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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

Strategy Profile

Cinnabon has developed a Freezer to Oven BAKED APPEARANCE

version of our Classic Cinnabon roll that
features the same high quality standard • All the rolls in the pan appear consistent in size and shape.
attributes found in all our products. This roll is • Each Classic FTO roll has 4 ½ - 5 ½ wraps.
designed specifically for smaller locations. • Roll is round, not square, stands upright and has some doming.
• The color of the baked roll is golden brown without looking burnt, with shadings of
light and dark.
• Roll should have some doming with visible goo-crust overflow apparent on top.
• Gapping between wraps is no more than 1/4”.
• Smear should uniformly cover all wraps of roll.
• Baked rolls should touch no less than ½” at each roll touch. Rolls should also fill
baking pan.
• At least 80% of the inside wraps appear moist and shiny from “goo” as well as
Value Proposition / Values frosting.
• Frosting is evenly spread over the entire dome of the roll, filling all gaps.

Product Introduction
• Frosting appears moist, not crystallized.
Only we can deliver the cinnamon roll that is
A truly emotional experience. FLAVOR
Our Guests know it is fresh and high quality because
they can smell the aroma and see the whole • The roll has a full bodied, sweet, yeasty taste that is filled with brown sugar and
entertaining process. cinnamon flavored smear.
Our people enhance this experience by providing • No off odors are present.
attentive, cheerful and timely service. • Frosting has a sweet, fresh flavor; with cream cheese evident. Hint of vanilla and
lemon is present.
We make our Guests say WOW!
We A.C.T. Guest First
We are clean and attractive • The roll is smooth, tender and slightly chewy.
We are fast • The roll is moist throughout, without being “doughy” (underdone) in the center.
We always deliver high quality • The smear is gooey and moist
We enjoy working here • The frosting is smooth, not grainy, melts evenly and does not separate. The
consistency is light and fluffy, not runny like a glaze.

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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls
Frozen Roll Attributes

Frozen Length Range from 3.7“ to 4.1” Frozen Weight Range from 7.3 oz. - 9.0 oz. 4 ½ Wraps

Frozen Roll Attributes

Tail of roll should be sealed 3/4” at the Tail of roll is not sealed correctly and Belt marks are a normal occurrence due to
end where no brown sugar/ Makara is product is defective. production
Report this product quality issue.

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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls
Utensils Ingredient Information
Knife YIELD /
Frosting Knife
Classic Cinnabon Each 58 - 62 rolls per Freezer Frozen - 3 Months from manufactured date or 15
Parchment Paper Cinnamon Roll box days from deliver by date on box.
Receiving - equal to or less than 0°F
Digital Thermometer
Traditional Hotplate: 30 Minutes
Baking Pans Hussmann Case: 30 Minutes

Product Handling Information

Grease Pencil RTU Frosting 1 ¼ ounce per 34 pound Box Room Unopened / Room Temperature: 14 Days
roll Temperature Opened / Room Temperature: 2 Days
Freezer Unopened / Freezer: 6 Months
Refrigerator Unopened / Refrigerator: 21 Days
Opened / Refrigerator: 4 Days

Receiving Instructions
FTO Rolls should be removed from the freezer section of the delivery truck and transported immediately to the bakery freezer. Do not allow the delivery
driver to “stage” the frozen order at the door of the truck or on the pavement outside the truck.

Open and check 2/3rd of your delivery to ensure that the rolls are not thawed. Temp several rolls from the open cases, they should be equal to or less
than 0°F. Rolls should be frozen hard and should be loose from each other in the case. If the rolls have been thawed and refrozen there will be ice
crystals in the box and the rolls will be stuck together. Rolls that have been temperature abused will appear discolored.

Rolls that have been temperature abused should be returned and the case marked “REFUSED – THAWED”. This is so they can’t be re-delivered to
another bakery. Place a call to your DC and either copy or call your Franchise Consultant on the delivery issues you have been experiencing to ensure
that the problems are being corrected before your next delivery.



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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls
Understanding Batch Codes
What do all those numbers on outside of the FTO box mean?

