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SAEED AHSAN KHALID_________________

Assistant Professor,
Department of Law
University of Chittagong
E-mail: s.ahsankhalid@yahoo.com
Cell: +88-01918366888

Career Objectives:
To pursue a career as an academician and researcher instilled with utmost efforts and
sincerity where I can excel with my knowledge, experience, integrity and commitment with
an objective of contributing to the society.

Key Qualifications:

 Brilliant academic attainments securing First class LL.M. on International and

Comparative Law from one of the best public Universities of Bangladesh.
 More than six years of teaching experience in distinct reputed public and private
Universities of Bangladesh in undergraduate and post graduate level
 A sound academician and promising researcher with outstanding professional traits.
 Excellent command over English language in terms of reading, writing, listening &
speaking having an overall band score 7.00 in IELTS.
 Practical experience in court procedures as a lawyer.
 Excellent computer literacy with an ‘A’ grade certification.
 In-depth analytical ability & outstanding presentation skills.
 A self-motivated, proactive person instilled with commitment and impressive
interpersonal communication skills.
 An influential writer, blogger and social activist as a human rights defender.
 Proven evidence of leadership skills through active participation in extra-curricular,
social and voluntary activities.

Educational Background:

Degree Group Passing Institution University/Board

Specialized LL.M. International 2011 Department of Law University of Dhaka
LL.B. (Hons.) Law 2010 Department of Law University of Dhaka
H.S.C Humanities 2004 Chittagong College Chittagong Board

S.S.C Humanities 2002 Municipal Model High Chittagong Board

Scholarship Awarded:

Achieved the Education Board Scholarship for academic excellence both in S.S.C. and
H.S.C. exam respectively.

Tertiary Teaching Experiences as a Full-time Faculty:

a) Assistant Professor
Department of Law
University of Chittagong
Chittagong-4331, Bangladesh
Website: www.cu.ac.bd
(15 November, 2016- Continuing)

b) Lecturer
Department of Law
University of Chittagong
(02 November, 2013- 14 November, 2016)

c) Senior Lecturer of Law

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Daffodil International University
Campus- III, 4/2, Shobhanbag, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207
Phone: 88-02-8129348,
Fax: 88-02-9131947
E-mail: headlaw@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd
Website: www.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd
(7 September, 2013 – 23 October, 2013)

d) Senior Lecturer of Law

Department of Law
Green University of Bangladesh
220/D, Beguam Rokeya Sarani, Dhaka.
Ph: 8802-9014725 Fax: 8802-8031032
E-mail: ataul.law@green.edu.bd
Website: www.green.edu.bd
(1 January, 2013- 03 September, 2013)

e) Lecturer of Law
Department of Law
BGC Trust University Bangladesh
Fazal Tower, 1675, O.R. Nizam Rd, Chittagong
Tel: 88-031-2557381-85
E-mail: info@bgctub-edu.com
Web: www.bgctub-edu.com
(05 July, 2011 – 31 December, 2012)

e) Lecturer of Corporate Law

Advanced Professional Education (APE)
House no# 208, Road # 2, Sugandha R/A, Chittagong.
(July, 2009 – July, 2011)
Teaching experience as an Adjunct Faculty:

Department of Law
Academic Building # 5,
44, Hazari Lane, Chittagong, Banlgadesh
Tel: +880-31- 2869926, 2869927,
Fax: +88-031-657892.
E-mail: info@puc.ac.bd
Website: www.puc.ac.bd
(July 2014 – Continuing)


Department of Law
Department of Law
BGC Trust University Bangladesh
Fazal Tower, 1675, O.R. Nizam Rd, Chittagong
Tel: 88-031-2557381-85
E-mail: info@bgctub-edu.com
Web: www.bgctub-edu.com
(January 2014 - Continuing)


Department of Law
739/A, Mehedibag Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Tel: +880 31 2851336-9,+880 31 626744
Email: info@southern.edu.bd
(January 2016- continuing)

Professional Experience:

Worked as an Apprentice Lawyer from August 2009 - July 2010 under Advocate
Khorshed Alam Chowdhury & Associates, Room No. 314, Court Hill, Chittagong.

Professional Affiliations:

1. Enrolled as an Advocate of the Bangladesh Bar Council in 06 April, 2013

2. Member, Chittagong District Bar Association bearing Lawyers’ Identification

Number (LIN) 2013 04 3578.

