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HW4 – My digest

Tan vs Director of Forestry

 Bureau of Forestry issued Notice No. 2087, advertising for public bidding a certain tract of public
forest land situated in Olongapo, Zambales.
 petitioner-appellant Wenceslao Vinzons Tan submitted his application with 9 others
 the area was awarded to herein petitioner-appellant Wenceslao Vinzons Tan, on April 15, 1963
by the Bureau of Forestry
 Jose Y. Feliciano was appointed as Acting Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources,
replacing Secretary Benjamin M. Gozon. Upon assumption of office, he immediately
promulgated on December 19, 1963 General Memorandum Order No. 60, revoking the
authority delegated to the Director of Forestry, under General Memorandum Order No. 46, to
grant ordinary timber licenses, the license was released by the Office ofthe Director of Forestry.
It was not signed by the Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources
 Void license