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Democracy in Action

Road Map for Governance

Elected Head of State

1.आ तवा गन्‌ राषटं सह वचरसोदेिह पाङ् ‌ िवशा पितरेकरट्‌ तवं िवराज !
 सवासतवा राजन्‌ पिदशो हयनतूपसदो नमसयो भवेह !! अथवर 3.4.1
 You have again obtained control of Governance. Shine
like the sun with your talents to initiate strategies for growth
of public welfare. By your policies be acceptable to every
body on all sides.

Be fair to all
2.तवा िवशो वृणता राजयाय तवािममाः पिदशः पञच देवीः !
 वषमरन्‌ राषटसय ककुिद शवसय ततो न उगो िवभजा वसूिन !! अथवर 3.4.2
 People have entrusted you to the top position as the
most competent. Take total control of all the five sides –east,
west, north, south, above and below land- to provide
deterrent protection from enemies and for equidistribution of
bounties among the people.

International base & Education

3.अचछ तवा यंतु हिवनः सजाता अिगनदरत ू ो अिजरः सं चराते !
 जायाः पुताः सुमनसो भवंतु बहंु बिलं पित पशयासा उगः !! अथवर 3.4.3
 Have your representatives travel to other nations and
their representatives call and hold you in respect. Your
policies may create amity among people and provide
avenues for moral and intellectual development of the
younger generation of girls and boys.

State Priorities
4.अिशना तवागने िमतावरणोभा िवशेदेवा मरतसतवा हयनतु !
 अधा मनो वसुदेयाय कृनणुषव ततो नो उगो िव भजा वसूिन !! अथवर 3.4.4
 First address the subject of public transport ,Mitra- the
social welfare subjects, Varun – the law order, secret
service- home ministry, Marut- defense matters . Then
forcefully attend to commerce finance, real estate matters for
legitimate equidistribution.

Rule of Dharma
5.पावतः िशवे ते दावापृिथवी उभे सताम्‌!
 तदयं रजा वरणसतथाह स तवायमहत्‌ स उपेदमेिह !!अथवर 3.4.5
 (VaruN stands for the omnipresent quality of Almighty,
it will be a far cry to establish the King and his administration
as if keeping a watch over all his behavior like the
omnipresent Almighty )
 Establish the rule of Divine law for all people to follow in
their life to live by Dharma , for the land and environments to
be in complete harmony.

Public welfare & MIS

6.इनदेनद मनुषया33: परेिह सं हजासथा वरणैः संिवदानः !
 स तवायमहसतवे सधसथे स देवानयकतस उ कलपयािदशः !! अथवर 3.4.6
 King shares his throne with Indra- Public works and
Varun –complete intelligence. Thus guided by these two he
conducts the business of governance.

Democracy in Operation
7.पथया रेवतीबरहुधा िवरपाः सवाः सङतय वरीयसते अकन्‌ !
 तासतवा सवाः संिवदाना हयंतु दशमीमुगः सुमना वशेह !! अथवर 3.4.7
 People of all shade in the society, followers of Truth
and prosperous in myriad forms, have elected you to be their
King. Cheerfully discharge your duties for full term-100