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„Nature is our strength”

(12.02.2018 - 16.02.2018)
Meeting in Poland

(11.11.2017 – 16.11.2017)
Saturday(11.11) and Sunday(12.11)

On Saturday after the long and exhausting for our

guests trip, we greeted our friends from Greenland.
The next day we knew the delegation from France.
The First Day-
On Monday all together we met up on the school hall
for presenting our previous project activities and take
the new project destination. Later, we had the
international rehersal song and the active break on the
school playground. In the afternoon,we were at dinner,
after which we participated in the last activities we had
a free time and everyone from our guests.
The Second Day-
On Tuesday we went to The Mining Plant Barlinek,
where we observed how look yield and production of the
mineral resources. Then we went by bus to The Forestry
Chojna, which has drawn up there for us a variety of
competitions. We had the opportunity to play in the
stalking game, solve up the riddle about Chojna flora and
fauna and learn how to calculate the age of trees. The
meeting was summarized around the bonfire.
The Third Day-
On Wednesday , the first time we had lessons with our
guests. We went to the Museum in Cedynia, where we
watched the medieval excavations. On the way to
commemorate the implementation of Measles-Stone Wall of
glory, we stopped by a tank in the Siekierki and we did some
common photos. We also learned a lot about Cedyński
Landscape Park. Going to dinner, we don’t bypass also valid in
our region the memorial historical,namely of 277 stairs and
referencing the war Cedynia-The Czcibora Hill.
The Fourth Day-
On Thursday we visited REMONDIS Szczecin. We
learned how to sort waste and clean roads in winter and
summer. We attented in a quiz in which many of us won
prizes. Later we visited Szczecin with the help of a guide.
We have seen Wały Chrobrego, Zamek Książąt
Pomorskich and the Jasne Błonia. In the evening we all
met at the farewell party in our school. We sang songs,
danced and ate traditional Polish dishes.
Before the end of the
meeting we all stood
on the weight of the
car and our entire
group weighed.
The Fifth Day-
From the morning we were in school. Later, we
danced on an active break. Then we were talk with
Skype students in France. At the end we recorded the
song together. In the evening we all met at the farewell
The Sixth (Last) Day-
On Saturday, our friends went to their homes.
The Habitats of birds in the mines
Visiting the Gravel pit in Ognica, we have seen there a large
body of water with a bulrush and shallow and Sandy banks
that create habitat. We learned that the Habitat of these
attract birds both during the breeding season and wintering
and migration.
The presence in the Valley of the oder of migratory corridors
made the birds began to make use of these habitats by
coming here despite not always favorable conditions.
The Birds, which we met this:

1. Brzegówka Riparia riparia

2.Zimorodek Alcedo atthis

3.Gęgawa Anser anser

4.Perkoz dwuczuby

6.Łabędź niemy Cygnus olor

7.Czajka Vanelus vanelus

8.Płaskonos Anas cypeata

Our papers
The last time, we worked on the talks
concerning ECO-FRIENDLY about
1.How to protect a forest?
2. Genetically modified food
How to protect a forest ?
In Poland the forest grow on the 9 millionth hectares or cover
more than 28% of the area of Europe. Every minute from the
surface of our planet disappears natural forest. A large part of the
trees is cut illegally or in a harmful way for in environment. Are cut
for the production of firewood and timber trade. It is said that
forests are green lungs of the Earth. Thanks to them produced is
needed for life oxygen. The forest is also home to many species of
animals and plants so you should take care of it.

What to do to protect the forest?

1.Keep quiet and peace.
2.Do not smoke outbreaks.
3.Do not allow for deforestation.
4.Do not destroy plants.
Genetically modified food

Geneticallly modified food is called in short of GMO and

that means food that has been genetically engineered. Plants
that contain GMOs, for e.x. tomatoes, corn, soybeans or
tobacco, thanks to the modifications they retain for longer
freshness and inintensive color. The food is used for the
treatment of drugs or vaccines and facilitates the Elimination
of certain health problems. Negative consequences (although
not confirmed) GMO are eg. harmfulness on the human body
or the allergic list .