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GROUPE MTY cas ceh Uae AUVELXDULHESPRESS INSMASTER cHoNcHcK COUNRYSME cROSSANTIS FRANKSUPREVE JUCO.MICE mwctt THU PRES TaMNe num Vann vanes VEaNAM VIAMADNA YOSENFRIZCANADA 2150, r0ue Transcanadienne suite 200, Vile Stlaurent, QC Has IMS, Conoda, 1.514.336.8885 1.859,891.4533 F514936.9202 1.866-515.738) wrwwemtygroup.com [THOUT PREJUDICE BY COURIER ‘St-Laurent, February 8, 2018 Blanco Cantina 723 - 17th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2S 0B6 RE: _ TRADEMARK “TACO TUESDAY” (LMC476590) ‘To whom it may concern, 11am the legal counsel for MTY Tiki Ming Enterprises Inc, (“MTY"), the franchisor of Mexican food outlets “Taco Time”. MTY is the owner of the trademark “Taco Tuesday” which was registered on May 21, 1997 in connection ‘with restaurant services. thas come to MTY’s attention that you are currently making an unauthorized use of its trade mark “Taco “Tuesday” in your advertising, and in your store located at 723 - 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, in order to promote the sale of food and restaurant services. You are thus contravening MTY’s rights under the Trademarks Act. MTY does not tolerate this unauthorized use of its trademark. Consequently, you must immediately: (@) cease any and all use, publication, broadcasting or distribution of material using the « Taco Tuesday » trademark in relation to your restaurant services, including the sale of food or beverages, whether in advertisement or other; (b) destroy of remit to MTY for destruction, all signs, billboards, leaflets, coupons, advertisements, labels, packaging, wrapping or any other advertisementpublicity material referring to the trademark “Taco “Tuesday” as well as the template/matrix used in that respect; (©) report to MTY all details relating to the use of its «Taco Tuesday» trademark by your respective companies, including all sales figures for the products and services rendered or Sold in relation with said ‘trademark, in order to assess MTY’s damages; and (@ forward to the undersigned a swom declaration confirming completion of each of the above-mentioned requirements; MTY reserves its rights to be indemnified for damages suffered as a result of your unauthorized use of its trademark. We will analyse the information provided in order to determine the amount of the compensation to be paid to MTY. Should you fail to comply with the forcgoing within fifteen (15) days of receipt of this letter, MTY may, at its entire discretion, file any necessary legal proceedings to enforce its rights and to claim damages accordingly, without further notice or delay DO GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY. MTY TIKI MING ENTERPRISES INC. ‘ME Suc Wang Legal Counsel CC Steve Nickerson (Taco Time Canada/MTY Tiki Ming Enterprises Ine.) Enel: Picture ‘TM registration (CIPO) Conadian Trademarks Details Third-party information liabity disclaimer Some of the information on this Web page hos been provided by external sources. The Goverment of Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, reliabilly or curency of ine information supplied by extemal wnnres Gene JYshing to rely upon this infomation should consutt drectly with the source gine intermalion: Content peoned by external sources is not subject to officil languages, pivacy and accesslly reauroments 0811718 -TACO TUESDAY ‘Applcation/Registration numbers Application number osii718 Registration number TMAA76590 Stotus