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Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas:

By yenbeeyes Written on: 14.06.2009

Maharishi Parsara has stated that there are 5 Aprakash Grahas, 5 Upagrahas and
Pranapada. These are only shadowy planets and have no body of their own. It is
purely based on certain mathematical calculations which is also given by the rishi in
his magnum Opus Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Their effects on the life of the native
is also given exhaustively.

Here I propose to take up only the Aprakash Grahas.

As the name suggests these are grahas without light. They are the result of reaction
of Sun and and the zodiac of 360 degrees which we call as Bha Chakra (Vishnu). I
will come to that point later.

Chapter 3 Slokas 61 to 64 gives formula for calculation of Non-luminous (Aprakash)

Grahas. Verse 65 tells about the effects of these Sub-Grahas.

Again a full chapter No. 25 is given for the effects of these Non-luminous Grahas.

Calculation Rules:

1. Add 4 Rasis 13 degrees and 20 minutes i.e. 133 degrees and 20 minutes to
Sun’s longitude at a given moment which will give the position of Dhuma.
Parasara qualifies Dhuma as ‘all inauspicious’.
2. Reduce Dhuma from 12 Rasis or 360 degrees to get the Vyatipata...
According to the Rishi this is also inauspicious.
3. Add six Rasis or 180 degrees to Vyatipata to know the position of Parivesha.
This is extremely inauspicious.
4. Deduct Parivesh from 12 Rasis or 360 degrees to arrive at the position of
IndraChap (Indra Dhanush) who is also inauspicious.
5. Add 16 degrees 40 minutes to Chap, which will give Ketu (UpaKetu), who is
a malefic.

By adding a Rasi to UpaKetu, you get the original Longitude of Sun. This is just to
verify whether the calculations have been done correctly.

All these Grahas are malefics by nature and cause affliction.

Effects of Aprakash-Grahas: If one of these afflicts Sun, the native’s dynasty will
decline. If Moon and Lagna respectively are associated with one of these, it will
destroy the longevity and wisdom.

In the Tamil version of Jatakalankaram Keeranur Nataraja gives dignities for these
Aprakash Grahas.
Debilitatio Swakshetra
Aprakash Graha Exaltation Malefic Sign
n (Own house)
Dhuma Leo Aquarius Capricorn Aries, Scorpio
Vyatipata Scorpio Taurus Gemini Libra
Parivesha Gemini Sagittarius Sagittarius Pisces
Indrachapa Sagittarius Gemini Cancer Cancer
UpaKetu Aquarius Leo Cancer Aries, Scorpio

Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas:

By yenbeeyes Written on: 14.06.2009

One exception to this rule: From Sun to Saturn no one is exalted in the above-
mentioned Rasis nor debilitated in the above-mentioned Rasis.

According to Jataka Parijata the lordship for aprakash grahas are:

Mars - Dhuma
Moon - Paridhi/Parivesha
Venus - Kothanda/Indrachapa
Rahu - Pata/Vyatipata
Ketu - Upaketu

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This rule is clearly explained many
many years ago in the creation of Aprakash Grahas. Sun creates Dhuma by adding
133 degrees and 20 minutes. Why? This addition factor naturally falls in the 5th
house of natural Zodiac-Leo which is the beginning of Bhuva Loka (Solar system). To
counteract this creation Vishnu created Vyatipata by deducting the Dhuma position
from 360 degree. To show his opposition Sun created Parivesha (we add 180 degrees
which is the opposing sign). Again Vishnu uses the zodiac of 360 degrees and
deducts the Parivesha to create Indrachap. To bring it near to him Sun adds 16
degrees 40 minutes to Indrachap and creates Upaketu. (Earlier we added 13 degrees
20 minutes while creating Dhuma. The remaining parts of Leo rasi (30 degrees
minus 13 degree 20 minutes gives 16 degree 40 minutes) is added by Sun here.
Vishnu leaves it here as he sees that there are still 30 degrees left out to reach the

An example Calculation will make things clear.

A male born on 5th October, 1949 at 13:47; Place: 79 E 23 and 10 N 58

Ayanamsa used: 23:09:19

Degrees Minutes Sign

Sun’s Longitude 168 36 Virgo - 18°36’
Add 133 20
Dhuma 301 56 Aquarius - 1°56’
Full Circle 360 00
Deduct Dhuma 301 56
Vyatipata 58 04 Taurus - 28°04’
Add 180 00
Parivesha 238 04 Scorpio - 28°04’
Full Circle 360 00
Deduct Parivesh 238 04
Indrachapa 121 56 Leo - 1°56’
Add 16 40
UpaKetu 138 36 Leo - 18°36’
Add 30 00
Sun’s Longitude 168 36 Verified.

Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas:

By yenbeeyes Written on: 14.06.2009

Dhuma means ‘smoke’ or a ‘meteor’. Sun’s Longitude + 133°20’

Dhuma burns things up. It is the negative burning fire of the Sun. Dhuma is the
violent son of Mars. Mars had two sons Mrityu and Dhuma. Mrityu indicates physical
suffering and death while Dhuma indicates violence inflicted on others. Since Dhuma
indicates the highest heat it simply burns up everything and leaves only smoke.
Since he is the son of Mars, probably lordship of this aprakash graham is assigned to

Bhava Effect
Lagna Native will be valiant, endowed with beautiful eyes, stupefied in disposition,
unkind, wicked and highly short tempered.
2nd Native will be sickly, wealthy, devoid of a limb, will incur humiliation at royal
level, be dull-witted and be a eunuch.
3rd Native will be intelligent, very bold, delighted, and eloquent and be
endowed with men and wealth.
4th Native will be grieved on account of being given up by his female but will be
learned in all shastras.
5th Native will have limited progeny, be devoid of wealth, be great, will eat
anything and be bereft of friends and mantras.
6th Native will be strong, will conquer his enemies, be very brilliant, famous and
free from diseases.
7th Native will be penniless, be ever sensuous, skillful in going to others’
females, and be always devoid of brilliance.
8th Native will be bereft of courage but the enthusiastic, be truthful,
disagreeable, hardhearted and selfish.
9th Native will be endowed with sons and fortunes, be rich, honorable. Kind,
religious and well disposed to his relatives.
10th Native will be endowed with sons and fortunes, be delighted, intelligent,
happy and truthful.
11th Native will be endowed with wealth and grains and gold, be beautiful, will
have knowledge of arts, be modest and be skillful in singing.
12th Native will be morally fallen, will indulge in sinful acts, be interested in
others’ wives, and addicted to vices, unkind and crafty.

Vyatipata: 360° - Longitude of Dhuma

This is the fire of the Sun taken to the Zodiac. As the longitude of the Sun increases,
Vyatipata will be decreasing. Vyatipata creates chaos and havoc and is akin to Rahu.
Lordship also goes to Rahu.

Bhava Effect
Lagna One will be troubled by miseries, be cruel, will indulge in destructive acts,
be foolish, and will be ill-disposed to his relatives.
2nd Native will be morally crooked, be bilious, will enjoy pleasures, be unkind
but grateful, and be wicked and sinful.
3rd Native will be firm in disposition, be a warrior, be liberal, very rich, and dear
to King and be head of an army.
4th Native will be endowed with relatives etc. but not sons and fortunes.
5th Native will be poor, be charming in appearance, will have imbalances of
phlegm, bile and wind, and be hard-hearted and shameless.

Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas:

By yenbeeyes Written on: 14.06.2009

6th Native will destroy his enemies, be physically mighty, skilful in use of all
kinds of weapons and in arts and be peaceful in disposition.
7th Native will be bereft of wealth, wife and sons, will subdue to females, be
miserable, sensuous, shameless and friendly to others.
8th Native will have deformity of eyes, be ugly, unfortunate, spiteful to
Brahmins and be troubled by disorders of blood,
9th Native will have many kinds of business and many friends, be very learned,
well disposed to his wife and be eloquent.
10th Native will be rich, religious, peaceful, skillful in religious acts, very learned
and farsighted.
11th Native will be extremely opulent, be honorable, truthful, firm in policy,
endowed with many horses and be interested in singing.
12th Native will be given to anger, associated with many activities, disabled,
irreligious and will hate his own relatives.

Parivesh: Vyatipata + 180° (6 signs)

This is the opposite of Vyatipata. Parivesha means environment or circumstances. It
destroys the environment or circumstances and creates lots of problems. It causes
dirt and pollution as well as destroys the surroundings. It is akin to negative Moon.
Hence its lordship goes to Moon.

Bhava Effects
Lagna Native will be learned, truthful, peaceful, rich, endowed with sons, pure,
charitable and dear to elders.
2nd Native will be wealthy, charming, will enjoy pleasures, be happy, very
religious and be a lord.
3rd Native will be fond of his wife, be very charming, pious, and well disposed to
his men, be a servant and be respectful to his elders.
4th Native will be wonderstruck, helpful to enemies as well, kind, endowed with
everything and be skillful in singing.
5th Native will be affluent, virtuous, splendorous, affectionate, religious and
dear to his wife.
6th Native will be famous and wealthy, be endowed with sons and pleasures, be
helpful to all and will conquer his enemies.
7th Native will have limited number of children, be devoid of happiness, be of
mediocre intelligence, very hard-hearted and will have a sickly wife.
8th Native will be spiritually disposed, peaceful, strong-bodied, firm in decision,
religious and gentle.
9th Native will be endowed with sons, be happy, brilliant, and very affluent, be
devoid of excessive passion, be honorable and be happy with even an iota.
10th Native will be versed in arts, will enjoy pleasures, be strong-bodied and be
learned in all shastras.
11th Native will enjoy pleasures through women, be virtuous, intelligent, and
dear to his people and will suffer disorders of digestive fire.
12th Native will always be a spendthrift, be miserable, firm and will dishonor