3. Member, Chittagong University Teachers’ Association

Professional Trainings and Courses:

Sl. Title of the Date of the event Organizer

No Workshop/Training/Course
1. Training on Institutional Quality 24 March, 2015 IQAC and CETL of the
Assurance and Induction Progam University of Chittagong,
2. Training on Research 13-14 May, 2015 HEQEP, Faculty of Law
Methodology University of Chittagong
3. The Basics of Intellectual Property 25 April, 2015 Copyright Office,
Rights Bangladesh and
4. Workshop on Interactive Teaching 9 June, 2013 GUCETL, Green
and Learning University of Bangladesh
5. Teaching Seminar on International 02 July- 04 July, Faculty of Law, Eastern
Humanitarian Law (IHL) 2013 University & ICRC
6. Teachers Training Program on 03 July- 05 July, ICRC and Faculty of Law,
International Humanitarian Law 2012 University of Chittagong
7. 9th Human Rights Summer School 17-27 December, ELCOP
8. Certificate Course on Computer April- June, 2009 Karmayog Sangstha,
Applications & Internet Dhaka.

Participation and Presentation in Conference, Seminar and Workshop:

a) Participated in the Workshop on the Torture and Custodial Death Prevention Act
2013 organized by Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers Association with the
collaborations of Save the Children and the European Union on 28 August, 2014 at
Well Park Residence, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

b) Made a paper - presentation titled Cyber Laws, Policies and Regulations in relation to
Internet Freedom in Bangladesh in the Workshop on Freedom of Expression:
Challenges for Online Human Rights Defenders organized by Law Life Culture and
supported by Lund University, Sweden and the Swedish Institute on 17 May, 2014 at
Theatre Institute, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

c) Made a paper - presentation titled Combating Domestic Violence: An Appraisal of

Causes, Consequences and Legal Responses in the Coalition Networking Workshop
on “Domestic Violence Against Women” organized by Community Development
Centre (CODEC) on 05 October, 2013 at Seminar Hall, Press Club, Chittagong,

d) Made a presentation on ‘The Historical Background and the Salient Features of the
Constitution of Bangladesh’, in an ‘International Student Exchange Program’
organized by School of Law (SoL), Chittagong Independent University in
collaboration with Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) from 16-21 November, 2016 at
CIU Auditorium, 16 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

e) Made a Presentation on ‘The Art of Presentation’ at Self Development Workshop-

2016 organized by Prothom-alo Bondhusava, University of Chittagong held on 25
May, at University of Chittagong Campus.
f) Made a Presentation on ‘The Value of Extra Curricular Activities’ in CUDS Debate
and Public Speaking Workshop-2016 held on May, 2016 at University of Chittagong

Academic Research and Publications:

a) Polygamy and Divorce under Statutory Laws of Bangladesh: A Critical Appraisal of

the ADR Mechanism, a peer-reviewed research article published in the Jahangirnagar
University Journal of Law, Vol. IV, pp. 147- 167, 2016

b) Uniform Family Code: An Appraisal of Viability in a Pluralist Society of

Bangladesh, a peer-reviewed research article published in the Chittagong University
Journal of Law, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Vol. XVI, pp. 81 – 109, 2011.

c) A Text Book on Muslim Personal Law: An Experiment with Case Method in

Context of Bangladesh, a book review published in the international journal ‘The
Muslim World League Journal’, from Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Vol. 43, pp. 49-51, 2014

d) The Enemy at Home: An Appraisal of Legal Recourses for Combating Domestic

Violence, a research article published in the Law Journal BD in Vol.2, 2015. The
article is available at [ http://www.lawjournalbd.com/2015/06/the-enemy-at-home-an-

e) A Textbook on Muslim Personal Law & An Experiment with ‘Case Method’, a book
review published in the Law Vision, University of Chittagong Issue 12, 2013-2014 at
pp. 84 – 86.

f) Conducted a research on Problems and Prospects of Uniform Family Code in a

Pluralist Society: The Case of Bangladesh. This research work was submitted as a
research monograph in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of
Specialized Master of Laws (LL.M.) on International and Comparative Law under the
Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2010.

g) Comparative Family Law, a research book is authored by me and now is under the
process of publication.

