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V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

12:30 DAY 1

Basic Information for new Cadd Users

Drive Assignments
Lead Cadd Operators (LCO’s)
Resident Technicians (RT’s)
Problem Reports
Shortcut Menu
General overview of commands
Other forms of Available Help
MicroStation Manager
Show File Icons Option
Directory Pull down Menu
File Pull down Menu
Selecting Workspace Components
Opening a Design File
Overview of the MicroStation Interface
The MicroStation Application Window
Tool Boxes, Tool Frames and Main Menu
Design Files (DGN)
Tool Settings
MicroStation Mouse Configuration
The Data Button
The Reset Button
The Tentative Button
Checking and Changing Button Assignments

2:15 (BREAK) 2:30

MicroStation Design File Concepts

Working Units
Coordinate Readout
Drawing with AccuSnap
Creating New Design Files
Seed Files
View Attributes
Design File Settings
Setting Working Units
Saving Settings
Using the Coordinate Readout
Introducing AccuDraw
The AccuDraw Window
AccuDraw Settings

V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

The AccuDraw Compass

AccuDraw Shortcuts
AccuDraw Angles
AccuDraw Locks
AccuDraw Summary
Undoing and Redoing


8:00 DAY 2

Introducing Levels
Active Level
Settings Manager
Turning Levels On and Off
Sorting Levels
Level Filters
Level Symbology
Element Attributes
ByLevel Symbology
Line Style
Line Weight
Fill Color
Setting the Active Symbology
Changing Element Symbology
Changing Element Fill
Snapping Basics
AccuSnap vs. Mouse Button snapping
Toggle AccuSnap On/Off
Key-point Snap
Default and Override Snap Modes
Tool Settings and AccuDraw

Element Information
AccuSnap Popup Information

10:00 (BREAK) 10:15

Element Manipulations
Copy / Move
Move Parallel
Align Edges
Construct Array

V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

12:00 (LUNCH) 1:00

Element Selection
Element Selection Tool
Manipulate Fence Contents
Smarter Lines

2:15 (BREAK) 2:30

Circles and Ellipses

Place Circle
Place Ellipse
Place Arc Tool
Place Half Ellipse Tool
Place Quarter Ellipse Tool
Modify Arc Radius Tool
Modify Arc Angle Tool
Modify Arc Axis Tool


8:00 DAY 3

Modifying Elements
Modify Element Tool
Partial Delete Tool
Extend Line Tool
Extend Two Elements to Intersection Tool
Extend Element to Intersection Tool
Trim Element
Intelli-Trim Tool
Insert Vertex Tool
Delete Vertex Tool
Construct Circular Fillet
Construct Chamfer Tool

10:00 (BREAK) 10:15

Active Points
Place Active Point Tool
Key-in window

V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

Cell Concepts
Group, Orphaned Cells or Unnamed Groups
Named Groups / Cells
Cell Library

12:00 (LUNCH) 1:00

Creating a Cell
The Cells Tool Box
Place Active Cell Tool
Place Active Cell Matrix Tool
Select and Place Cell Tool
Identify Cell Tool
Place Active Line Terminator
Dropping Cells
Replace Cell Tool

2:15 (BREAK) 2:30

Other Cell Info

State and Local Libraries
Modify Cells
Cell Tools and Toolbar
Cell Counter
North Arrow, Etc…
Standard Plan Sheet cells
PennCADD Menu Cell Related Functions
Topo Items
Bridge Cells
Bar Scales


8:00 DAY 4

Closed Elements
Groups Tool Box
Create Complex Shape Tool
Group Holes Tool
Manipulating Grouped Holes
Patterning Toolbox
Cross Hatching

V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

Standalone Patterns
Patterning with Cells
Create Region Tool
Patterning Toolbox Continued…
Show Pattern Attributes
Match Pattern Attributes
Change Pattern
Drop Associative Patterning
Delete pattern
Linear Patterning

10:00 (BREAK) 10:15

References Attaching and Detaching

Coincident World
Manipulating Reference Attachments
Reference Tools
Nested References
Levels in Reference Files
Clipping and Masking References
Clip Reference Tool
Modify Clip Boundary
Delete Clip Boundary
Using a Fence to Define a Clip Boundary
Mask Reference Tool
Using the open in New Session Command
Working with the Active Command
Workspace – Preferences – Reference user Pref. Category
Explanation of reference Settings
Raster References
Raster Tool Frame
Raster Reprojection
Display Plane and Display Priorities of Rasters

12:00 (LUNCH) 1:00

PASDA (PA Spatial Data Access)

Attaching Raster References
Geo-Referencing and Location
Geo PDF’s
Supported Raster Formats for V8i
Explanation of Geo Tab Settings

Text in General

V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

Text Tool Box

Explanation of Text Toolbox Tools
Text Styles
Changing Text Attributes
Creating a Text Style
Using Text Styles
Child Text Styles
Editing Text Styles
Importing Text Styles
Text Placement Options
Fitted Text
Fitted VI
Above or Below Element
On Element
Along Element
Word Wrapped
Instance Specific Overrides

2:15 (BREAK) 2:30

Text Nodes
Copying and Pasting Text
Edit Text Tool
Matching Text Attributes
Enter Data Fields
Place Note Tool
Associative Notes
Change Text Case
Copy Enter Data Field
Update all Fields
Drop text
Microstation Pull Down Menus
Edit menu
Find / Replace Text
Element menu
PennCADD Menu

Dimension Element
Dimensioning Tools
Quick Dimensioning of Elements
Dimension Alignments
Associative Dimensions
Dimension Size Tools
Dimension Angle Tools

V8i Basic MicroStation Training Outline

Radial Dimensions
Dimensioning from an Origin


8:00 DAY 5

Dimension Styles
Using and Updating
Overriding a Dimension Style
Settings for Associated Dimensioning
Dimension Line Settings
Setting Units
Unit Format
Alternate Labels
Secondary Units
Dimension Text Settings
Tool Settings
Modifying Dimension Elements
With Leader
Moving and Extension Lines
Changing the Number of Dimensions in a String
Editing Dimension Text

Printing / Plotting
Attaching Network Printers
Modifying Print Preferences
Plotting from Microstation
Creating PDF’s from MicroStation
ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer (IPO)


10:00 (BREAK) 10:15