Indrachapa: Called as ‘Kothanda’, ‘Indra-Dhanus’ or ‘Karmuka’. Indra-Chapa

is an invisible satellite of Venus. 360° - Parivesh.

Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas:

By yenbeeyes Written on: 14.06.2009

It is the ‘Kothanda’ of Rama and can cause terrible destruction and piercing. It is
akin to the anger of Parasurama (negative Venus). Hence the lordship goes to Venus.
It is also the bow of Indra or the rainbow. Indra is the King of heaven and his duty is
to bring rain. Once his duty is over he places his bow (rainbow) in the sky.

Bhava Effects
Lagna Native will be endowed with wealth, grains and gold, be grateful, agreeable
and devoid of all afflictions.
2nd Native will speak affably, be very rich, modest, learned, charming and
3rd Native will be a miser, be versed in many arts, will indulge in thieving, be
devoid of some limb and be unfriendly.
4th Native will be happy, endowed with quadruped, wealth, grains etc., be
honored by the King and be devoid of sickness.
5th Native will be splendorous, far-sighted, pious, and affable and will acquire
prosperity in all his undertakings.
6th Native will destroy his enemies, be happy, affectionate, and pure and will
achieve abundance in all his undertakings.
7th Native will be wealthy, endowed with all virtues, learned in shastras,
religious and agreeable.
8th Native will be interested in other’s jobs, be cruel, interested in others’ wives
and be defective limbed.
9th Native will perform penitence, will take to religious observations, be highly
learned and be famous among men.
10th Native will be endowed with many sons, abundant wealth, cows, buffaloes,
etc. and will be famous among men.
11th Native will be gainful, free from diseases, very fiery in disposition,
affectionate to his wife and will have knowledge of mantras and weapons (or
12th Native will be wicked, very honorable, evil in disposition, shameless, will go
to other’s females and be ever poor;

UpaKetu: Also called as ‘Dhwaya’ or ‘Sikhi’. Indrachapa + 16°40’

Verification: Upaketu + 1 sign or 30°= Longitude of Sun

Upaketu is akin to negative Ketu and can create considerable destruction. It will
simply reverse whatever indications are seen.
Bhava Effects
Lagna Native will be skillful in all branches of learning, be happy, efficient in
speech, agreeable and be very affectionate.
2nd Native will be a good and affable speaker, be splendorous, will write poetry,
be scholarly, honorable, and modest and endowed with conveyances.
3rd Native will be miserly, cruel in acts, thin-bodied, poor and will incur severe
4 Native will be charming, very virtuous, gentle, interested in Vedas and be
always happy.
5th Native will be happy, will enjoy pleasures, be versed in arts, skilled in
expedients, intelligent, eloquent and will respect elders.
6th Native will be ominous for maternal relatives, will win over his enemies, and

Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas:

By yenbeeyes Written on: 14.06.2009

be endowed with many relatives, valiant, splendorous and skillful.

7th Native will be interested in gambling, be sensuous, will enjoy pleasures and
will be befriend prostitutes.
8th Native will be interested in base acts, be sinful, shameless, will blame
others, will lack in mental happiness and will take others’ side.
9th Native will wear (religious) badges, be delighted, helpfully disposed to all
and be skilled in religious deeds.
10th Native will be endowed with happiness and fortunes, be fond of females and
be charitable and will befriend Brahmins.
11th Native will ever acquire gains, be very religious, honorable, affluent,
fortunate, valiant and skilled in sacrificial rites.
12th Native will be interested in sinful acts, be valiant, untrustworthy, unkind,
interested in others’ females and be short-tempered.

Aprakash grahas are generally best in Upachaya houses (3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th
houses). They depend on the dustanas (6th, 8th and 12th houses). In other houses
they produce generally negative effects. The effects are generally felt in the dasa of
the planets associating with them. But since these are only shadowy planets, the
effects manifest themselves during the whole life of the native suitably modified by
the influences of the dasas etc.

Reference and acknowledgements:

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra – English translation by R.Santhanam

Articles written by Sarajit Poddar, Amaranath and Freedom Cole.