Empirical Research Experience:

a) Worked as an associate resource person and evaluator with Mr. Zakir Hossain,
Professor, Department of Law, University of Chittagong from 12 th March, 2017- 24th
March, 2017 in a research project- ‘Enhancing Good Governance, Human Rights
Protection and Law Enforcement Situation in Security Agencies and Criminal Justice
Actors in Nepal’ – jointly being implemented by the Kathmandu School of Law
(KSL) and Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

b) Worked as a research-associate with Mr. ABM Abu Noman, Professor, Department

of Law, University of Chittagong in making an Evaluation Report on Integrated
Community Development Project (ICDP) - Khagrachari- a project implemented by
Caritas Bangladesh. Report Submitted on May, 2015.
Newspaper articles and publications:

I am a regular writer, blogger and an online human rights defender. Several non-academic
and literary articles on distinct social issues have been published in the different online,
offline journals and newspapers which include inter alia:

a) Oishee and our Penal Culture, published in The Daily Star, dated November 18,
2015, available at [ http://www.thedailystar.net/op-ed/politics/oishee-and-our-penal-
culture-173917 ]

b) Student Maternity Leave: The black hole and the plight of being a student-mother,
published in the Daily Observer, dated June 2, 2016, available at

c) Making ‘Literary Lawyers’: An Exigency of Intermingling Law and Literature,

published in the Daily Observer, dated February 4, 2016, available at
[http://www.observerbd.com/2016/02/04/134555.php ]

d) 'Unfair and Ugly': Skin Whitening Adverts and Virulent Racism, published in
Daily Observer, dated June 23, 2016, available at
[http://www.observerbd.com/2016/06/23/157795.php ]

Participation in Extra-curricular, Social and Voluntary Activities:

a) Member, Adventure Club of Chittagong (ACC), a voluntary organization to promote

and facilitate extracurricular and adventure activities for the youth.
Adventure Club of Chittagong (ACC)
Moderator: Johnny Chowdhury, Cell: +88-01818077085
E-mail: info.adventureacc@gmail.com
Facebook link: www.facebook.com/groups/ctgadventure

b) Education Secretary of Bidyanondo. Bidyanondo is a voluntary subsidy

organization providing better education services for the underprivileged students and
street children.
House No: 245 (2nd floor), Beside Meyor Goli, 2 no Gate,
Sholoshahar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Cell: +88- 01838143780,
Website: www.bidyanondo.org
Facebook link: www.facebook.com/Bidyanondo

Language Skills:

a) English: Obtained an overall band score 7.00 in IELTS signifying full operational
command over the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills of the English
b) Bengali: Have an outstanding command and literary excellence over the Bengali
language, my mother-tongue.

c) Arabic: Can read the Arabic language.

Computer Skills:

 Completed the Certificate Course on Computer Applications & Internet

fundamentals from Karmayog Sangstha, Shahbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year
2009 and was placed in ‘A’ Grade. I have hands-on computer proficiency in MS
Words, MS Excel, Power Point and Internet applications.

Other Competencies:

I have excellent social connectivity, inter-personal communication skills, organizing

capability and multi-tasking aptitudes. I am adept in working as a team and I love to lead. I
am a quick-learner and excellent presenter.

Personal Details:


Father’s Name : Abul Fayyaz Muhammad Khalid Hossain

Mother’s Name: Kamrun Nesa Hasina
Permanent Address : Village: Banunagar, Post Officce: Deodighi,
Police Station: Satkania,
District: Chittagong, Country: Bangladesh

Mailing Address : Department of Law

University of Chittagong

Profession : University Academician

Current Position : Lecturer
Department of Law
University of Chittagong.

Contact Number : +88-01918366888

E-mail : s.ahsankhalid@yahoo.com

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 17 April, 1987

Nationality : Bangladeshi by birth

Marital Status : Unmarried


1. Professor A.B.M Abu Noman

Dean, Faculty of Law
University of Chittagong
Chittagong-4331, Bangladesh
Cell: +88 01516710911
E-mail: abu_noman1974@yahoo.com

2. Professor Md. Zakir Hossain

Former Dean, Faculty of Law
University of Chittagong
Former Member, Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission
Cell Phone: 00-(88)-01712173151
Phone: 00-88-031-2581166 (Home)
E-mail : zhossain@justice.com

3. Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman

Faculty of Law
University of Dhaka
National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh
Cell: +88 01711564877

I do hereby declare that all the above mentioned information is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.