CIPO status REGISTERED Key Dates Flog 1996-05-02 Registered 1997-05-21 Interested Parties Registrant TACO TIME CANADA INC. #105, 7500 MACLEOD TRAIL SOUTH CALGARY T2HOL9 ALBERTA Representative for service BERESKIN & PARR LIP/SEN.C.RL. S.. L SCOTIA PLAZA 40 KING STREET WEST 4Qll FLOOR TORONTO ONTARIO MSH Current owner MIY Tk Ming Entorprises Inc /Les Entreprises Tk ing Ine. 8150, Auloroute Transcanadienne Suite 200 Ville St-Laurant Has TMS QUEBEC. Representative for service JANYLAINE LACASSE Groupe MIY Ine. 8150, Auloroute Transcanacienne, ule 00 Vile Stourent QUEBEC Has Descriptive Reference Name TACO TUESDAY Type Word Mare Category Trade-mark Disclaimer text The right fo the exclusive use of the word TACO is clsck Index headings TACO TUESDAY Services (1) Restaurant services. Clossiication data Disclaimer The clossiication date is provided for information and searching purposes only. CIPO does not warant the ccuracy of the classes assigned fo the hrademark, This data has no legal valve of any kind 43- Accommodation, food and tink Claims Used in CANADA since at least as early as 1986, Recordats (known also as Footnotes) Page I of 2 CHANGEIN TITLE/CHANGEMENT EN TIRE: TYPE OF CHANGE/GENRE DE CHANGEMENT: Assignment/Cossion DATE REGISTERED/DATE DE LENREGISTREMENT: 20 déc/Dec 2008 DATE OF CHANGE/DATE SHANGEMENT 30 oct/Oct 2008 COMMENTS/COMMENTAIRES: FROM: TACO TIME CANADA INC. TO: MTY TKI NING. ENTERPRISES INC. /LES ENTREPRISES MTY TIKI MING INC. Voi Prouve cu dos /see evidence on fie No. 792 AMENDMENT TO REGISTRATION/MODIFICATION A LENREGISTREMENT: TYPE OF AMENDMENT/GENRE OF RSRTIGANON Section 41. al - Owner information/Ainéa 411g) information surle propriate DATE REGSTERED/DATE DE LENE EME 1 juin/Jun 2012 DATE O} (CHANGE/DATE DE CHANGEMENT: 21 juin /J0n 2012 COMMENTS/COMMENTAIRES: Volt Preuve au dossier/See evilerice on Fl No aoeaant QWNER ADDRESS CHANGE/CHANGEMENT D’ADRESSE DU PROPRIETAIRE: DATE REGISTERED/DATE DEL ENREGSTREMENT: Fle No. 323445, Security Response ‘Action dete Flod Created Formalzed Search Recorded Exominers Fist Report Comespondence Gresied Approved 1997-08 10 (Owner Name Changed Adveriised Allowed Allowance Nojice Sent Uprio. Correspondence Crested Registered Rep for Service Changed ‘Change in Tite Registered Rep for Service Changed Renewed ‘Amendment to Registration Rep for Service Changed ‘Amendment to Registration Record Security Interest / license Agreement Date modified: 2017-06-22 cu .ement Placed on Flle/Accord de s6¢ ‘CONSIGNEE: 22 aoot/Aug 2016 DATE OF CHANG COMMENTAIRES: The Toronto-Dominion Bank Vok Preuve au dossier/See evidence oy TT mors/iMar 2013 COMMENTS/COMMENTAIRES: Vor Preuve au dosier/see evidence on }Curts Insert aU dossier DATE RECORDED/DATE DATE DE CHANGEVENT: 23 cob}/Aug 2018 COMMENTS i ie No. 485187 Actions Comments ‘Owner Address Change Volta issue 2202 From: 2802 To: 10540 / Votr Prove au dosier/See evidence on Fe No, 792762, Assignment / Vor Preuve av dosier/See evidence on Fle No, 9are2 From: 10540 To: / Vor Preuve au dossir/See evidence on Fle No, 409427 1DP:2012/05/09 8D:2012/05/08 RR:Madome Janyicine Lacasse $465; henens StLauren! (ausbec] ae V5 Section 41.1{6| - Owner Information / Vor Preuve au ‘dossier/See evidence on Fle No, 407427 From: To: 14752 / VorrPreuve av dossir/See evidence on He No. izs4as Owner Adaress Changs / Voir Prove au dossier/Se6 evidence on Fie No. sea44s Security Agreement Placed on File / Voir Preuve au dostier See evidence on Fle No. 485187 Page 2 of 2