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13.11.17 – 17.11.17



On November 1st we sailed from Saattut to Uummannaq and flew to Qaarsut. After one week in Nuuk we flew to Kangerlussuaq where we met Nuka and Arnarissoq. and we were chosen as the active school of the year. We stayed in Nuuk for week where we joined a TV show about sports. Mati and Julies part . then the weather was bad so we stayed in Qaarsut for two nights. On November 3rd we finally came to Nuuk.

where we met Mati and Julie. then Ilulissat and then Kangerlussuaq. Arnarissoq and Nukas part . The next day we flew to Qaarsut.On November 8th we flew from Saattut to Uummannaq and slept in Uummannaq.

On Monday we presented our work and sang our songs that we had made. . And then we also danced….

Tuesday we went to the mining company in Bielinek. and then we ate lunch. . We also went to the foresty management where we did an orienteering race and found different leaves and plants in the forest.

. There we went to a museum. we went to Kings Mountain and a place where the Polish soldiers watched over the Germans. On Wednesday we went to Cedynia. After that we went to a restaurant and ate. .

On Thursday we went to the garbage dump ”Remondis” in Szczecin. . And then we went sightseeing in the city.

AND we also went TO the POLISH EVENING .

Thanks for an amazing trip! <3 .