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Arch GIs revision

1. Shape file creation

2. Adding to arch map /map
3. Digitizing satellite image
4. Symbolization of layer
5. Geo-referencing satellite image
6. Adding field and adding attribute information
7. Symbolizing through layer property
8. Merge , buffer and cut polygon


 Layout view
 Data sheet view


 Map preparation
 Title
 Scale
 North arrow legend
 Print and page set up


 Select layout view > file >page and print set up

Lesson 6:

1- How to find your place in Google earth

2- Create boundary
3- Save your area into desktop
4- How to add GPS point into Google earth
…… raster data  ////(satellite image )
Requirements of groups
 Create boundary shape file
 Create land use feature class
 Road feature class (line)
 Trees feature class
 Building
 Stream feature class
 Digitalize all features in your study areas
 Add new field( land use layer and name it Lu
 Add new field (road layer) and names (road hierarchy)
 Make geo-referencing by taking three control points from Google
 Prepare existing land use map
 Existing road network map
 Export land use and road map
 Road buffer