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webMethods 7 Certified Integration Developer

This is a proctored examination at a Software AG facility. It
is a web-based exam that consists of 75 multiple choice
Passing Score To pass the test and receive certification, you must score a
70% on the test.
Length 90 Minutes

Software covered: ƒ Integration Server

ƒ Developer
ƒ Adapters
ƒ Flat File Adapter
ƒ Trading Networks
ƒ Broker and JMS Provider
ƒ My webMethods Server
ƒ Monitor

Pre-certification requirements No course completion is required to sit for this proctored

exam, but prospective examinees are strongly
recommended to have completed the following 7.0 or 7.1

ƒ Integration Fundamentals (e-learning)

ƒ Integration Workshop
ƒ Trading Networks Workshop
ƒ Advanced Integration Workshop

Who should be certified? The webMethods 7 EAI Integration Developer certification is

applicable to experienced developers, architects, and
operation specialists who use Software AG webMethods and
are looking for ways to increase productivity and the return
on technology investment. The program does not provide
sales or consulting certifications.

Who should participate?

ƒ Customer
ƒ Partner
ƒ Employee
ƒ Consultant
ƒ Anyone who needs to certify knowledge of
special job skills
webMethods 7 Certified Integration Developer

Previous Knowledge

This proctored examination is designed for the experienced webMethods integration developer. It
consists of questions across a range of Integration Server, Broker, Adapter, Monitor, and Trading
Networks topics.


What is the value of competency? How do you measure the value of the IT skills at the core of
your company’s performance and efficiency? Software AG Certification is the fuel to take our
technology farther and faster to deliver enviable business results.

The Software AG Certification Program for webMethods 7 is uniquely tailored for developers,
operations managers and architects. Individuals will be certified by Software AG based on their
product knowledge and real-world experience using best practices, design principles and industry
standard organizational models.


Certification exams are an evaluation of product knowledge and implementation experience.

Exams are based on product knowledge (70%), implementation experience (20%) and industry
knowledge (10%).


Benefits of achieving the webMethods 7 Certified Integration Developer are

ƒ Enables developers to deliver better quality integration projects
ƒ Provides a means of measuring and validating Software AG competency
ƒ Improves employee retention with professional development paths
ƒ Increases project team members’ productivity
ƒ Builds credibility, customer confidence and competitive differentiation
ƒ Increases individuals long-term career and professional development
ƒ Establishes differentiation amongst peers
webMethods 7 Certified Integration Developer
Test Structure


The certification test is practice-oriented and simulates situations typical of integration projects.
Depending where you start, it tests your Software AG knowledge in all areas that are important for
the understanding of the Broker Publish & Subscribe message exchange patterns, JMS and the
use of the Developer and Designer development tools to the Integration Server component and
Adapters and Trading Networks. Also, My webMethods Server, Monitor and how to configure
services for performance, security, and error handling.
webMethods 7 Certified Integration Developer

The certification test is practice-oriented and simulates situations typical EAI and B2B projects that
allow users to build, execute, and manage Integrations across the extended enterprise.

Principal Topics:

ƒ Business integration process

Out-of-the-box functionality and connectivity to hundreds of information
sources for your high volume, global business integration initiatives

ƒ Integration of Trading partners (managing Trading Networks performance)

Provides tightly coupled capabilities to extend the reach of the enterprise out to
customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, and all other constituents of a diverse trading

ƒ Messaging
Robust support for real-time, event-driven, message-oriented interactions. Software AG
platform provides a core messaging infrastructure which supports a myriad of
communications protocols and technology specifications and the ultimate flexibility and
interoperability with the diverse systems found in corporations today.

ƒ Web service management

Software AG ESP can incorporate all Web services including those exposed using
proprietary integration products from other vendors, application servers, and the new
generation of service-oriented application modules being developed by packaged
application vendors

ƒ Miscellaneous
Use of the Developer and Designer development tools to optimize and configure services
for performance, security, and error handling.

ƒ Adoption of Standards
Software AG has been a leader in driving the development and adoption of standards,
and offers the broadest support for established and emerging Web services, e-business,
vertical industry and technology standards.

ƒ Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

ƒ Event-driven architecture (EDA)
ƒ High-speed Messaging (JMS)
ƒ Advanced Security (SSL, PKI)
ƒ Seamless integration with J2EE and .NET

Test Topics
ƒ Developer
ƒ Designer
ƒ Document Types
ƒ Flow Services
ƒ Java Services
ƒ Monitoring Services
ƒ Invoking Services
• Flat File Handling
• Web Services
• Publish and Subscribe
• JMS Messaging
webMethods 7 Certified Integration Developer
ƒ Flat File Handling
ƒ Web Services
ƒ Publish and Subscribe
ƒ JMS Messaging
ƒ Adapter Run Time and Architecture
ƒ Business Process Modeling
ƒ Monitoring Business Processes
ƒ Trading Networks
ƒ TN Partner Profiles, Groups, Fields, Agreements
ƒ TN Document Types
ƒ Processing Rules
ƒ Gateway Services
ƒ Outbound options
ƒ TN Security
ƒ TN Optimization
ƒ Java Broker Admin, JMS, and Broker API’s
ƒ Exception Handling
ƒ Publish and Subscribe Performance
ƒ Java Clients
ƒ XSLT Processing
ƒ EAI Performance
ƒ Exactly Once Processing and Error Handling
ƒ External Integration Performance
ƒ Integration Security