read a passage, a teacher sets up 15 questions. Five questions on
topic identification, 7 questions on specific information, 3 questions on inference. Which of the
following indicates students’ mastery on reading if the cut-off score for mastery is set up at 80%
overall? (nomor ini aq bingung dan lupa jawabanku apa :D)
a. One correct answer on topic identification, nine on specific information, and 1 on inference.
b. Two correct answers on topic identification, 6 on specific information, and 3 on inference
c. Three correct answers on topic identification, 7 on specific information, and 2 on inference.
d. Four correct answers on topic identification, 6 on specific information, and 1 on inference.

41. Consider the following instructional objective. “At the end of English session, the students are
able to write a piece of news on Eco Friendly School correctly”. What will the students do?
a. Conduct a panel discussion
b. Write a composition
c. Read a newspaper
d. Compose an individual news report

42. Julian ….be a teacher. I have seen him at teacher’s conferences several time.
a. Must
b. Can
c. Should
d. Will