13JUL9CM14 52 Deliver by 11 OCT 2009

13 JUL 9 – day, month and year of manufacture – Product expires 90 days after this date.
CM – plant where the product was manufactured
14 – General Mills internal number
52 – batch number
Deliver by 11 OCT 2009 – This Date is 75 days after the production date. Product expires 15 days after this date

Product Preparation
Reporting Product Quality Issues

If for any reason you should receive product that does not perform to the standards outlined in this job aid report the above data to Cinnabon
Quality Assurance by contacting:
Chris Burkart through the Cinnabon Quality e-mail link attn. Chris Burkart or by calling the number listed below.
Email: CinnabonQuality@focusbrands.com
Phone: 404-705-4446

You will need:

Batch number for product with quality issue. It is recommended to record these batch numbers on a tracking sheet.

Please note: All quality issues, information and updates, will be posted to ezLink on the newly created “Quality” page. The page was
created solely for quality issues and will not host any other Cinnabon information, news or updates – only quality issues. 4

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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

1 2 3
Wash hands. Use soap and hot water. Rub Place parchment paper in pan. When you Rolls must be placed top side up in the pan.
hands together for 20 seconds. Dry with a have completely filled the number of pans
you need, (out of the view of the Guest) You’ll notice the correctly panned rolls
single use, disposable paper towel. Put on have a slight dome shape and two lines
latex gloves if appropriate. return the unused rolls to the freezer.
through the top. These are belt marks that
It’s okay to pre-pan enough rolls for the occur during the production process. They

Product Preparation
current operating day. Ensure that FIFO is bake out during the bake cycle.
being adhered to when using pre-panned

4 5 6
Load rolls into pan keeping all the wraps When panning four rolls be sure to use a Storage in Freezer - Pan Placement
facing in the same direction for each row. pan divider. This will help the rolls keep
The rolls should be placed as per the their shape during the baking process. The Turn the pans every other way so that the 5
pan divider needs to be removed prior to pans are resting on another pan and not on
picture above.
the pan being placed on the hotplate/ the rolls and load pans into freezer.
Panning 3 rolls is only acceptable for low Hussmann.
volume production.
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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls
Proper Oven Loading

DO NOT THAW OR PROOF ROLLS! Ensure that you are loading the oven in At times, when production demands, you
Move pans directly into the oven from the freezer. correct order; 3,4,5,6,1,2 can load the oven with 2 pans in a
Rolls need to bake to a finished temperature of position. This must be done correctly;
between (175 F Target/Range 175F – 185F). 175°F alternating the double pans to one side
and 185°F is acceptable . 175F is the ideal target on each shelf to ensure air flow is not

Product Preparation
temperature but temp. ranges from roll to roll and
pan to pan. Several factors such as roll size, freezer
temp, oven air flow and exact location of the
probe impact this variance.
Bake time will be between 30 and 34 minutes.
Approved Digital Thermometer
If your bake time is more than 30 minutes; set
your bake timer for half of the time for the first
part of the baking cycle.
You will need to set your bake timers for every
position in your oven. Due to variations in the
shelf positions it is very likely each of your
positions will be a different bake time. After you
have verified the final bake temp, set your baking
time accordingly.
Example: If it is taking 32 minutes for your rolls to
cook; set the bake timer for 16 minutes. Bake the
rolls using the 16 minute timer. Once the timer
goes off, reset and, bake rolls for another 16 Ensure proper thermometer is being used.
minutes. 6
This is the only approved thermometer.
Available through Wasserstrom.
Item # - 317276 Price - $23.17

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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

Product Preparation – Checking Roll Temp.

8 When temping; Place the probe into the 3rd
Remove rolls from the oven, using the approved digital thermometer temp one of the 2 center wrap at a 45° angle until it touches bottom of
rolls. (175F Target/Range 175F – 185F). When temping a 4 insert probe in a parallel direction or pan. Ensure your finger is aligned with the top
away from it. Insert Probe toward center of pan away from the outside pan walls. of the roll.
NOTE – 4 and 6 roll pans: Temp rolls that were in the center of the oven when baking.

