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NRSG 651—Health Care Systems

Journal Topics
Journaling is essential to the practicum experience of this course. Before mid-term,
you should have a minimum of 3 separate entries entered bi-weekly. After mid-term,
you should have at least 3 journal entries (total of 6 minimum). This assignment is
worth 20 points total. NOTE: It is not acceptable to leave your journaling to the last
2-3 weeks. Select or develop one topic to address for each entry and discuss it in a
thoughtful manner. Sample topics relate to the course, your selected option for the
project, current events and articles related to health care systems and policy, and/or
your field experiences. For each journal entry, address ALL SEVEN items below and
number each item as you respond to it.
1. Introduce your topic and why you have selected it. Be sure to include
personal and political motivators as well.
2. Define the two (or more) sides of the policies. Which side are you on? Why?
Be sure to include complete, researched defense for your position.
3. What preconceived ideas do you have on your issue?
4. Do you recognize your biases as you research your topic? Do you find yourself
looking for information that confirms your own opinions?
5. Share any online resources (Web sites, blogs, etc.) you will be using to keep
track of any updates on this issue. How often do you plan to check them?
How do you plan to manage that process?
6. Did the information you collected reflect your predictions?
7. What are your current feelings about the policy? Are you still on the same
side? Why/Why not?

Journal Rubric

Category 4 3 2 1 Pts

Relevance of Entry Posts thoughtful Posts thoughtful Posts entries that Entries are
and insightful and insightful are cursory and irrelevant to the
entries related to entries that only occasionally lack Journal Topic list
Journal Topic list; relate to the Journal insight into the and lack insight
cites additional Topic list. policy. into the policy
related to policy,
and poses new
NRSG 651—Health Care Systems

topics for

Consistently posts Is mostly

Promptness and ------- -------
separate entries consistent with
dispersed over the dispersing
semester separate entries
Poses new topics Focuses only on
Journal topics

Expression Within Expresses Opinions and ideas Unclear connection Does not express
the Entry opinions and are stately clearly to policy evidenced opinions or ideas
ideas in a clear with occasional lack in minimal clearly; no
and concise of connection to expression of connection to
manner with topic opinions or ideas policy, little self-
obvious expression or
connection to insight offered