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MTL4514/B – MTL5514 Hazardous area Safe area


1-channel, line fault detection, phase reversal 6

5 To earth-leakage
11 LFD
detector * LFD
4 10 10
The MTLx514 enables a safe–area load to be controlled, through a relay, +
3 9 9
2 8 Output 8
by a proximity detector or switch located in a hazardous area. Line faults 22kΩ
1 7 7

are signalled through a separate relay and indicated on the top of the
Switch-type sensors
module. Switches are provided to select phase reversal and to enable require resistors 13 14
the line fault detection. if LFD is selected 20 to 35V dc

See also common specification FSM
Number of channels
One IEC 61508:2010
Hazardous area Safe area
Location of switch
Zone 0, IIC, T6 hazardous area
Div.1, Group A, hazardous location
Location of proximity detector
Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area, if suitably certified 6 7
Div.1, Group A, hazardous location 5 LFD 8 LFD
4 9
Hazardous–area inputs 680Ω
Inputs conforming to BS EN60947–5–6:2001 standards for 3 10
+ Output
proximity detectors (NAMUR) 22kΩ
2 11
– 1 12
Voltage applied to sensor
7 to 9V dc from 1kΩ ±10% Switch-type sensors 13 Vs–
Input/output characteristics require resistors 14 Vs+
Normal phase if LFD is selected 20 to 35V dc
Outputs closed if input > 2.1mA (< 2kΩ in input circuit)
Outputs open if input < 1.2mA (> 10kΩ in input circuit)
Hysteresis: 200µA (650Ω) nominal
Line fault detection (LFD) (when selected)
User-selectable via switches on the side of the unit. Line faults LED indicators
are indicated by an LED. Line fault relay is energised and channel Green: power indication
output relay de-energised if input line-fault detected Yellow: channel status, on when output energised
Open-circuit alarm on if Iin < 50µA Red: LFD indication, on when line fault detected
Open-circuit alarm off if Iin > 250µA Maximum current consumption
Short-circuit alarm on if Rin < 100Ω 25mA at 24V dc
Short-circuit alarm off if Rin > 360Ω Power dissipation within unit
Note: Resistors must be fitted when using the LFD facility with a contact input 0.6W at 24V
500Ω to 1kΩ in series with switch Safety description
20kΩ to 25kΩ in parallel with switch
Uo =10.5V Io =14mA Po =37mW Um = 253V rms or dc
Safe-area output
MTL4514 & MTL5514 SIL capable
Channel: Single pole relay with changeover contacts SIL These models have been assessed for use in
LFD: Single pole relay with changeover contacts 2 IEC 61508 functional safety applications.
MTL4514B IEC 61508:2010
SIL2 capable for a single device (HFT=0)
Channel: Single pole relay SIL3 capable for multiple devices in safety
LFD: Single pole relay
Note: reactive loads must be adequately suppressed
SIL redundant configurations (HFT=1)
See data on MTL web site and refer to the
Relay characteristics 3
IEC 61508:2010 safety manual.
MTL4514/B MTL5514
Response time: 10ms maximum 10ms maximum
Contact rating 10W, 0.5A, 250V ac, 2A, cosØ >0.7,
(Safe Area): 35V dc 40V dc, 2A, resistive load
Contact rating 10W, 0.5A, 35V, 2A, 100VA.
(Zone 2): 35V dc

The given data is only intended as a product description and should not be regarded as a legal
warranty of properties or guarantee.
In the interest of further technical developments, we reserve the right to make design changes.

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