10 11 12
Pull probe back ½ inch (by noting the distance Cut in-between each of the rolls to ensure Move rolls to the Hotplate or Hussmann Case.
from finger and top of roll) and check internal that they are separated before frosting. Hold time for both is 30 minutes. Be sure to
temperature (175F-175F Target/Range 175F – track your holding time with either a grease
Apply 1 ¼ ounces of frosting to each roll. pencil or a time tag when on hotplate.
185F). If rolls are below 175°F return to oven for Spreading the frosting evenly over each roll
1 to 2 minutes until the proper temperature is and ensure that the frosting is running down
the sides of the roll in numerous places. Note: Once rolls have reached their 30 minute hold time;
achieved. remove rolls from pan and place in a cool pan for
DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM PAN DURING Rolls must be frosted immediately upon cooling. Reference Cinnapack job aid.
TEMPING PROCESS! removal from the oven.
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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

Product Preparation – Checking Roll Temp.

Time/Temp & Bake Calibration
No matter how precise our probe technique, roll
doneness will vary. Therefore, to ensure that rolls
are properly baked, a time, temp and bake
calibration needs to be done before you start.
For each bakery, a correlation must be
established between bake time and the internal
roll temperature.

Establish a benchmark.
Place a pan of 6 FTO rolls into 14
the oven and bake for 30 min. As outlined in preceding job aid steps,
remove rolls from oven and check
temp. When product reaches 175 F. -
185F. remove one center roll and cut
in half. Check for doneness.
Note: Properly baked rolls are moist with good
cell structure; the dough tears. A fully baked roll
should dome. Under baked roll centers resemble
raw biscuit dough.

If rolls are fully baked, frost and serve. Use these
time and temp settings as a guideline for baking.
However, If rolls are not fully baked, bake for
two additional minutes. Repeat step 14 until roll
is baked. Generally, rolls do not bake longer than Under baked roll centers
36-38 minutes. If this is happening please check Good interior dough
for doneness as outlined in step #14. If Problem development/cell
persists check rolls from another case. Confirm
that handling procedures are being followed. 8

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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

Diamond Shape

Rolls Touching Moist but not unbaked raw dough

Baked Roll Appearance

Baked Rolls are all touching creating Immediately out of oven – Properly Baked. Correct interior texture
diamond shape and rolls are filling entire

Rolls are not touching Over baked Over baked Underbaked raw dough Underbaked raw dough
creating diamond shapes
and baked rolls do not feel 9
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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

Correct Temping Procedures

Temp into the 3rd quadrant making sure thermometer touches the Ensure thermometer has been inserted on a 45 degree angle
pan between the 3rd and 4th wraps.


Align finger with top of roll. Pull thermometer out ½”. You will see the distance between your
finger and the top of the roll.
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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls


Panning Appearance

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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls

Problem Solving - Frosting


Problem: Too much frosting. Problem: Not enough frosting, not

evenly spread on rolls.
Solution: Retrain the crew on frosting
standards and use a dry measuring cup Solution: Retrain the crew on frosting
filled with frosting for a full pan of rolls. standards and use a dry measuring cup
filled with frosting for a full pan of 12
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FTO Classic Cinnabon Rolls
Problem Solving

Problem: Pre-panned rolls are stacked on top of Problem: Thawed and proofed FTO Rolls. Problem: Thawed FTO Rolls.
each other. The bottom pan of rolls are being
pressed into the pan by 34 pounds of pressure. Solution: Keep frozen until needed and do not Solution: Keep Frozen until needed.
These rolls will not dome during baking proof FTO rolls.
Solution: Turn the pans every other way so that
the pans are resting on another pan and not on

Problem Solving
the rolls.

Problem: FTO Rolls partially baked. Notice Problem: Over baked FTO Rolls. Rolls are
that little doming occurs and rolls are light hard crusty and have a dark appearance.
in color.
Solution: Always use bake timers so that 13
Solution: Reset bake timer and finish you do not over bake rolls.
baking cycle.

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