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First we have watched Uummannaq

children's message about earth hour

and climate change.
We have listened to the song 'Beds
are burning', by Australian band
Midnight oil
We have watched the Copenhagen
summit clip called 'time for justice'
So …..What can we do about it ?
Go greener !
We have written some green resolutions .
We could/we should...
Think green and be greener posters

Some students have created a

poster to make people become
greener : how to have an eco-
friendly attitude. 
We have watched a documentary
extract about Candian Inuits
collecting mussels in an igloo.
In class we have read about Inuit
culture, traditions and modern life.

We have looked for informations at

home about the Inuit people and
shared them.
That's it !
We are so happy to be here
and to meet you for real ! And
also to discover your way of