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We certify that this assignment is entirely our own work, except where we have given fully
documented references to the work of others, and that the material in this assignment has not
previously been submitted for assessment in any formal course of study.
Based on the article with title “The impact of Zakat on Social life of Muslim” by
Muhammad Abdullah and Abdul Quddus Suhaib, it highlights about the importances of zakat
on muslim society especially in the social aspect.

The way a man socialize with his surrounding according to the teaching of Islam will help
him to live better in tranquillity,balance and honor between humans. Islam also helps the
individuals to overcome all social life and personal aspect such as spiritual, moral economics
and social. The benefits of Zakat are it can cleanse the giver’s soul and bring his/her to have a
better connection with Allah. By practising Zakat, the feeling of love, brotherhood, and
generosity towards humanity can be nurtured within ourselves.

Zakat literally means ‘to be clear, to grow, to increase’. While the definition of Zakat is an
obligatory payment made annually under Islamic law on certain kinds of property and used
for charitable and religious purposes on all Muslims. In order to show how important of
Zakat is, the Holy Quran itself, has mentioned Zakat more than eighty times. In additional,
Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam that clearly show that every Muslim are urged to complete
this pillar. The group of the people that have the right to receive Zakat are the destitute, the
needy or poor, the alms collectors, the one in the path of God, the people who burdened with
debt, the wayfarers, people in bondage or slavery and those who have inclined towards Islam.
The importance of the realistic economy for a stable social system will reduce the illetaracy
which poor families cannot give their children a proper knowledge. Furthermore, the realistic
economy will reduce the moral bankruptcy which the uneducated families cannot maintain
their morality as they cannot attain the better level of education. On the other hands, the
educated families can prevent the lack of moral values such as mutual respect, cooperation
and sympathy among the members of society. In fact, the realistic economy can prevent the
increase in crime rate which the economic slump will cause the society to break the law in
order to fullfil their economic demands.

There are two social impact by practising Zakat in life which can produce an ideal
community of Muslim. Zakat creates a good character in a person that brings positive impact
to the community. Besides, from the aspect of individual, Zakat can prevent a person from
being ‘bakhil’. This automatically can cleanse the givers from selfishness. By paying Zakat,
the givers can show the gratitude towards Allah by sharing their wealth to the needy people.
By doing this, the givers will always have faith and sincerity in doing obligatory tasks from
Allah. Zakat also protects man from being self centered and egotistical and on the other hand,
it also cleanses the heart of those who receive zakat from any feeling of jealousy or hatred
against more wealthy people. Moreover, Zakat also act as another channel for people to do

For the collective impact, zakat also narrows the gap between needs and wants while also
functions as a social protection in society. Zakat is the best ways to prevent hoarding and
accumulating wealth as the literal meaning is ‘ growth’. Besides, by paying Zakat will lead to
a stable wealth circulation among the community. This is proven when the rich families can
consume their wealth with the needy families while at the same time can prevent poverty.
People who practising the Zakat,both between the givers and receivers can live in a harmony
environment with a strong bond and spiritual among the Muslims. Zakat also promoting self
respect especially to the rich people whereby they are be able to perform their duty by giving
help on the poor people in order to prevent the wrath of Allah S.W.T. In fact, the receivers
are helping to fulfil the Zakat givers’ duties by sharing their wealth. Zakat also highlighted
the teaching of Islam which prevent the poor people from begging to the others. Other than
that, Zakat displays social justice among the society by causing financial balance among
every layer of citizens. Therefore, it can inhibit the crime rate and terrorist inclinations among
Muslim members. The rate of unemployment and chances of the unstable economic can be
reduced by the equality in distribution of wealth.

In our opinion, we agree that this is a well-covered article about the impact of Zakat on
social life of Muslim society. It is clear that the author of this article include all aspect on the
impact of zakat on social life of Muslim society clearly and understandable. This article deals
with various type of impact in Muslim’s life by practising zakat in the life.
It is clear that the author of this article highlighted that zakat helps each individual in
managing and purifying their wealth. The definition in this article clearly defined that each
person whether man or woman are responsible to share their wealth with the other Muslim in
need by paying zakat. The authors are able to clarify that zakat is obligatory for every
Muslim as zakat is the third pillars of Islam. This details clearly list out the group of
recipients who can accept zakat so that Muslim always have the guideline to distribute the
portion of zakat correctly. It is explained thoroughly in the article that by paying zakat, this
show that one particular Muslim is submissing themselves to Allah and always have the
sincerity to the faith of Allah’s law and regulations. We firmly agree with the authors when
they stated that both sides who pays and receives the zakat will have the strong bond without
selfishness and hatred among each other.It is clearly shown in the article that by paying zakat
will not burden Muslim but the reality is that zakat can grow and widen the wealth of the
people who practising this pillar of Islam. The main lesson and useful output that we got is
both poor and rich people will achieve the balance financial that will lead to justice in the
society. The country that practise this pillar of Islam will have the great economic status due
to the stability in distribution of wealth and zakat absolutely can create a harmony society and
balance economic status in the country.

Thus, to sum up the whole article, Zakat leads the individual to become a responsible and
caring person. It produces the spirit of goodwill, cooperation and brotherhood among the
society. It is very clear that Zakat plays effective and successful role in improving the social
life and morality of Muslim society. Zakat is one of division in the charity system of Islam.
This Zakat system can produce huge positive impacts if it is managed properly by
government from each state. From our point of view, by observing this article, the importance
of Zakat on every aspect are discussed precisely and comprehensively. By this informative
article, the various components of Zakat are clarified clearly by the authors. Therefore, this
article helps us a lot in having better understanding on this one pillar of Islam well.